Dropshipping Korean Fashion Products to Malaysia

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The popularity of Korean fashion has spread around the globe. Koreans are able to quickly adapt American and European trends into Asian fashion. It is easy to comprehend and inexpensive.

Korean fashion in Malaysia e-commerce market

Dropship Korean fashion Malaysia.

Malaysia is home to more than 31 million people. It also has 25.08 billion Internet users. The penetration rate of Malaysia is close to 80%, and the annual growth rate of 14%. The number of Internet users is increasing. Around 86% are mobile users. The mobile terminal for online shopping is now a common feature.

Google and Temasek report that Malaysian fashion, beauty and toys products are doing well with growth rates of 18% to 23%. The majority of fashion apparels come from Korea.

Aisa, especially in the Southeast Asia regions, is a popular place to wear Korean fashion. As more Malaysians are interested in Korean fashion, more Malaysians are able to purchase Korean-style fashion products. You can find many Korean fashion products here.

Dropship to Malaysia: What Korean fashion can you dropship?

Dropshipping Korean fashion Malaysia requires you to be aware of the types of products that you are allowed to dropship. Korean fashion can include many products such as clothing, accessories and makeup.

Dropshippers should consider lightweight, easy-to-use products that are between $100 and $200.

There are many reasons to choose Korean fashion clothes.

Clothes are small and lightweight commodities. If you choose logistics lines or logistic companies, it doesn’t have many limitations. It’s also easy to solve custom issues.

Clothes are not a product that can be easily damaged. When the product is delivered, it’s difficult to cause damage. There will be fewer refunded problems.

Clothes is a low-cost commodity that can bring you certain profits.

Malaysians are attracted to Korean fashion clothes.

There are many restrictions in Southeast Asian districts when it comes to makeup.

Dropshipping platforms in Malaysia are available.

Dropship Korean fashion Malaysia. It is important to choose a reliable e-commerce platform and cooperate with professional dropshipping platforms. You can find a number of Malaysian e-commerce platforms as well as dropshipping platforms.


Lazada is a leading e-commerce firm in Southeast Asian regions. It operates in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Lazada’s products include electronic products and household products as well as fashion apparels.

Lazada works in the same way as eBay. It allows you to open an online store. Dropshipping on Lazada requires that you find suppliers and cooperate with third-party dropship platforms. They can provide a variety of dropship service options. Dropship is a traditional dropship method on Lazada. You will need to upload and download product information one at a time to your store. For dropshipping business, Lazada will charge you the following fees:


Different products may be subject to different commissions.

Payment fees

Lazada charges 2% for payment fees

Shipping fees

Sellers must send their products to Lazada’s warehouses prior to shipping orders. Lazada will send packages to customers directly when customers place orders. The shipping cost to send packages to Lazada warehouses must be paid by the seller.


Malaysia will charge 6% for GTS.


Shopee is the largest e-commerce platform for South East Asia. Its customers include 7 countries and territories, including Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. The Philippines and Vietnam are the only countries that can transborder do business.

Shopee makes it easy to open a dropshipping shop. You will need to search suppliers yourself. Shopee, however, is not like Lazada. It has its own API functions that allow you to upload and download product information, as well as large quantities of images. Its products include fashion clothing, household goods, electronic products toys, and many other products. It has warehouses in China. It will take longer to deliver than a local warehouse. This can lead to poor customer reviews.


China brands is a well-known dropshipping platform that can provide high-quality products and work with Amazon, eBay and Lazada. It also has an API function that allows you to publish product information from Chinabrands on Shopee. eBay. Lazada. Wish.

Chinabrands boasts over one million products, more than 1000 product catalogues, and more than 100 top brands. This includes Korean fashion products. Chinabrands professionals carefully select each supplier. It can provide wholesale prices for dropshipping businesses.

China Brands has more than 100 warehouses that can be used for oversea storage. These warehouses cover over 20 countries.

Chianbrands offers over 10,000 logistics services that cover more than 200 countries.

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Dropship Korean Fashion in Malaysia. You need to understand the Malaysian market and the best platforms and products. These platforms are able to dropship Korean fashion.

Shopee and Lazada are local e-commerce platforms. However, neither of them offer products. Dropship on Shopee and Lazada, Chinabrands offers professional dropshipping services.

Chinabrands considers it a professional dropshipping platform. Dropship business mode is automatic dropship mode. Chinabrands is not a Malaysian dropshipping platform, but it can help dropship in Malaysia. Chinabrands offers a range of dropship services, including logistics, suppliers, and warehouse service.