Dropshipping Levis Brand Products – Useful Tips

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Levi’s is a major clothing brand worldwide and is well-known for its denim jeans. Customers are familiar with the brand because of its high quality products and corporate culture. It can therefore expect that Levi’s products will be profitable to sell. This post will introduce Levi’s most well-known products and then assess the Levi’s drop shipping service to see if it is possible.

Dropshipping available on Levi’s products

We all know that Levi’s is well-known for its denim products. Most customers are loyal to Levi’s, which gives them a strong brand awareness. Levi’s also offers a range of denim clothing, such as Levi’s 501, Levi’s 507, and so forth.

Each of these denim products has its own designs and histories. This is why many customers choose to purchase the particular series whenever it releases new products. Here are some Levi’s denim clothes that are world-famous. They can also be dropped shipped worldwide.

The 501 Originals

The history of the 501 Originals is the longest among all Levi’s products. The 501 Originals designs are evolving over the years. The most timeless design is the straight button designs.

As you can see, 501 Originals is broken down into five types. These are: Taper, Vintage and Shrink-To-Fit. The 501 Originals is considered to be in fashion as it follows the latest trends in clothing, while still keeping the old school look.

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Because of its rich history and trendy designs, 501 Originals should be a top-selling Levi’s product for dropshipping.

The 525 Jeans

Another series of Levi’s jeans is the 525 Jeans. The 525 Jeans are a straight-leg jeans. It is easy to see why the 525 jeans were made for women.

Its zippered design and higher waist make it stand out from other denim products. The 525 jeans are made from denim that can be dressed up easily.

The classic logo t-shirt

Levi’s sells more than jeans products, including denim jeans. They also sell t-shirts, shoes, and sweaters. Below is a product image of a Levi’s classic product, the t-shirt featuring the brand logo. These t-shirts are often available in two colors, black and white.

Black and white can be easily matched to the style when you dress up your denim jeans with it. That is why Levi’s makes tops in simple colors. Dropshipping should be easy with a t-shirt featuring a classic design and brand logo. This is especially important for new customers, whether they are men or women.

The pros and cons of Levi’s product Dropshipping


High quality products. We all know that jeans are made from denim, which is one of the strongest raw materials available for making clothing. Levi’s denim clothing is much more versatile because of its unique design and technical solution for dealing with the hard texture. It can also be dressed up easily and not easily deformed after many years.

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Brand awareness. According to some, Levi’s had a lot of loyal customers around the globe. This helped them build strong brand awareness and encourage others to buy Levi’s products. Levi’s can continue to sell more products because of their strong brand recognition.


Counterfeits. The most frustrating problem for famous brands like Levi’s is counterfeits. It is easy to see that counterfeits can really ruin the market. It may be difficult for retailers to locate suppliers who supply certified products.

Retailers face strong competition. We all know how Levi’s products are famous around the world. This should create strong competition for retailers to stop shipping Levi’s products.

Are there any substitutes for selling denim products?

Statista statistics show that denim jeans sales worldwide have increased from 2012 to 2017. It can also be expected to rise to 129.8 trillion dollars in 2021, according to Statista.

For the future, denim products can still be profitable globally. However, dropshipping jeans products from Levi’s is difficult for retailers with insufficient funds and investments.

This is why I am listing a denim product which sells on dropshipping platforms, which have higher sales and profit margins.

Chinabrands, a global dropshipping platform, has announced that they have hired a team of designers to create original clothing. The product is the denim jeans below. It’s a mid-waist street style denim, which is easy to dress up for women.

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It is possible to compare Levi’s denim jeans to see that Levi’s brand awareness is stronger than those from Chinabrands.

As we discussed in the previous section, it can be difficult for retailers to find genuine suppliers and to avoid counterfeit products. Dropshipping can offer a substitute for selling Levi’s denim products. It is clear that dropshipping business exists to make profit, regardless of the brand or product you sell.

You only need to figure out which products are best for drop shipping and how to make it profitable.


Dropshipping levis products is possible worldwide. It should be profitable due to its strong brand recognition and high quality products. It is however difficult for retailers to find genuine suppliers, as counterfeits can ruin the global marketplace.

Dropshipping denim products should be a business option for retailers who partner with Chinabrands. They will offer products of higher quality and trendy designs. It is worthwhile to drop ship denim products. This can make it profitable.