Dropshipping Men’s Grooming Products in a Shopify Store

This is a 100% dropship opportunity to start your own online business selling men’s grooming products via its Shopify store. The products are manufactured, labeled and shipped to the U.S. by a dropship provider. With a 40% repeat customer rate, the brand enjoys a loyal customer base. Customers are very responsive and order new products as soon as they become available. This gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base and introduce more men’s products. The subscription component of the company, in addition to individual product sales has seen increased interest by the owner over the past month.

Dropship suppliers mean that the owner is able to spend approximately 2 hours per week marketing and customer service. The business can be easily moved from any place with internet access and no inventory.

Key Benefits

  • Dropship 100%
  • Massively loyal customer base
  • High Customer Return/Repeat rate 40%
  • Great and well-established brand
  • High Product Profit Margin
  • Marketing Strategy Brings 13X ROAS
  • Subscription Model

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to scale and acquire an established ecommerce company. It has a strong brand, solid foundation and future growth.


This business is a great opportunity because it builds on its solid foundation and has been successful in a niche market that is very popular. You can use these strategies to grow your business in the future: start advertising campaigns, retargeting, high-end products, and high-quality video content.


This brand has a distinct advantage over other products due to its large and loyal customer base, as well as its excellent online presence.