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SmartPhone and CellPhone Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a popular method of retail fulfillment. It allows retailers to sell merchandises without the need to store them in stock. The suppliers will ship the merchandise directly to end-customers, while retailers will purchase the merchandises from them.

Dropshipping has been a rapidly growing business that allows for the sale of many products to increase profits, such as smartphones and accessories.

Statista statistics show that smartphones are being sold more year-over-year to end users. This means that there have been over 1,500,000,000 smartphone sales worldwide.

The smartphone dropshipping industry has great potential for future growth. It is crucial to join the dropshipping industry with reliable platforms like Chinabrands or Shopify.

There are many reasons to Dropship Smartphones

Dropshipping is a great way to sell smartphones. Here are five reasons why you should choose a dropshipping platform for your smartphone dropshipping business.

1. The massive sales of smartphones around the globe.

According to Statista’s description, the smartphone sales worldwide exceed 1,500 million units.

In 2017, the worldwide revenue from smartphone sales was over 470 billion dollars.

Smartphones still have a lot of potential and dropshipping is a good idea to sell smartphones.

2. Dropshipping offers lower prices for smartphones.

Dropshipping allows you to get smartphones that are less expensive than others, which is something we all know.

They will only need to purchase it from dropshipping platforms and suppliers will then deliver the smartphones to their end-customers.

Dropshipping is cheaper than traditional retail because they don’t need to stock smartphones and there is less pressure on inventory management.

3. How often you buy a new smartphone or cell phone.

According to Nibusinessinfo’s research, there are many business systems that are built on smartphones. Most business people will buy more smartphones to use in their daily work.

This means that you should buy a smartphone or cell phone more often in recent years. It isn’t as efficient to use only one smartphone.

The future should see a rise in smartphone sales worldwide, as people won’t have one smartphone in their day.

4. Customer services.

Dropshipping platforms that offer excellent customer service should be beneficial to both customers and retailers. Customers may face many difficulties when using a new smartphone.

Customer service should be excellent and helpful in dealing with any hardware or software problems. Dropshipping platforms have a customer service team that deals with customers and retailers such as Chinabrands.

Chinabrands has a customer service team that works in 6/24. It also covers more than 10 languages, including Chinese, English and French.

5. Logistic problems

The above description shows that smartphones, and most cell phones in general, are more expensive than other products. These electronic devices are also fragile during shipping, making it important to join dropshipping platforms that offer reliable logistics services, such as Chinabrands.

Chinabrands, for example, has partnered with over 1000+ logistics companies such as DHL or EMS. Its logistics routes will cover more than 200 countries and regions around the globe. Dropshipping is possible by joining a platform that offers better logistics.

Selling a smartphone or cell phone in the future is the only way to make money.

The description shows how dropshipping could be a future option for selling smartphones or cell phones. Andrew’s description suggests that customers are waiting longer to purchase a new phone due to high quality and high costs.

This chart shows that the majority of people used to wait more than 25 months before upgrading their smartphone. This means customers will not be updating their phones as often. Although it is possible to expect mobile phone sales to continue rising in the future, the pace of growth should be slower than over the past five years.

Dropshipping is more than just selling smartphones and cell phones. Mobile phone accessories are also a profitable category.

Andy from Business Insider explains that only 9% iPhone users don’t use screen protectors. More than 20% of iPhone users have two cases.

Statistics show that not only is the mobile business booming, but also the accessories business has great potential.

Mobile phone cases and screen protectors don’t have to be the only accessories that are profitable. There are also other accessories like power banks and chargers for phones.

Pokemon Go, one of the most popular mobile games launched on both Google Play & Apps Store is a game that encourages people to catch Pokemon outside.

According to Reuters analysis, phone charger sales are increasing in the U.S. as well as the UK due to Pokemon Go gamers who used to go outside to catch Pokemon.

A lot of electronic retailers have jumped in to the power bank and phone charger market due to the potential market for the latter 2016 Pokemon Go release.

But not all retailers are able to profit from the mobile phone and accessories drop shipping business.

To start a dropshipping business for mobile phones and accessories, you will need to collaborate with reliable dropshipping platforms like Chinabrands. Here are some considerations when choosing a reliable platform.

1. Logistic services. Good logistic services will ensure that any friable product is delivered safely and on time to the customer.

2. There are many products that may be of interest. Retailers can choose profitable products with sufficient SKUs.

3. Stable supply chain management and supplier operations. This can help retailers deliver trendy and high-quality products to customers.

Chinabrands, for example, is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms that has met the criteria above. Chinabrands is one of the largest online wholesalers and distributors of cell phones and accessories. The store has over 1 million products that span 100+ categories.

The most important point is that the phone accessories category is a hot category in Chinabrands. You can be sure that Chinabrands will provide high-quality accessories for phones in trendy designs to customers.

Chinabrands now cooperate with more than 1000 global logistic companies around the globe, including DHL and EMS.

Chinabrands offers global warehousing services around the globe. It covers more than 200 countries, including the United States, UK, Spain and Sweden. This means that retailers can launch drop shipping businesses anywhere in the UK and in any other region of the world.

It is important to choose a reliable platform for drop-shipping mobile phones and accessories.

Smart Devices Dropshipping

With the rapid advancement of VR and AR technology over the past years, it is believed that a lot of products could be profitable in drop shipping. These include tablets, robots, televisions, and smartwatches. It is clear that smart devices are the most profitable categories for drop shipping.

Drop shipping is a viable option for selling 3C products. This has great potential for future growth. You should also consider partnering with reliable drop shipping platforms that can assist you with handling most problems encountered during drop shipping.

Dropshipping: 3C products

This part will highlight the most popular 3C products from Chinabrands, which have great potential for future development.


Tablet is a popular smart device for entertainment, work and study due to the rapid advancement of communication technology. Techcrunch’s research shows that Apple, Samsung and Amazon.com are the top five tablet companies worldwide.

Apple is the market leader for tablet sales and the tablet iPad is named after the IOS system. IOS is the only system that Apple products can use, so the iPad prices are quite high. Drop shipping is difficult because of the higher prices. We can sell tablets made on Android systems and have lower costs than iPad.

This tablet, manufactured by Teclast, is the most popular on Chinabrands. This tablet’s name is Teclast X10 and it runs on Android 6.0 with quad core and 16GB Rom. It can be used for video and music streaming, as well as for studying and working. A well-performing tablet could be used as a substitute for television. You can also watch many of the programs online. This is an alternative to buying expensive tablets like the iPad. Tablets running the Android operating system could be the next big thing. This makes tablets the ideal product for drop shipping.


Google Trend data clearly shows that Robot interest is at a high level, surpassing 75 over the past 90 days. Robot products are a potential category for drop shipping. Robot products tend to be more expensive than other drop shipping options, so it is important to consider the market trends in drop shipping when selecting the right products.

This is an example of how robot products can be made and sold profitably in drop shipping.

Robot sweepers are one of the most sought-after products in the world. They sweep floors automatically when you push the start button. This is the ILife V7S PRO robot sweeper, which is currently one of Chinabrands’ most popular products. V7S Pro’s latest vision has upgraded the water tank. This allows V7S Pro water to clean the floor. V7S Pro also has an automatic self-recharge function, which allows the sweeper to return to the charging station if it runs out of power. The pricing is also important.

V7S Pro sells for $143.61 at Chinabrands. This is an extremely low price for a robot product. Robot products are expected to be hot niches in 2018. In the future, robot sweepers could be the next big selling product. Dropshipping robots is a worthwhile venture. It should be aware that choosing the right robot products will help you make more money in your dropshipping business.


Wearable reports that smartwatches will account for more than half of the market for wearable devices by 2022. Smartwatches are expected to be the most popular dropshipping product in the next five years. Smartwatches should be unique in design and have multiple functions that can make them popular with customers.

It is believed that so many people now prefer to work out in gyms and need wearable devices to monitor their heart rate and count steps. Smartwatches must have heart rate testing and steps counting if they are to be successful in dropshipping.

According to Google Trend, smartwatch interest was clearly higher than 75. This is an indication that smartwatch could be the next big niche in the future. It should also be the most popular smart device in dropshipping.

This is a review of the top-selling smartwatches on Chinabrands. It will show you the functions smartwatches must have to be successful in dropshipping. The KingWear GV68 is one of the most popular drop shipping products in Chinabrands. It runs on Android, which is the most popular software system in the world. The heart rate monitor in GV68 allows you to measure your heart rate as well as your walking steps.

This smartwatch is ideal for customers who work out outdoors or in gyms. GV68 is waterproof, so you don’t have to take it off if your plan to shower. You can also wear it while swimming. It is believed that smartwatches in dropshipping should have more than just the basic functions of watches. They also need to have unique designs, waterproofing, heart rate testing and other features.

SmartPhone Dropshipping from Aliexpress

Looking for dropship smartphone? You can control your smartphone or gps navigation from a variety different scenarios with the four-inone design. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Simply place the sensor on the phone’s bottom and it will clamp automatically and begin charging. Compatibility It is a magnetic bracket holder that can be used in many positions on the smartphone, including iphone, samsung Galaxy, htc and lg.

Its unique silicone serrated clip design makes it easy to mount on any smartphone within seconds. This is a great tool for conference rooms or to give as a gift. Single headset support with onekey mutes, headset buddy for android and headset buddy on ios. This is a specially made for the oculus quest VR headset vr glasses. The magnetic car mount holder holds your tablet or smartphone securely and will not move without an air vent or protective case. This magnetic car mount holder is perfect for social events such as hanging out, dancing, and video shooting. It makes your selfies look more beautiful and allows you to use your hands.

Dropship smartphones include items such as a mobile phone mount for motorcycles, a car phone holder, and a tripod mount. Once you’ve found your ideal items of dropship smartphone, don’t forget to also shop for complementary items from endoscope and flaw detection tool, power cords and extension cords, gps/intercoms/navigation holder and phone adapters and converters to make the most of your time on AliExpress!

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Dropship smartphone related products: This mount protects your phone from damage. To mount a fill light or microphone, the bottom of the tripod mount has a cold shoe mount. This mount is suitable for most motorcycles, mountain bikes, scooters, and mobile phones.

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