How to Dropship Smartwatch with Top Suppliers?

In recent years, wearable technology has been a part of every day life. One of the most prominent examples is the smartwatch. It allows users to control their communication, fitness tracking, entertainment tools, and applications via a device that’s attached to their bodies. You can expect wearable gadget demand to rise rapidly with the constant innovation of tech giants. This will make it a lucrative market for smart sellers.

This market isn’t dominated only by a few large tech companies. With smartwatches expecting to reach 243 million units in total sales over the next 5 years, this could be the “it” product to sell at present.

This blog will help you determine if dropshipping smartwatches online is a good idea for your business before you follow the trend.

There are many types of smartwatches

A smartwatch functions like a regular watch but has many of the same features as a smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of the functionalities and features currently offered by top manufacturers, as they compete to be the best.

  • These fitness trackers have a chip at the bottom that allows the computer to record user’s activity and other information related to health or fitness. Many fitness trackers keep track of your steps, calories burned, heart rate and even GPS coordinates to help you measure your run/walk.
  • Companion smartwatches: To function, these types require a tethered device. It is used to receive messages and notifications, as well as reminders.
  • Standalone smartwatches: They function almost exactly the same as a smartphone except it’s a wristwatch! You can use a SIM card to make calls and send messages. Some smartwatches allow you to install additional apps.
  • Smartwatch for children: This smartwatch is ideal for kids. It has a fixed dial feature that can be set by an adult to limit the amount of incoming and outgoing communications. Some brands offer a GPS function that allows you to track your child’s coordinates.

Smartwatches: Why Dropshipping?

  • High Selling Rate

A product selling well online is a product that has a minimum 50% sell rate. Smartwatches have a market potential, as the results show sell rates at least 63%.

To be able make consistent sales one must know which types are in high demand. Labs gives you data on the most in-demand brands and types of features. These examples show that Apple and Samsung brands are market favourites. Smartwatches that include fitness trackers are in high demand. These are all important points to remember when dropshipping smartwatches.

  • High selling price

The average price of smartwatches can give you an indication of how much you will make dropshipping them. These figures will give you enough room to profit, given the high average price of $216-$306 Dropshippers often believe it is difficult to sell high-priced products. However, this gives them more control over their margins.

It is important to know your target market before you dropship high-priced products. Remember that smartwatch buyers tend to be more interested in features that have the highest value.

  • Low competition

This result shows that there is little competition between the three examples. You will also notice that all three are made by large brands like Apple and Samsung. This means that there is little competition due to the fact that these high-end brands have a protection against dilution.

Online sales of branded smartwatches are possible. They can also be legally obtained through liquidators. You can still dropship non-branded smartwatches, if you wish, and highlight how you can satisfy your market’s needs.

General Demand

Other resources can help us identify online trends for smartwatches. With AffiloTools Keyword Research tool, it provides information on local volume, and keywords used when people search for “smartwatches” on search engines like Google.

*Note: Although the keyword search results will provide a long list, below are six of the most popular examples.

Local Volume shows how often a product is searched online. To identify smartwatches search trends online, we will target a volume of at most 1,000 searches. It only shows that smartwatches are in high demand online, with results showing local volumes of 1,900 to 110,000.

You can find the keywords people search for when looking for smartwatches online. This will help you decide which keywords to include in your product listings at your online store. Apple and Samsung continue to attract customers as much as FitBit and Sony models. All three models have fitness trackers, which gives you an indication of the type of smartwatches that are most popular.

Your online business’ success depends on your ability to understand your market. It can help you avoid overstocking and narrow down your target market by allowing multiple, useful resources.

Selling smartwatches: Tips

We are familiar with the top brands in the smartwatch market. You can legally contact liquidators to sell smartwatches online and make a profit. Remember to talk with your liquidator-supplier about dropshipping high-end brands online so that they can give you the necessary certificates to legally sell them. It is important that you use your photos to resell these items to avoid copyright violations. To get professional photos, you might consider using a photo tent.

Non-branded smartwatches can also be purchased from suppliers. Some of these smartwatches are even comparable to high-end brands. To attract buyers, instead of dropshipping the brand, highlight their best functions. This strategy will allow you to price the brand’s profit higher in order to increase its value.

It’s your turn!

There are smartwatch suppliers who ship worldwide and we have verified that they are legitimate and safe. You can access them instantly here in our directory.

We’d love to hear about your smartwatch sales online. Please feel free to comment below and let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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