Dropshipping Store Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

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Drop shipping is a business model that you may have seen if you are familiar with e-commerce. Drop shipping can seem complicated if you don’t have stock. Dropshipping allows you to sell products through a third party supplier or manufacturer. This means that you don’t need to purchase in bulk and deal with shipping. Dropshipping is a great model for new and small online businesses.

Dropshipping is a viable option, but you still need to be able to make your online store a success. It is important to understand how to drive sales and attract customers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

These five tips will help you optimize your conversions to get traction in your dropshipping business.

Take great photos/videos of your products

When you shop online, think about what you would like to see. What is it that makes you want to purchase something?

It is a good idea to include detailed images in your product listings. This will allow customers to know what they are getting. Dropshipping stores may have a difficult time finding high-quality images of their products as not all manufacturers and suppliers invest in perfect photos. It is up to you to take initiative. Ask for product samples to take your own photos if the supplier’s photos aren’t up-to-standard. Make them zoomable by taking photos from various angles and in context.

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Video clips of products

Visual commerce is a competitive field. To stand out, you should use product videos. There’s still time to be creative and differentiate from your competitors if they already have a video strategy. Video is now in 70% of the 100 most popular search results. Viewers are 64% to 85% more likely than before to purchase a product video.

Videos on product pages can increase the chance of this happening. Videos should be strategically placed on your website in areas where they have the greatest impact. Videos will be more effective if they are placed near conversion points.

A video on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%

Find your rockstars

You’re likely to have heard of product-market fit. This is a crucial aspect for your business and your conversion rate.

The rule of thumb is easy:

  1. Check out the market demand for your products and
  2. Find out if they are available for sale

To find out what your customers are looking for, you can try different marketing campaigns and show different products on your homepage. To learn more about your audience, your niche and your customers, you should test and repeat as many marketing campaigns as possible. Then, determine which products are the most effective.

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It is safer to identify and solve customer pain points. What products are you able to offer customers to address these problems? It might not be possible to do this because not all products solve the same problem. But a copywriter can help.

If you are more pragmatic, then do keyword research and ask customers about their daily struggles to identify trends. Although this may sound like common sense, it is amazing how many companies neglect to do so. Trust your data and test everything.

Create a better on-site search engine

You could be losing a lot of money if you don’t make the most of your search engine.

Your customers don’t have time to look for typos or navigate through pages that contain irrelevant products. They need accurate and intuitive search suggestions. And they want them right away. You could lose a lot of money if you don’t refine your site search. Websites that have highly optimized search engines experience an 82% increase in conversion rates.

Machine Learning techniques improve the ability to use internal website searches for customers’ intent (i.e. Instead of focusing on specific keywords, machine learning techniques can identify typos and recognize synonyms.

Voice search and image recognition technologies are essential to ensure you get the best results from your site search engine.

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Voice Search, one of the most popular technologies in recent years, is growing rapidly. Voice searches accounted for 20% of mobile queries last year. By 2020, half of all voice searches will be voice searches, according to comScore . This is why you should create a mobile-first website.

Voice search can also unconsciously change the behavior of your customers. Instead of searching for “women’s red dresses”, customers will ask “Find me the perfect red dress for my girl”. You should invest in your search engine immediately.

Your site search should be as similar to a personal assistant as possible. E-commerce websites that offer image recognition and smart search engines have seen an incredible increase in sales, particularly from mobile users.

Consider reevaluating your shipping strategy

Let’s suppose your customers find three beautiful dresses on your website. They then go to the checkout page, and they are hit with shipping charges. A product that they thought was fair in price suddenly seems a bit too expensive. They either decide to click the “buy” button, despite increased costs, or they abandon the cart. Guess what 98% do?

You might consider changing your shipping strategy if you notice a drop in your shipping calculator page.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • This is a great way to grab a customer’s attention. While 9 out of 10 customers say free shipping is their number one reason to shop online it could also reduce your profits. Instead, offer free shipping if you have a minimum order or minimum number of products.
  • Flat rate – This strategy is easy to implement and provides a calculated way to manage your costs. However, it does require some preparation. You will need to calculate the average shipping cost per package. This is something you should do anyway, as you don’t want to overcharge or undercharge your customers.
  • You can charge what you get charged. The easiest way to do this is to pass the shipping costs to your customer. The calculator will calculate the shipping cost once the customer has reached the checkout. You should use a real time calculator to show that you aren’t charging too much for shipping and that your item prices have been increased to pay the costs. This will help you gain trust from your customers.
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You must do your best to ensure that suppliers complete orders on time. Provide excellent customer service and clearly state delivery times.

There are clear calls to action

Design, UX (User Experience), product imagery and the navigation flow are key components to impress clients and outdo your competition. Copy forms are the foundation of your brand, according to me. Your customers will remember your brand’s tone of voice, product descriptions, and friendly, actionable calls for action.

Your biggest challenges include informing customers about your products and evoking emotions to drive action. Building brand values that foster long-lasting relationships is also one of your greatest challenges. To be clear, website copy doesn’t have to use metaphorical language or fancy words. It’s all about communicating your key value propositions clearly and understanding them.

Invesp improved conversion rates by more than 90% after focusing on copywriting and value proposition throughout the site. 90% Imagine that!

Your CTAs should be a focal point of your website. These tell visitors what actions they should take and which path to follow through your website to reach their goal.

The internet is a place where attention spans can be painfully short. Focus on brainstorming, evaluating your conversions, surveying your customers, finding leaks, and testing any creative solutions. Remember: Hypotheses guide and assumptions are blind.