Swimwear and Swimming Accessories Dropshipping Suppliers

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Wholesale Swimwear and Swimming Accessories

When we talk about swimming as a business, there are several reasons why this could be profitable. The number one reason is that when you sell the wholesale swimming equipment, you can target the whole world. The explanation for that is that swimming is something everybody should know about in this country. Its trend is rising, meaning that you don’t have to do much hard work to increase your sales.

Today swimming has become a significant part of our lives. And it has been clinically proven that swimming provides many benefits. Swimming particularly has a positive impact on your wellbeing. It builds stamina and muscle tones. It also has a significant part to play in keeping you in good endurance. And most importantly, swimming is also said to help you get mental strength and fight depression and anxiety.

Why is swimwear such a great niche to sell online?

In 2017, the size of the global swimwear industry was USD 18.48 trillion. It is expected to grow at 6.2% annually during the forecast period 2018-2024.
More than two-thirds (23%) of global swimwear industry revenue was generated by women’s swimwear.

Swimwear can be worn for outdoor activities like swimming, surfing or water polo.

The disposable income of households has increased steadily and so has their desire to travel. This has led to an increase in beach vacations. This has led to an increase in demand for swimwear.

Swimwear has become more fashionable over the years. Many new styles, fabrics, and types of swimwear are now available thanks to technological advances, innovation, and design.

Two-piece and one-piece bikinis as well as bathing suits, swim trunks, coverups, and other accessories have been created to be functional and stylish.

To give the product the required stretch and protect customers from the sun, chlorine, and water, fabrics such as nylon, nylon, and blended fabrics are used.

You could also expand your swimwear company to sell accessories like sunglasses, sandals and sunscreens.

The main challenge for traditional brick and mortar stores is keeping up with operational and maintenance costs.

Online businesses are less expensive than offline stores because you don’t need to purchase space to set up your store.

Online shopping is also a popular option for customers as they have thousands of choices at their fingertips right from the comfort of home.

Online stores offer attractive discounts, fast delivery options, and a good return policy to attract customers.
Selling swimwear online can be a lucrative way to make more money at lower setup costs.

You might be considering starting an online swimwear company.

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Dropshipping is a smart choice for your online swimwear store.

The primary challenge for an online store that sells traditional products is inventory management.

It is nearly impossible to maintain a large inventory in your online store, even if you add thousands or hundreds of products.

This could result in high initial costs for purchasing, storage and transport. If the products don’t sell well, it could result in large losses if the bulk purchases are made.

The swimwear niche changes with the seasons. The relevance, comfort, and quality of the products are key factors in the sales of swimwear.

Dropshipping swimwear is the best option in this situation. You can read reviews and sample the products to see which items are selling well. There is no inventory management.

The customer would place the order and you would only be placing an order with the supplier. The supplier will ship the products directly to the customer once the order has been placed. This reduces shipping costs and time.

Dropshipping is a lucrative market with hundreds of vendors selling swimwear. To retain existing customers and attract new ones, it is important to select the best vendors.

Do you wonder how to find reliable swimwear suppliers? Don’t worry. A trusted agent can help you connect with the best suppliers on the market.

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What swimwear sells well online?

Swimwear is a very popular niche, with many varieties. We have compiled a list of top-selling swimwear trends to help you get started with your dropshipping business.

One-piece swimsuits remain a popular choice of swimwear and are in high demand throughout the year. One-piece swimsuits can be worn for a perfect beach vacation, or simply to lounge by the pool.

This year’s hot trends include high waisted bottoms, knotted tee shirt bikini shirts and knotted tee shirts. The most popular styles in swimwear are nautical prints, retro-polka dots and animal prints.

There are many bikini styles on the market. But metallic bikinis, such as those in gold, silver, or aqua, have a special charm.

Bralettes can be worn for a picnic on sunny days or for a day at the beach. These bralettes are stylish, comfy and cute. Dropship colours-blocked bralettes and two-toned bralettes are available.

The most popular category in the swimwear industry is neon-coloured swimwear. You can dropship neon bikinis, neon swim trunks, neon swim shorts, etc.,

Surfers love full-sleeved swimsuits because they offer sun protection. Dropship swim shorts for men can be made in a variety of prints, including stripes, camouflage and tropical prints.

In addition to the swimwear, you can also sell coverups and kimonos as well as straw hats.

Do you want to sell swimwear online as a dropshipper? Let us assist you in hiring a dropshipping agent.

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Are you looking for the best suppliers of swimwear dropshipping?

When choosing a supplier to your swimsuit dropshipping company, keep these things in mind

  1. Trustworthiness and reliability are essential for any supplier. Seek out testimonials and reviews.
  2. Suppliers must provide high-quality products.
  3. Verify if fast delivery options are available.
  4. Verify the shipping and return policies of your supplier.

AliExpress, CN Bikinis and Girlmerry.com are some of China’s top dropshipping swimwear suppliers.

Some of the top dropshippers of swimwear in America include Nordstrom, Kiefer and WorldWide Brands.

Do you feel intimidated by the sheer number of swimwear suppliers? Do you want to find a simple way to source high-quality products and avoid the hassle of sourcing them? Dropshipping is easy when you hire an agent.

Potential summer products on hot sale

Now let’s take a look at some of the products that you can choose to purchase from wholesale swimwear that would give the most profit. Each summer, these products would be on the hotlist.

Swimming Goggles

The Swimming Goggles is thought to be the hottest commodity on the list. In dropshipping swimming accessories, this product is often considered to be the most and bestselling product. The main explanation for this is that one of the most popular swimming equipment is swimming goggles. Almost everyone uses them when they swim. Everyone, who swimmers have the chance to buy it, One of the studies says around 45 million swimming goggles are purchased worldwide each year.

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That fact is enough to add the swimming goggles to your product list. The swimming goggles are of various types ranging from different price levels. Speedo vanquisher 2.0, Barracuda Fenix, TYR Black Hawk, TYR Sports special Ops 2.0 and Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggles are some of the best swimming Goggles. Generally speaking, no type of swimming goggles is expensive for anyone to buy.


We are all aware that no one would ever like to swim in pants. Even if they’re not so serious about swimming and just swimming for fun, there is a chance people would still prefer to swim in the swimsuit. Either they are men or women before going swimming; everyone tries to put on the swimsuit. The explanation for this is that the swimsuit makes you swim faster, quicker and more comfortable. It’s all about science, and we all know that. Swimming is a kind of exercise which takes up a lot of energy. When you swim, you use every part of your body to push yourself into the water. And wearing a swimming suit can reduce effort.

Women buy a lot more swimwear than men. The reason is simple; men mostly wear a short suit while women are more likely to wear it. Stats indicate that there is a considerable gap between men and women in the purchasing pattern of swimsuits. There are a great many manufacturers of wholesale swimsuits on the market. Speedo and TYR are the best marks in this respect. The brands which are mostly manufacturers of bikinis also happen to be manufacturers of swimsuits. Other kinds of dropshipping bathing suits can also be found.

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Swim Caps

Bathing caps are again one of the most commonly used bathing accessories on the market. You’d get the swimming caps on the list when you start the dropshipping swimming equipment. The reason for the popularity and more significant sales here is the same. Swimming caps are standard wear. It comes into wholesale swimming accessories most daily swimmers wear. Most people use these caps to keep their hair dry, or the people who have long hairs often use it. It helps them to avoid having their hair in front of their eyes.

Another reason many people use these caps is to shield their hair from the sun, or chlorinated water particularly. Hair contact with chlorinated swimming pool water can be very harmful and can lead to a lot of illnesses. All of these reasons add up to the right people buy swim caps. Dropshipping swimwear producers are big companies.

Nose Clips

Not mostly used by professionals, but when we’re talking about regular people swimming, the Nose clip is one of the essential swimming accessories they need. As its name suggests, Nose clip is something people use to avoid the water getting into their nose while swimming.

No suppliers of dropshipping swimwear would ever miss out on Nose clips. Even nose clips are beneficial when you want to do an underwater dolphin kick that is successful and quicker. Because it’s tough to hold your breath for enough time to do enough reps, when you get going with this. The nose clip helps you control your breaths and in effect, enables you to learn various swimming styles and techniques.

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Tempo Trainer Pro

Other than some of the simple swimming equipment we spoke about earlier here is a much better and more demanding professional-level product. Tempo Trainer Pro is an electronic device that sets a time standard that it beeps after, and you can use this feature to train yourself in several different ways. Tempo Trainer Pro is usually used to set swimmer rhythm and speed. It can also be seen in a great many other ways. For example, it is often used by a lot of people for underwater swimming practice.

Tempo Trainer Pro is currently one of the best-selling swimming products on amazon and other suppliers of wholesale beachwear. The demand has risen because a lot of people have come to learn that athletes are using it for training.

A lot of schools and swimming academies are also actively promoting this tool as it gives the swimming style a solid foundation. Other than all of these superior products, there are a lot of women bathing suits in one piece and other items like these that are nowadays popular.

Top dropshipping swimwear and swim accessories suppliers

Now, after looking at the above items, you should go to the suppliers because if you start a retail business for swimwear and swimming accessories, you will need the right suppliers.

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Here is a list of Top Swimming Accessory Wholesale Suppliers.


SwimSupplies is a very well-known shop for swimming wholesale related items and pool equipment. This brand originated from former competitive swimmers, and they know what’s within and outside their business. They are also aware of their swimwear and other bathing equipment, the new and hot items. They also allow you to contact them via email if you need any swimming product they don’t have in stock. Thus they make it easy to buy wholesale.


Trendsgal is one of the largest manufacturers of swimwear and bikinis. Their whole scheme is focused on guidelines for swimwear. Dropshipping bikinis and women’s swimwear are their specialities, while they also offer a good range of products for men, children, teen boys and teen girls. As a wholesale supplier, they have done all the license and registration necessary to prove they are safe to buy from. PayPal thoroughly checks them, fully validated by Trustwave Trusted Commerce and entirely secured by state of the art Norton Security technology.

We say that because they have been in the business for a very long time, they have built a vast network of suppliers and brands, because of which they can sell top-class quality goods at the lowest possible prices today.

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Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is also well known for their supplier’s network in the wholesale industry. They are not wholesale suppliers themselves but let their members get in touch with hundreds of other suppliers of different categories with whom they can work after properly analyzing each. Wholesale Central is like a place in the wholesale market in away. They help you reach suppliers of hundreds and thousands. What they do, therefore, is that they act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the supplier, to ensure that everything is carried out safely.

You can simply go to their website and select the product category you’re looking for, and you’d go there to enter the supplier’s list in that specific category. We have one pair of bathing suits for many women’s too.


It is considered one of the biggest online swimwear stores in the world. All kinds of swimwear and bathing accessories can be found on their website. They have products for men, women and children, from all ranges. They have hundreds of thousands of items from hundreds of different brands and are the world’s biggest brands for swimming things. This includes Nike, Accusplit, and Spirit Active.

Global Sources

Global sources are among the most significant online product sources. This covers a wide variety of products. This means that they are not only restricted to swimming wear and swimming accessories but have much more to offer than this. Hundreds of suppliers are on their site offering hundreds of products, including bikini manufacturers and wholesale beachwear suppliers in particular.

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Kiefer is another well-known swimming gear and gear manufacturing company. This is considered one of the swimming accessories and other swimming gear most competitive landscapes. This includes everything from bathing goggles to swimming fins, and so on. They have different sections for men, women and children’s goods too. You can easily purchase from them dropshipping swimming accessories.


This is another online shop for wholesale swimming accessories from which you can take advantage. A famous professional former freestyle swimmer ‘Keena Rothhammer’ owns this company as a family business. They have several product categorizers listed on their website under the Apparel, Pool, Education, and Googles sections etc. You can easily visit their website and check for the items you are looking for, and directly order them.

Lovely Wholesale

This wholesale business has grown big from quite a while. They are on their way to creating an enormous reputation as they expand day by day as a company. This wholesale supply company is located in North America and is based in the US.

They’re usually focused on supplying goods and products related to fashion. A great variety of items are included in the fashion-related list, holding various categories. They are the manufacturers themselves since they have their factories that produce their products. They ally with several manufacturers of clothes, handbags and shoes specializing in export production in China’s JIANGSU, GUANGZHOU and ZHEJIANG. They always strive to get out there what’s the hottest and trending product, and they’re primarily known for swimwear from their wives and come in the list of suppliers of wholesale beachwear.

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As questions arise like “where to buy cheap swimsuits,” DippinDaisys cannot be ignored. They have a massive name for themselves in the bikini manufacturers and one-piece bathing suits wholesale. You can quickly become one of their dropshipping clients, and when you buy them in bulk, they can sell you their swimwear and wholesale beach supplies at the best possible price. This company is reasonably focused on the products related to women swimwear and bikinis.

DippinDaisys was founded by a woman in 2000 and have all been managed and run by a woman until this day. When they saw fading swimsuits and slouchy bikini bottoms, they entered the market. We release hundreds and thousands of newly developed products each year, which always prove to be a massive hit. Thus buying from them would not only bring you the right quality products, but you will also find them at reasonable prices.

Plus Size Swimwear Dropshipping

Where can I buy plus-size swimwear?

Merrygirl offers all sizes, including plus sizes. Plus sizes can also be found in a variety of styles and colors.

Looking for plus size swimwear? AliExpress also offers great deals on swimwear. You can save a lot on plus-size swimwear by keeping an eye out for deals and promotions. Plus size swimwear can be purchased at low prices. We don’t blame you for shopping online for swimwear at low prices. Use the filters to return your swimwear free of charge! AliExpress gives you peace of mind when you shop with AliExpress.

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Our goal is to make online shopping easy and smooth. To make an informed purchase, read the reviews left by shoppers. There are many options to choose from so you can find the right swimwear for your needs. AliExpress stocks high quality swimwear brands. You can find great swimwear at AliExpress. Keep checking back for new products every day!

Dropship swimwear made in USA


Make your swimwear in the USA

We can help you create your swimwear.

We are a women-owned and operated business based in Daytona Beach. As you embark on your journey as a designer of swimwear, we will be there to help you. We have years of experience in production and design to help you make your dreams a reality.

We were established in 1995 and are the only swimwear apparel manufacturer in the USA to offer pattern-making, development, grading marking, sampling, production, and sample assistance. We make it easy to start your own business, or help you with an existing one. We only use the best quality swimwear fabrics in the industry. We can source a variety of colors and help with custom printing.

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