Dropshipping Tips to Sell Calvin Klein Products Worldwide

About Calvin Klein, Inc.

Calvin Klein is a lifestyle brand that exudes bold, progressive ideals while maintaining a seductive aesthetic. Our goal is to inspire and thrill our customers through provocative imagery and striking design.

We were founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, a business partner. Our clean aesthetic and innovative designs have made us a leader in American fashion. Calvin Klein products were sold in more than 110 countries and accounted for $9 billion of global retail sales in 2019. Calvin Klein has over 11,500 employees worldwide. In 2003, PVH Corp. acquired us.


PVH is one the most loved fashion and lifestyle companies around the globe. We support brands that move fashion forward for good. Our brands include the iconic Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER brands as well as Van Heusen and IZOD, ARROW and Warner’s brands. These and other internationally recognized licensed and owned brands are used to market a wide range of products. PVH employs nearly 40,000 people in more than 40 countries, with annual revenues of $9.9 billion. This is the Power of Us. That’s the power of PVH.


Your involvement in dropship fulfillment is crucial. Do you want it to be automated? Some aspects, such as the purchase receipt and shipping information, will be automated.

If you have multiple suppliers the fulfillment process will involve sending all orders via email to each supplier. The location, cost of shipping and availability will determine which supplier is best for each product and customer. These processes can all be automated to varying degrees.


Although we have discussed scams at the dropshipping supplier’s side, frauds aren’t limited to them. It is possible to run an online shop and come across dropship orders from fraudsters.

If the billing address and shipping address differ, it is easy to tell fraudulent orders from genuine ones. Sometimes, even the name at one address can be different. These can be a sign of fraud with credit cards.


Good customer service is key to the success of your dropshipping business. A drop shipping industry can be very competitive so a company that has a strong customer support system can make a big difference.

These are the most popular and widely used types of customer service in the ecommerce sector:

Phone Support: A phone customer service system is the fastest and most efficient way to connect directly with customers. It is easier to resolve difficult situations and it is the fastest way for customers to give feedback. Google has tools such as Google Voice that allow you to set up a number that routes calls directly to any number you specify. OpenPhone is a similar option, designed for ecommerce businesses.

Email Support – Although the telephone is still a very popular way to contact customer service, email is likely to be your first method of support. It is advisable to set up domain emails for your website (example: hello@yourdomain.com). This not only makes your website look professional, but it also establishes your brand in the minds of your customers. Help Scout can be used to provide email support. Gorgias is also available if you are using Shopify.

Social media support: Customers often turn to social media pages for brands before they contact the brand. Social media is a forum that is open to all and customers are more likely to find the answers they seek there than on any other channel. Even if negative feedback is received, a good social media customer service representative will engage with customers. This can build trust between the customer and the brand.

Live Chat Support Many brands have integrated live chats into their websites as part their customer service and support system. This is becoming more popular because it is faster than a phone call and less intimidating than posting questions on a public forum. You don’t have to invest in this, but you can use social media like Facebook Messenger or direct messaging services on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. If your business is small, live chat customer support might not be the best option. However, it can be worth looking into if you have a growing business. To launch live chat in your Shopify store, check out Gorgias.