Duplicating a Squarespace Site: Everything You Need to Know

Squarespace is an ideal option for businesses in search of an ecommerce-oriented website with plenty of inventory management and customer communication features. They can use Squarespace’s platform to manage their inventory as well as communicate directly with their target customer base.

Copying a Squarespace page can be confusing at times, so here is how you can copy one quickly and efficiently. The process should only take minutes.

How to Duplicate a Page

Duplicating pages on your Squarespace website is one of the most powerful capabilities you possess. It’s quick, straightforward and can save both time and energy.

To duplicate a page in Squarespace, first navigate to your site dashboard and then to Pages. Next, hover your cursor over the desired page until a gear icon appears – click it and the duplicated version of that page is complete!

Note that not all types of pages can be duplicated; you may only duplicate pages which appear in your main navigation or index page, including blog posts, portfolio pages and others that belong to categories (like About pages).

Noticing when duplicating a page creates a separate free trial site which you can use to work on it independently from your existing one – ideal if working on client websites or trying out different templates for yourself!

Duplicating pages is an efficient and time-saving method for revamping or redesigning websites, providing an ideal starting point. Duplicate all or some pages before beginning work on new designs – saving both time and energy along the way!

How to Duplicate a Blog Post

Squarespace is one of the top website builders available, offering numerous useful features for quickly building and managing websites. One such feature is duplicating sites – this can come in handy when quickly creating similar-looking content or when building one for another client.

Keep several key factors in mind when using the Duplicate Site feature. First, duplicating will create a free trial website which is separate from your existing one – any changes made there won’t affect its counterpart directly.

Second, when duplicating a site it does not transfer any existing comments or reviews – which can be problematic when creating blog posts with comments sections.

Thirdly, duplicating a website doesn’t automatically copy over any Unsplash or Getty images licensed via Squarespace; this could pose issues if your clients use them on their site as the license only covers one website at once.

Duplicating sites in Squarespace is an easy and time-saving method of creating content for your website. Give this great tool a try the next time you need similar material on your page!

How to Duplicate an Entire Site

There can be various reasons for duplicating an entire site on Squarespace, and one of them might be providing your client with options. With Squarespace’s Duplicate Feature you can create two mockups of their website before swapping out colors or making other minor modifications on each to see which works best. This saves them valuable back and forth!

To duplicate an entire website on Squarespace, first log into your account and navigate to the Home Menu (gray panel on left of screen). When in Home Menu, hover over site you wish to duplicate before clicking three dot button with “Duplicate Website” option from list. It may take several minutes depending on the amount of content on website but this process should work smoothly!

Once your website has been duplicated, it can be found under Sites in your Squarespace dashboard and edited as necessary before selecting “Update Site”. Should any further changes be required, duplicating and editing again could be another viable option – duplication being repeated until complete!

Squarespace makes this simple by enabling users to easily duplicate any type of website block–blog posts, pages, events and portfolio items alike! To duplicate a block simply go into edit mode and hover your cursor over any block you would like to duplicate until a small gear icon appears; click it then choose ‘Duplicate Block’ from the drop-down menu that opens up.

Once you’ve duplicated a block on your website, you can use it anywhere on the page. Simply make sure that you’re in edit mode and hover over the block, selecting either “Edit” or “Create Block”, to change its name, design or other settings – plus drag-and-dropping it wherever needed on the page!

How to Duplicate a Collection

Squarespace’s duplication feature can be an invaluable asset when creating duplicate websites for clients or making small adjustments – from entire site copy-pasting to minor tweaks and everything in between. In this post, we will explain how to use it on both 7.0 and 7.1 versions (the latter employs Fluid Engine technology).

If you’re working with an existing website, it will be useful to compile a spreadsheet containing all of the pages and collections you intend to copy over. This will enable you to keep track of any changes that you are making and ensure there are no discrepancies between content types. Furthermore, creating redirect rules for pages which need changing will become much simpler later.

To duplicate a collection, navigate to your site dashboard and select “Pages” > “Create New Folder.” Name your folder accordingly before clicking “Create,” adding any pages or blocks that need copying over from another collection to it. Afterward, once finished you can navigate back into this new folder to make any necessary edits as needed.

Note: Please keep in mind that this method does not work with index pages; in order to duplicate one manually copy and paste all its content onto another one.

Duplicating websites is an invaluable asset to any designer or developer working with Squarespace sites, whether for themselves or clients. No matter whether it’s creating brand new pages from scratch or refreshing old content – duplicating will save both time and effort!

Try it and let us know what you think! Additionally, feel free to browse our other helpful Squarespace tips and tricks if any questions arise – our support team are always on hand and willing to assist.