Easiest Way to Set Up Shopify Auction for Max Profit

Shopify’s Product Auction App allows you to have an auction or bid on your ecommerce website. The admin can also enable bidding on products that he wishes to auction, and can view all bids on the store directly from the app.

This app is called auction and will allow you to auction products and bid on them. Don’t delay, download the Product Auction app and start bidding.


Administrators can manage and create auctions for any product.

Enable the Join Fee feature to make the auction process legal in your store.

To make bidding faster and more efficient, enable proxy-bidding within the app.

Customers can also place both a proxy and normal bid by pressing a single button. Explore!

The app also offers popcorn bidding.

Live bid updates: Once a bidder has placed a bid on a product, all bidders will see the updated bids on the auction window page.

Administrators can create multiple auctions by simply uploading them via CSV.

To send emails to customers, you can set up your own SMTP.

Automated emails sent to the winners and losers of the bid.

Administrator can enable the Bid on Multiple Units feature to allow bidders to bid for multiple units of product.

The app also offers Multiple Winner and Braintree Autopay.

You can also manually close the bid or start an auction.

Even the administrator can restart unsuccessful auctions. Explore

When creating Auctions, set increment rules and increment gaps.

This app now works with Product Dreamlist


To have the winner, set a reserve price

If the product is out of stock, you can enable the option to end the auction.

Allow the customer to edit their bid.

If the bid amount exceeds what the actual product price, you can disable the Add To Cart option.

Administrators can view all bids and other happenings in the notification section.

Administrators can also edit labels on the front end.

The bidding history can be viewed by the customer.

If the bid amount is greater than the actual price, admin can enable/disable ‘Add to Cart’.

Administrators have the option to display the following information: current bid (product page), bid count, and sorting running auctions based on Recently Added, No. There are no Bids or Nearing End.

This Product Auction app for Shopify integrates with Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify! – Explore!

AutoPay offers the possibility to authenticate 3D Secure customers’ card details.

The start date can be displayed on the product page to indicate when the auctions will begin.


This will allow you to show start bid for upcoming auctions.

This button can be used to hide the buy now button and allows customers to purchase winning auction products. You can also manually edit the purchase status from here.


You can save big by having your products auctioned rather than being displayed for simple purchases. This app can help you do exactly that.

You can put products up for auction if you want to determine the current value of a product.

The Multi-vendor Marketplace now integrates the product auction app. You can now create an e-auction platform and let sellers add auctions for products.

To raise funds, use the online charity auction.

Do you ever wish to sell some Shopify products off?

Auctions can be a great way of maximising profits by selling products to the highest bidder.

Shopify does not have any functionality built-in to enable you to create auctions within your store.

However, all hope is not lost. There are several Shopify apps that will allow you to quickly set up an auction in your Shopify store.

You can then make beautiful auctions such as this one


Let’s get started.

The Best Apps for Setting Up Shopify Auctions

  1. Product Auction
  2. Tipo Product Auction

These apps offer the ability to hold auctions. They also have the option to set up themes, colors and buttons. This allows you to customize your auction page to match your store’s theme.

A product auction service allows you to determine the increments of each price that users can bid on, as well as the reserve price and buyout prices for each product.

After the auction ends, you will be notified about the winner and the successful bid price so you can ship their order.

Product Auction

The Product auction app allows you to easily run auctions in your Shopify store.

This app allows you to select the products that you wish to list for auction and then fill out the details.

You can also choose the auction base price or time. After the auction ends, the highest bidder wins. They will be notified by email.

Store owners also have more options with Product Auction, which allows them to add different features that make the auction even more exciting.

This includes proxy bidding and popcorn bidding.

Proxy bidding allows customers to set a maximum bid and then the computer system will start bidding incrementally until someone bids more than their maximum.

Customers are protected from losing auctions within the last minute of the deadline by the popcorn bidding feature

This feature automatically extends deadline by three minutes if a bid is received within the last five minutes.

These features will give Shopify auctions a professional look.


  • Free 7-day trial of the app
  • Unlimited auctions available without additional fees
  • There are many features available, such as proxy bidding and popcorn bidding. Joining fee is also included.
  • Ability to establish increment rules and gaps
  • Based on bids, the product page is constantly updated.


  • The subscription cost for Product Auction app is $30 per monthly.

Tipo Product Auction

The Tipo product bidding app has many of the same features as the Product Auction app, but is slightly less expensive.

You, as a merchant can customize the auction to suit your needs and add auction details.

Users can, for example, set the bid increments and minimum prices, as well as the reserve or minimum price, buyout price, and the dynamic closing.

The app sends emails to all parties whenever a new bid has been placed. This allows you to increase the price even more.

The app allows you to set the minimum bid increment. For a piece of $10,000 art, a minimum bid increment of 1 is very useful.


  • Start selling with a 7-day trial or a free plan
  • Notifications by email to notify customers of a new bid or to inform the auction administrator when the winner has been selected.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and admins can create a new auction in a matter of minutes.
  • App dashboard allows you to track bidding activity as well as sales
  • A merchant can decide a buyout price. This means that they can determine the maximum amount of bidding at which the auction will close automatically.


  • Customers have complained about the inability to get help.

Last Thoughts

Shopify does not allow you to auction products in your store. However, the Shopify App Store has a range of apps that can help.

Many apps offer a free trial version so that you can try them out and decide if they are right for you.