eBay Dropshipping Sniping Tools to Find Best Products

“What to sell?” This is the question I am most frequently asked.

Do you want to be the next item to appear on eBay’s top sellers list?

I will share my many years of experience with eBay dropshipping.

Are you ready?

This article will discuss two strategies that always generate revenue:

  1. How to ethically steal the best-sellers of your competitors
  2. How to ethically steal customers from your competitors

How to Sell on eBay The Sniping Technique

That’s how you find great products to sell. You can do this by using the most well-known eBay dropshipping product sourcing method:

  1. Find other eBay dropshipping sellers who are successful.
  2. You can sort the top-selling products on eBay by “most recently sold” or “most sold”.
  3. Locate the source of these products (your product sourcing site).
  4. You can add these products to your eBay shop for a lower price and the exact same title or you could try using other keywords

Sniping is a popular eBay product sourcing technique. It is used by almost every successful seller. FlatIcon

You don’t have to shop only at eBay. You can also try to find trending products in other stores than eBay. You can search for the most popular items on Instagram and Pinterest.

You can search Google for random keywords that relate to a particular niche of products. Then, look at the store names in the search results. Use Facebook ads library and see which products they advertise. (They won’t invest in products that don’t make a sale). You can.

The Best Products to Sell on eBay

Trending products are the best to sell online. You can find them by looking for them in the listings of other successful sellers.

What’s so special about the sniping method?

  • These products have an excellent track record. Take a look at what’s happening offline. You might find some new products in a local convenience store. Every convenience store in the vicinity would try to sell it if it was a popular product. This is what the 2017 widget spinners phenomenon was all about.
  • Only a handful of products can be posted – The sniping method requires that you add fewer products than the keyword ranking technique.

Snipping products is not always easy. I can snipe your products to try to sell them at a lower price to the same audience as you. What happens at the end?

Why your product might not sell well?

It doesn’t mean that you will be able to snipe the best sellers. When you consider it, eBay eventually has a limited number of buyers. If you’re trying to sell trending items, the higher the demand, the more it makes sense for sellers to lower their prices to make those sales.

This is called “the competition down the bottom”

Everyone knows about the benefits of sniping, so everyone uses it. Every time someone copies the same title, they lower the price. Unless you plan to purchase wholesale inventory from the manufacturer at a low enough price, it is not worth it. This is not true for a business that is risk-free like eBay dropshipping.

It’s important to know that products with low margins because of high competition are known as “saturated products.” They can also be called “saturated niches”, or “saturated market,” depending on their context.

How can I make my products sell?

It is important to understand that every product has an expiration date, regardless of the sourcing method you use to dropship products to eBay. Is there a product that you can’t remember from your childhood? It is possible to stop attaching yourself to products, even if they’re best-sellers, once you get this concept. Snipping is not a method to find the best-sellers forever. It’s a technique for finding trending best sellers and riding on the success of their success. You will need to do it again and again as you optimize your store.

You can make sure you have the best chance of winning the competition by sourcing your products. AliExpress and Amazon are the most popular websites for dropshipping on eBay. This allows sellers to compete against each other for the top products.

There are 50+ websites that you can dropship to with DSM Tool. You can also search products from them using the DSM Tool chrome Extension. You might find similar products on other websites, which may offer a lower price.

If you want to avoid the “race to the bottom”, there is another powerful tool that you can use. You can make your products appear on the first page of eBay’s search results if you use different keywords in your title.

Only the best titles sell the best products

Keyword ranking refers to the process of getting a product to appear on eBay’s first page for specific keywords. It is important to search for keywords that are popular but not too many competitors. Once you have found it, add the keywords to the title or description of the products that you want to sell so they rank on the first page. This will help you generate sales.

It is easy to find keywords that work best for your products. You simply need to measure success and competition to determine which keywords you should use to make sales.

Take a look at the competition

Look at the number and quality of keywords you get when you search eBay. These keywords are more competitive if there are more results. For example, we got 155,684 results for “dog toy”, while 32,460 results were found for “dog game”. It should be easier to rank on the first page of the “dog game”, than for the “dog toys”.

Measuring success

Big win for “dog game” in competition level. Are these keywords also successful? This is how to check it. You can filter search results by only “sold items” on the left sidebar of the products feed.

Divide the number sold items by search results to get the success ratio of these keywords.

These are the secrets tools professionals use to automate their success

To track the top-selling products on eBay by successful sellers, I manually searched product titles on Amazon and AliExpress. This allowed me to quickly find dropshippers. I kept a list of these sellers and checked their products daily. It took me a long time to find products that I wanted to sell and I kept making mistakes with the lists and data.

It was then that I discovered it.

It’s called Zik Analytics. It’s the best research software available. This software will revolutionize your life.

Nahar, who is the software owner at Zik Analytics and an expert in eBay dropshipping, became a friend of mine. He offered to make a free version of Zik Analytics within DSM Tool!

He also offered a $1 trial for 7-days when you signup using this link

You are about to embark on a wild ride to the stars, so put your helmet on!

The Last Pro-tip to Your Success

It’s possible to wonder, at this point: How did we choose to start our research with the keywords “dog toys”?

To get ideas on keywords, my secret weapon is eBay’s eBay Explore. This tool allows you to see the top sellers and most popular products of eBay. It also provides relevant keywords that can be used to begin your research. You can also try your hand at creating keywords. The more creative you are, the further away you will be from the competition and into the blue ocean full of opportunities.

You can do it!