eBay to Amazon Dropshipping Explained in Simple Steps

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Hello guys! I am excited to share with you my new venture. Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay or vice versa has been something I have heard about, but I have never tried it. It’s tedious, it costs a lot of money, and is a waste of time. However, things have changed. I am excited to get started! Hence, why am I now looking at eBay/Amazon Arbitrage?

It has made it easy to import your own products from China, and build a brand. Although I am making a lot of money with my dropshipping shops, I don’t own the brands. I’m just a middleman. My traditional dropshipping store has made me over $80k, but I am now thinking long-term and long-term. I want to start my own brand.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This post will share my 5 Step Guide to Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Why don’t I Private Label Now?

Anton recommends dropshipping high-priced items. These items can range in price from $200 to $2,000 These items can be bulky and large. Even with high margins, it is still very expensive to start.

My cost per item would be $100-$500 if I started importing the same products I sell in my dropshipping shops. Since the minimum order quantity (MOQ), and minimum stock levels required to launch a brand would be 500 units each, this would require an initial investment of at least $50,000. This is something I would not be willing to risk. My prices would rise if I ordered 50 units. If it goes well, I would have to wait 6-8 week to get more stock from China.

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How does Amazon FBA Arbitrage work?

This is a simple process that you can follow if you follow the steps below. These steps will allow you to make sales in a matter of days. You can also turn a small profit. And, most importantly, you can test the product to determine if it is worth purchasing from China in large quantities.

Shop for a low-priced item at eBay

This product is priced very low at $1, with no international shipping. It only has one product picture, which is unattractive, and it has no description, brand, or backstory.

Jazz it up and increase perceived value

Make better photos and create a brand. Then, write a product description.

The tools that a man carries are only as useful as his manhood. This Knifecard should always be in your pocket. Do not be caught without it. It’s never too late to get it.

Listing it for sale

Create a listing on eBay for the item if you find it on Amazon. Create a listing on Amazon for the item if you have it.

It will be surprising how few Amazon customers shop on eBay, and vice versa. Once they find a website they feel comfortable ordering from, they become loyal and stop shopping at high prices. This is an example of a similar product on Amazon that sells for 8x as much, but has a higher perceived value.

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You can make your item more valuable by purchasing KnifeCards.com domain. Once you have a website, you can use Shopify to create a one-page website and sell it on both Amazon and eBay.

Drive Traffic and Start selling

Post in relevant facebook groups to start. You can also use paid ads to reach people in the group or similar pages.

Facebook allows you only to show ads to people who have liked pages like PreppersWorld.com, which is a survivalist website. These people are the perfect target audience for your Knifecard.

Order fulfillment with Arbitrage

Simply collect money from the customer when they order your product. Then, go to eBay.com to place an order for the product at $1 + free shipping and have it delivered to the address. You must inform the eBay seller that the product is a gift so that they don’t send you an invoice stating how much you paid.

That’s all. You just made $9 profit if you sold the item for $9.99, and purchased it for.99c. You still make $6 if you take into account ebay fees and the cost of advertising on facebook.

The Downsides of eBay Arbitrage:

The above 5 Steps system may sound too good to be true. However, there are pros and con’s as with all things in life. It works. It is not sustainable, it takes time, and you have to rely on eBay sellers who can run out inventory, raise their prices, or disappear from the face of the Earth.

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eBay Arbitrage is great because it allows you to quickly test whether your product sells. If it does, you can get capital and confidence to import and label your products.

How can I learn all this?

Recently, I joined a course called The Arbitrage Magician ArbitrageMagic.com I know a few people who do it well, and I would rather follow a course that works than risking making mistakes and losing valuable time.

Many of you already know that I learned how to build my very first house. Dropshipping Store Use AntonMethod.com It was quite expensive to join but it has returned 120x my initial investment and it is still my main source of income. The course has helped me make over $60,000 profit in just one year. This is why I love paying for courses that actually work.

Why not take another course?

Many of you already know that my dream is to import and label my own products from China. As I am confident that the niche I selected will sell well on Amazon FBA, I was tempted by the $7,500 price tag. It’s not worth it, especially if you have a step-by-step video course.

Arbitrage Magician is not something I can endorse yet. I know friends who are successful and I like it enough to join, but I’m just getting started. Keep in touch with me via this blog. I promise to let you know when I have recouped my initial investment and give you the green light for you to get started.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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In the meantime, here’s a peek at what you can expect from the course:

Arbitrage Magician 2.0 vs.The 1.0 version was not for me, even though it’s great for testing and getting started without capital. Dr. Ben’s new course is the reason I am so interested in it. He teaches how to create your brand, start importing and labeling products from China, and how to set up FBA.

The best thing is that all the members of the first course have access to the second course, and vice versa. This is great because if he releases a 3.0 version, you’ll also get it.

What’s Amazon FBA?

Fulfilled by Amazon is an acronym that stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. It’s the best thing since free internet for location-independent entrepreneurs. This is basically how you deal with inventory. Your manufacturer in China will ship your products directly to Amazon. They will then warehouse, pack, and ship it to you. You can even travel to Thailand and other parts of the world while your business is running.

It is incredibly simple and easy to use. 100% Scalable This means that selling 2 items per day takes as much effort as selling 200. FBA is why I’m so excited about it. FBA is a great platform for selling products in SE Asia. I know four people who sell products through FBA every day. My goal is to complete the course with Larissa, my girlfriend. We will then test the products and make 20 sales using Arbitrage 1.0. Then we will follow Ben’s steps to import products from China and sell them through FBA.