ETSY Dropshipping Integration for Woocommerce

Dropshipping on Etsy is a great way to make money online.

Etsy is a great marketplace for selling online. Dropshipping on Etsy is also a good option.

Imagine not having to worry about shipping or stocking inventory. Dropshipping on Etsy allows you to design your item and have it fulfilled by someone else.

It is really easy.

This post will explain how Etsy dropshipping works, and how you can use it to make a living online.


Etsy used to be a marketplace for handmade goods only. Although handmade items can still be sold on the site, dropshipping is now possible.

This, together with digital products capabilities, opened the platform up to many more sellers.

If you are a creative person with a T-shirt design but don’t own a screen printer, you can use a third-party website to make and fulfill your order.

Etsy makes it possible to connect your shop to these third-party on-demand fulfillment companies in order to manage your orders.


Although Etsy doesn’t explicitly mention dropshipping within their seller policies, it is included in the list of items that can be sold on the site.

Etsy sellers must make and/or design handmade items. This means that dropshipping is only possible if you design your item.

If you are selling a mug, for example, you will need to design the graphic or quote that will be printed on it. It is not possible to sell a pre-designed cup. This would be considered reselling which is not allowed.

Dropshipping is when you disclose that you are working with a production partner. This is the company producing the goods.

Let’s talk about how to start dropshipping on Etsy now that you are familiar with the Etsy rules.

Etsy Integration for WooCommerce allows you to sell on Etsy. You can automate, list, sync, and sync your inventories with just one click, increasing your sales.

Easy selling with Etsy Integrations for WooCommerce

With WooCommerce integration, Etsy integration for WooCommerce, you can sell hassle-free with automated orders, real time updates, order cancellations, inventory synchronization and many other features.

Why sell on Etsy

Etsy is an international marketplace that sells unique and creative products, including vintage and handmade goods. Etsy is a very popular marketplace for products such as jewelry, art, clothing, photography and other items.

Etsy’s goal is to make it easy for crafters to become professional sellers by listing their items at $0.20 each. It allows anyone to create their own business , and start growing it. These are the benefits of selling on Etsy.

  • Every product is unique- Etsy is well-known for its handmade and vintage products. allows you to sell vintage items up to 20 years old.
  • Low overhead costs- Selling on Etsy has low overhead costs. Although creating a shop is free, you will only need to pay $0.20 to list your products on Etsy for up to four months.
  • Customers are given flexibility by Etsy. You can create your own layout and theme, modify the CSS, add scripts, or even change the CSS.


One-click authorization

You can quickly access your Etsy store by entering the Etsy Integration for WooCommerce extension name.

Automated Listings and Simplified Listings

You can bulk-upload WooCommerce listings to Etsy Store in just one click.

Upload Profile-Based Products

You can upload your products based upon their attributes and categories on Etsy. This will make it easy for buyers to find your products.

Centralized Order Management

You can manage your orders from one central location. WooCommerce integrates Etsy to allow you to manage your orders from Etsy directly into your WooCommerce orders area.

Real-time and regular synchronization of data

You can increase your conversion rate by attracting more customers to your products via the Etsy marketplace. You can keep track of your inventory and order on the WooCommerce shop to avoid overselling.

Shipping Profiles

You can automate your shipping process with Etsy integration for WooCommerce extension. Simply add the shipping profile to Etsy while uploading your products.


You can sell on Etsy hassle-free with WooCommerce integration for Etsy and enjoy its other features.

A dedicated account manager

After you have purchased Etsy Integration For WooCommerce, you will be assigned an account manager to handle all of your questions regarding extension, installation, and other issues.

Support available 24/7

Expert advice is available 24 hours a day via chat, phone, or skype for decisions regarding Etsy shops, shipments, transitions, etc.

Why Etsy Integration for Woocommerce is the best?

Etsy has many features to make selling easy. You can request customizations for any feature. Our experts can help you sell more efficiently and generate more revenue.


Dropshipping on Etsy is easy with Printful. But, the real question is “Is this worth it?”

Dropshipping on Etsy is a great option. This is how I have sold t-shirts online for many years.

It wasn’t easy selling my first shirt online in 2013. Finding customers was more difficult than on Etsy.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at what dropshipping is like on Etsy.


  1. Dropshipping is free! There are no start-up fees. You can use Canva for free. Additionally, you can get free listings from Etsy. A product-based business doesn’t require you to worry about start-up costs.
  2. Built-in customers – Etsy is a marketplace that allows you to have customers. This eliminates half of the work involved in selling.
  3. You don’t have to worry about anything – Other than customer service, there is virtually no hassle. You can create your design and then add it to your shop. Then wait for sales to start!


  1. Fees – Although it is minimal, Etsy charges fees for selling and listing your product. Etsy charges a $.20 listing fee and a 5% transaction charge for each item sold on the platform.
  2. Dropshipping can be costly and make it difficult to set competitive prices. You can also buy your material in bulk from other resellers, which will reduce the price per product. Dropshipping is limited in price because you must pay for the product or services.
  3. Quality and shopping are not your responsibility. You let a middleman manage your production and fulfillment. You are essentially letting a middleman handle your production and fulfillment. You can’t do anything if the shipping date is not met. You still need to provide customer service and take full responsibility for any problems.