Famous Dropshipping Factories and Their Benefits Discussed

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Merits of dropshipping from factory

First and foremost, what exactly is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method with a foreign trade phrase. Customers should be shown the order data and shipping specifics rather than goods inventories. The goods are delivered directly to the final client by the provider. Retailers profit from the price gap between wholesale and retail. As a retailer, you don’t need to keep a lot of commodities stocks on hand, and you can even employ zero stocks. Orders are forwarded to the appropriate suppliers or manufacturers and shipped straight to the retailer’s specified consumers when they are received.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Because of the numerous advantages, some sellers dropship directly from the factory.

Lower prices: By purchasing goods directly from the factory rather than through a third party, you can obtain wholesale pricing on the required product. The expense of middlemen is reduced. That is, you get compensated directly. You can, of course, distribute profits to customers. As a result, your items are less expensive than others, enhancing market competitiveness.

Communication is more convenient: It is difficult for retailers to advise the manufacturer of their demands in a timely and accurate manner if they dropship through other channels rather than directly from the dropshipping factory. If a store contacts the factory directly, they can save a lot of time and receive more of their preferred products. Production businesses, on the other hand, can directly grasp changes in your supply and develop items that are more suited to you.

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However, finding a dependable factory for dropshipping is difficult at the moment. To begin with, you have no idea where to look for them. Because manufacturers often just make products and rarely publicize their own factories or themselves as sellers, finding the relevant manufacturers might be challenging.

Second, figuring out how to contact producers is a pain. They don’t participate in a lot of marketing efforts, therefore they’re hard to come by.

Where to find factory direct dropshippers

For merchants, locating a dropshippingfactory is a science. Here are some pointers on how to locate factory direct dropshippers who can help you with your product.

By dropshipper:

A dropshipper is a platform or business that specializes in dropshipping. He presents merchants with a list of qualified and qualified suppliers from which to choose. Dropshippers allow retailers to work with a variety of vendors. Some of the vendors are manufacturers. Dropshippers helps retailers make dropshipping easier by providing thorough product descriptions, supporting logistics, after-sales services, and more. While using these services requires payment, different dropshippers will charge different rates depending on the circumstances of the sale.

Various exhibitions, trade fairs:

Every business in the world holds several exhibitions each year, such as garment shows and agricultural fairs, and the majority of these events are put together by dropship factories. As a result, when the business has improved but the goods are still inadequate, it is advised to attend a related product exhibition, make contact with real first-hand sources, and boldly establish a cooperative relationship with the manufacturers, which is beneficial to long-term development and growth? On the corresponding B2B website, all types of industry exhibitions will be announced. To take part in this type of display, there is a trick. You must participate as a professional, present your business card and ID card, and demonstrate to the manufacturer that you are a professional, as well as the cooperation success rate.

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Wholesale market:

This is the easiest and most popular way for locating sources of supply, yet many vendors may overlook it in favor of focusing on the product’s origin. In reality, if the sales volume of a product does not reach a specific level during the initial stages of launching a store, purchasing in the local market might adequately meet your demands. If your store sells apparel, you can visit one of the many huge service wholesale markets in the area. Purchasing in the wholesale market necessitates strong negotiation strength and a commitment to lowering prices while maintaining good relationships with wholesalers. Will also be higher in the exchange of goods on the problem of being explicit with wholesalers, in order to avoid future disagreements.


Many of these trade wholesalers may be found utilizing search engines such as GOOGLE, Bing, and others. They are usually provided directly by the manufacturers and have a consistent supply source. The disadvantage is that, because they are so large, there are a lot of orders to fulfill, and services can be difficult to avoid at times. And they all have their own regular clients, and it’s impossible for them to communicate with them unless you become a major customer and receive discounts and other benefits. It is vital to clarify concerns such as delivery time and items exchange at the start of a collaboration.

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The best factory direct dropshippers


With low rates and high quality, Chinabrands is one of the greatest factory direct drop shippers. At the same time, more than 200 first-line quality brands vendors were chosen from among the world’s 10,000+ suppliers, including the dropshipping factory (the number of suppliers determines your choice of more products, and reasonable competition between suppliers can provide customers with more high-quality, preferential products), and the dropshipping factory (the number of suppliers determines your choice of more products) (allowing you to easily create hot, high-margin, nuanced rating products). At the same time, Chinabrands offers a variety of high-quality support services in more than 200 countries across the world.

The logistics network also ensured that 95 percent of goods were delivered within 24 hours. At the same time, the website offers a bilingual service 24 hours a day, employs employees from several countries, and clients may engage with Chinabrands via online customer care and e-mail, ensuring that customers receive prompt responses no matter when or where they contact them.

Wholesale Central

Wholesalecentral is a website that offers a complete list of dropship factories and wholesale products. Buyers have used it to find and wholesale resell goods since it was founded in 1996. It is a global wholesale center that operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You can trade here without needing to hire a salesperson or rent office space. It is feature-rich, allowing you to collect potential buyers’ names and information, place orders, display products, and more. Sumner Communications Inc., a renowned producer of business periodicals, guides, catalogs, and digital services for the wholesale goods market, is the company’s parent company. Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and inventoried customers who have daily business needs are served by Sumner’s trade periodicals. These periodicals are specifically targeted towards company owners. Every year, millions of copies are printed to inform wholesalers, importers, producers, and buyers of goods about the dropshipping factory.

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Dropship Direct

You can register a free account with Dropship Direct to gain access to their massive product catalog. After you’ve chosen your product, you can request that it be shipped directly to your clients through dropshipping factory. Dropship Direct also has its own warehousing, as well as a full logistics and customer service team to provide sellers with a comprehensive set of services. However, it can only work with Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States.


Salehoo has the most complete list of dropshipping factories in the world. You may keep in touch with global wholesalers by using this directory. Since its inception in 2005, Salehoo has been growing at a rapid pace. By delivering a user-friendly information interface and exceptional customer service, Saleho has already attracted over 40,000 consumers from all around the world. If you become a member, you will have access to a variety of store operating tips as well as over 4,000 products from dropshipping factory throughout the world.

Worldwide Brands

Chris Mare started the company Worldwide Brands in 1999. This is a corporation that does product buying research. The company’s major task is to locate wholesale suppliers and factory wholesalers that are eager to sell to small businesses and internet merchants. He offers consumers a comprehensive supplier directory with over 1.8 million listings, which they may update on a regular basis to receive the most up-to-date information. The name of the supplier company, the official website, a credible factory address, and the contact information for the purchasing person in charge are all included in these communications. It, like the majority of factory direct dropshippers, has carefully reviewed over 8,000 suppliers who sell products to customers.

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The main disadvantage of Worldwide Brands is that they compete with each other! Worldwide Brands members must pay a one-time membership fee of 299 US dollars, which may be paid monthly or annually. If you are unsure whether or not you will continue to operate on this account in the short term, the initial investment cost is too high, and the risk is too great. Furthermore, Worldwide Brands has formed connections with other websites, allowing it to offer you news from other websites in addition to the news from suppliers you want to know about, which will be a major pain for many clients.

Avoids when finding factory direct drop shippers

The dropshipping business today is a tumultuous place, especially when it comes to identifying genuine factory direct dropshippers. Everyone is perplexed, unsure of what constitutes a legitimate dropshipper and what constitutes a phoney dropshipper. What is the distinguishing feature? As a result, many sellers chose factory direct dropshippers on the basis of price alone, resulting in numerous instances of deceit in the industry. This has a number of negative consequences for dropshipping, as well as exposing the majority of direct selling personnel to financial and psychological threats.

So, what exactly is a legitimate direct selling business? What kind of business is a phoney direct sales firm? And how can you tell whether they’re genuine?

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A.A dropshipper who claims to be able to earn tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of dollars in a year by investing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

B.Dropshipper who has no idea how to sell products.

C. Dropshippers must invest hundreds or even tens of thousands of yuan in order to join the company.

D. A dropshipper who is unable to furnish receipts for product sales.


A. A dropshipper who has been properly approved by the state and listed on the Ministry of Commerce’s direct sales management website.

B. A dropshipper with a net worth of over 100 million yuan.

C. A dropshipper with a significant amount of production space.

D. Chinese drop shipping companies with an excellent reputation.

E. The government places great importance on dropshippers.

F. A dropshipper announces the company’s and distributors’ performance on a regular basis.


Dropshipping directly from the factory is a very handy and profitable method for retailers. However, locating a reliable factory is a lengthy task. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll not only lose a lot of money, but you’ll also lose your clients’ trust. Factory direct dropshippers will supply you with a more secure option at this moment. Chinabrands, for example.

You cannot only give you the most reliable dropshippingfactory, but you can also supply you with pricing advantages that no other channel can match. Even if you’re having trouble talking with dropshippingfactory, chinabrands can function as a middleman to find the ideal solution for you. You simply need to manage your account; the rest is handled by chinabrands.