Fashion Brands Dropshipping Made Easy

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Dropshipping: How can you sell fashion products?

Dropshipping allows you to sell fashion products online without the need to have stock. You can sell fashion products through any marketplace or your website.

This method will allow you to have an online store that is larger than you could ever imagine, and with less hassle.

Dropshipping is easy. You can instantly access thousands of products by signing up. Customers can view the images and other sales content on your website. They order the products for delivery. The order is fulfilled by the product supplier, who then packages and ships it directly to the customer.

Dropshipping fashion is a fantastic opportunity

Dropshipping can make your e-retail website a success, no matter how small or large it is. Dropshipping allows you to save time fulfilling orders and offer your customers a wider selection of products.

Your online shop will be able to store less stock immediately. Dropshipping fashion allows you to sell a large number of products without the need to store physical inventory.

It can save you time, money, energy, and give customers more products to choose from.

Dropshipping is easy with thousands of designer fashion products.

You can sell designer clothing and accessories online or on main marketplaces.

Fashion Accessories Dropshippers

Clothes will continue to be a popular item on the e-commerce marketplace. Shopify’s Fashion and Apparel Industry Report 2018 shows that the industry will grow from $481 billion in 2018 and $712 billion by 2022. According to the research, the global number of apparel customers who shop online is expected to increase to over 1.2 billion by 2020. The study found that people with higher incomes will have greater access to the internet via smartphones and therefore more money to spend.

Luxury drop shipping will also be a popular option for customers. This website is used by suppliers from all walks of the supply chain to sell their luxury goods.

With our Fashion and Wholesale Clothing suppliers, your e-commerce business could capitalize on this rapidly growing industry.

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Dropshippers of Fashion and Clothing

365Dropship Dropshipper of clothing, with a wide range of products. No matter what product your customers choose, or what occasion they are attending, they will receive quality, name-brand items. You are just one step away from success if you use our platform to find wholesale clothing and fashion brand dropshippers.

Even better, we have a wide range of designer collections. Dropshipping luxury fashion has never been easier. It is unlikely that even the most demanding suppliers will be dissatisfied.

Dropshipping luxury clothing and fashion products from top-tier fashion brands is what we offer. Do you want to start an athleisure shop? We carry great shoes and clothing from top athletic apparel brands like Puma. We have great handbags from Cavalli Class and La Martina if you are looking to sell premium handbags.

Fashion Dropshippers

Dropshipping Fashion starting at 365Dropship Dropshipping Fashion Brand Products: Watches and waistcoats, vests, swimwear, suits, sport goods, sleepwear, shirts, outfits, kids, jumpsuits, eyewear.BagsThere are many other options. You can be sure of the quality of fashion products.You can choose between manual (CSV), or automated synchronization between your online shops like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, as well as WooCommerce. Soon Wix will be available. There are over 19 global fashion Brand dropshippers, with the majority of dropshippers being from the USA.

Drop shipping platform for fashion platforms

Select niche fashions and choose a category to find over 95,550 fashion Brand items on our dropshipping platform. You will find most of the fashion dropshippers in 365Dropship We can provide you with automated order fulfillment services, so that you can focus on customer service.
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Guide to Fashion Brand Dropshipping Journey

It is essential to partner with top fashion dropshippers if you wish to sell clothes and accessories online.

This market is huge and has a lot potential. There are many products available, which makes it easier to find a niche.

How do you find reliable suppliers that sell high quality products at an affordable price? Let’s look at some key things, along with some pitfalls to avoid, and some tips for fashion dropshippers.

Fashion Dropshippers: Which Items Can You Sell?

As a fashion dropshipper, you have a wide range of products you can sell. There are even sub-niches that you can use to target specific customers.


Dropshipping can provide access to any type of clothing that you might need. Here are some niche ideas:

  • Clothing for children
  • Formal wear
  • Exercise clothes
  • Intimates
  • Wear for the office
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies

It is possible to get even more specific.

  • Products that are aimed at certain sizes (this could be paired with a particular product, such as plus-sized formal dresses or short-length men’s pants, or office wear for taller women).
  • Print clothing, such as t-shirts, that is targeted at a particular hobby or interest.
  • Sleepwear for children


Selling accessories could also be an option, such as:

  • Handbags and wallets
  • Eyewear
  • Shoes
  • Neck ties
  • Gloves
  • Hats


Print-on-demand has become very popular. You can add your designs to many clothing items and have them printed and delivered directly to your customer. You can have your custom designs embroidered on items.

Printful and Zazzle are two popular print-on-demand platforms, but there’s a lot out there to choose from. Check out our guide to Best Print on Demand Websites if you want to know more.

What to look for in a fashion dropshipping supplier

You should consider these things when looking for a supplier to dropship fashion.

High Quality Clothing

This is obvious but it’s important to ensure that the products you sell are good quality. How can you tell?

You can do a lot just by looking at the images.Zoom in closer to see if there are any uneven or wonky stitchesIf the image appears a little off-center, it is likely that it will be in reality. Zooming in on a particular item can help you see if it has a pattern. Zooming in on an image can reveal many flaws. It is amazing how many you can find.

Look at the materials used can help too. Knitwear made of mostly acrylic won’t last very long before it begins to pill. While natural fibres are more durable than synthetic fibers for sweaters, it is also more expensive to make.

Natural is not always betterHowever, it is a good choice for making a durable garment. Although cotton feels soft, it is not as durable as a blend of cotton and polyester. This makes it a better choice for making t-shirts that don’t shrink in the washing machine.

If you’re going for a print-on-demand service, check what printing techniques they use – your customers might be pretty annoyed if the design starts peeling off after one wash. Direct-to-garment printing is pretty robust, as it involves spraying ink directly onto the fabric (like a printer, but for clothes). Heat transfer designs can crack after a while.

Ethical Concerns

When it comes to fashion, it’s always a good idea think about ethics. Find out as much information as you can about the manufacturing process. Where are the garments manufactured? How are workers treated? Are they causing any environmental damage? These questions should be answered by a supplier who is reliable.

Variations in Product

You might consider offering a product in multiple sizes or colors if you love it.

Shipping and Fulfilment

You should also check the shipping times. How quickly can they deliver products to customers? It’s also worth looking at how they pack their products to make sure they arrive intact and safe.

Website is easy to use

It’s worth looking for a website that is easy to navigate if you plan on ordering from the same supplier. It’s frustrating to have to navigate around a confusing, unintuitive website every day.

Customer Service

It is so easy to reach out to someone with a question. Many suppliers will provide a link to a customer service representative. This is a great way to save time and effort explaining the same issue multiple times.

Returns Policy

Dropshippers in fashion brand may be subject to more returns than others. After all, you can’t know if something fits you until you try it on. This is why the returns policy is so important. How easy will it be to return something that doesn’t fit your customers?

Minimum Order Quantity

A minimum order quantity might be required by some suppliers. This could pose a problem for dropshippers who may not have many orders at first. You might consider looking into the possibility of paying a fixed amount to your supplier to cover future orders.

Get clothing samples

Try to get samples. This is not a service that all suppliers provide, but it can be a great way to test the quality of the garments.

Choose Domestic or International Fashion Dropshippers

It might be tempting to wonder if you should choose domestic or international suppliers. There are some differences between them, so it all depends on your needs.

Domestic Suppliers – The Pros and the Cons

There are some pros to choosing domestic suppliers.

  • Shipping fasterDomestic suppliers should be able to deliver your goods quickly, for obvious reasons. You should also be able offer your customers more shipping options (such as express delivery).
  • Returns are quicker and easierIt should be easier to process returns with a domestic supplier
  • High quality productsYou may discover that your products are better quality for your customers.
  • Communication is quickerYou might find it quicker and easier to contact your supplier, even if there is no time difference.

But there is a catch.

  • Higher pricesDomestic suppliers will cost you a little more. This can be reflected in your pricing but it may cause some people to be a bit confused.
  • There are fewer products to choose fromYou’ll narrow down your options by choosing domestic suppliers only

The Pros and Con’s of Overseas Suppliers

Let’s now look at the benefits of suppliers from overseas:

  • A greater variety of productsYou’re more likely than not to find the right product if you open your search globally
  • Cheaper productsYou can find cheaper prices in other countries

The cons are:

  • Shipping may take longerThis will vary from supplier to supplier
  • ReturnsThe returns process can be more complex
  • Product qualitySome products might be less than desirable

Avoid these Pitfalls for Fashion Brand Dropshippers

It’s easy to find a poor supplier or low-quality products online. While we’ve covered the importance and benefits of a returns policy, there are still a few mistakes that you can avoid.

Fake Suppliers

Dropshipping is just one of many areas that scammers exploit on the internet. These are signs that your dropshipping supplier might not be reliable. Avoid dropshipping suppliers who want to charge membership fees or other service fees. This is not a common practice. You should also verify their contact information. They should clearly be signposted. You can also contact them by phone, but you might not be able to find the right way.


Dropshipping Brand fashion is extremely competitive. Dropshipping is extremely competitive. If you are not having much success with your dropshipping business, you might be picking products that are too popular among other dropshippers. You may find it easier to pick a niche that is less popular than others, but it might take some time to determine what works best.

I have found a good supplier. How can I establish a good working relationship with them?

You should keep in touch with the supplier you have found. A good working relationship is essential for many reasons. These include the ability to be flexible with orders, the chance for suppliers to inform you about new products ahead of time, and other opportunities for collaboration.

How can you get started on the right foot and keep it that way?

Pay on Time

It is important to pay on time. Late payments can give suppliers a negative impression. Words can spread to other suppliers. Your suppliers will be able to trust you if your payments are made on time. In the U.K, a study of over 500 professionals revealed that 78% of people admitted to paying suppliers late – meaning if you’re paying on time, you’re in the minority!

All fees owed must be paid immediately. This will make your supplier more inclined to treat you favorably and you won’t have any outstanding payments hanging over you head.

Quickly Respond to Communications

While it’s not healthy for employees to be constantly checking their email, responding quickly to messages is crucial. Suppliers will also appreciate your prompt response. This works out in your favor. According to this study by the University of Bath, U.K., email silence has been proven to harm relationships – both personal and working ones. You should respond to the email or phone call as soon as possible.

Keep in mind cultural differences

There are some things you should remember if you have chosen an overseas supplier. While time differences are obvious, most companies will also advertise their contact hours on their websites. Keep in mind that companies may not respond within their working hours.

It is also a nice gesture to mention holidays that they might be celebrating. (There are websites out there to help you keep track of this, like Checkiday. Even though you don’t need to know that Friday, May 3rd is National Pizza Party Day, this can help you keep track of any events your supplier may be celebrating.

It is possible to be ignorant of or insensitive to other cultures during business transactions. This article by Commisceo Global covers a few case studies from big businesses making culturally insensitive choices. It’s unlikely that you will offend anyone accidentally, but it’s worth learning about cultural differences.

Here are some quick tips for fashion brand dropshippers

Perhaps you have narrowed your search and are ready to sell. Before you start selling, there are some things you can do.

Get Samples

If possible, it is strongly advised that samples be ordered. This allows you to not only check the quality of your products but also how they will be shipped. If you are looking to create images for your website, it is easier to have physical samples of the products.

Try Your Products

After your products have arrived, you can test them for quality.

  • Check the seams and hems Are they slipping? Are they uneven or wonky?
  • The general quality of the product is important. Do the garments spring back when you pull them? Or does it stretch as it goes along? Is it wrinkled if you hold the garment for a few seconds and quickly scrunch it? These issues can lead to high returns.
  • Verify the transparency of clothing Hold your garment up to the light. Does it show through? This may affect the price. A shirt that is worn over another garment may be appreciated by some people, but they might be more comfortable with a shirt made of thicker fabric.
  • Verify that the size is correct Now is the time to measure the garment and check if it fits the measurements provided by the supplier
  • Wash the garment If it begins to peel, stretch, or fade immediately, your customers are likely to be unhappy.
  • Check print/embroidery quality If you are using a print-on demand service, you can order a sample to verify the quality of the printing techniques.

Compare what your competitors are doing

It’s also a smart idea to order from other suppliers. You can see what their prices are, how they package their products, what quality they offer, and how fast they deliver their orders. You can then compare their suppliers to yours before making your final decision.

Fashion dropshippers: Company branding

You may be able have your logo printed on shipping paperwork to create a cohesive brand experience. Your logo may be printed on the clothing labels. However, this will come at a higher cost so you need to decide if it is worth it.

Is there a quick way to find a fashion dropshipping supplier?

There are several ways you can cut down the time and effort required to find a dropshipper. An app, integration, or dropshipping supplier directory can help speed up the process.

An app or integration can be used to build your eCommerce store

Many eCommerce platforms offer integrations or apps that allow you to connect directly with a variety of clothing suppliers. This makes the process of finding suppliers faster. Let’s take a look at the top apps that are great for fashion dropshippers.


Oberlo is a great app if you have Shopify store. It allows you to connect with tons of suppliers, including many apparel and clothing suppliers. It offers a lot of shortcuts and tools. It automatically fulfills orders, updates inventory, price changes, and allows you to customize products depending on their nature. You can also try their free plan, which allows you to access up to 500 products before you commit to a paid plan.

AliExpress Dropshipping

The AliExpress Dropshipping Shopify app is great for beginners – it’s fairly simple to use and gives you access to a huge number of products in the AliExpress catalogue. It is very easy to set up. It has one downside: the quality of the products can be different, so you might have to be careful about which products you sell. However, the interface is very user-friendly. You can import AliExpress products to your store using a Chrome extension.

Dropshipping with AliExpress starts at $5 per month. This is a small investment, but worth it if you’re interested in giving it a shot.


Spocket integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce. They can connect you to a range of fashion brand suppliers and offer personalized branding for invoices or receipts – great if your branding is consistent.

Sprocket allows you to order samples of products. This makes it easier to determine the quality of each product. You can get a free plan.

Printful is a great choice for print-on-demand dropshippers. It can be integrated with many platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce as well as Wix, and Squarespace. It’s an excellent choice for fashion brand pdropshippers as it offers a wide range of accessories and apparel. There is no monthly fee.


A good choice for beginners, Salehoo is technically a directory, but with market research tools thrown in. Salehoo allows you to search for products from big brands. You can also use their market research tools to find out which products are in demand. One year of Salehoo access costs $67


Modalyst is a platform that focuses on fashion – with clothing and accessories in a range of niches (again, including big brands), it saves time for fashion dropshippers as it cuts out a lot of time sifting through irrelevant products. It can integrate with Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. They also offer a free plan.

My Online Fashion Store

As the name suggests, My Online Fashion Store aims to make it simple to start an eCommerce store in the fashion niche. Dropshipping allows you to connect with many suppliers and adds new products daily. Integrations are available with Shopify and BigCommerce, WooCommerce as well as Amazon, eBay, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and many other suppliers. Prices start at $19 per month

Dropshipping Suppliers Directory

A premium supplier’s directory is also available. You can also access the contact information of verified suppliers. This reduces the chance of you finding a fraudulent or unreliable supplier.

Our directory is a guide to the best suppliers out there – we only include the details of trusted suppliers. We have links to suppliers’ landing pages, so you can save tons of time. Advanced filtering makes it possible to organize suppliers by not just niche but also by area (or both).

We only select the best suppliers so that you can be sure they are professional and reliable.

You can also update it regularly as fashion trends change quickly. A one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to updates – you can find out more about it here.