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You’ve come to the right spot if you are unsure whether or not to start a dropshipping fashion clothing business.

This post will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the clothing niche. We will also share tips and resources that can help you start selling clothes as quickly as possible without having to keep inventory.

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Dropshipping Fashion Clothing is a good niche.

Research shows that the global apparel market and its revenue stood at $1.5 trillion in 2020. It is expected to reach $2.25 Trillion by 2025. Fashion and footwear are the two largest categories in eCommerce revenue, accounting for 24.71%. Experts predict that online fashion sales will grow by 20% in 2021. Dropshipping is best for fashion clothing.

There are many reasons eCommerce fashion sales have grown in popularity.

The rise of fast fashion is the first. The fast fashion trend is not likely to disappear anytime soon, despite the fact that consumers are gradually shifting towards eco-friendly and more sustainable clothing.

Second, in the COVID-19 epidemic, people were prohibited from shopping at clothing stores and boutiques. Digital adoption was possible as a result. The global fashion eCommerce market suffered a drop of $531.25 million in 2019 to $485.62 trillion in 2020 , but online sales will continue to rise after the recovery.

Third, customers can now try on clothing and buy it at home. This is a major advantage for eCommerce.

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Here’s another perspective if you are still not convinced. Search volumes for fashion-related keywords remain high, which is a sign of the huge demand for dropshipping clothing. For example, the US searches for clothing average 450,000 per month, while the US searches for fashion average 165,000 per month.

Dropshipping Fashion Clothing: How Much Can You Make?

It is now time to answer the most important question before you jump into dropshipping: “How much can I make?”

Let’s take a look at some examples of successful dropshipping companies to answer this question.

Azura Runway‘s owner claims that he dropsships luxury and branded fashion worldwide, earning $44,000 per month. Even more remarkable is the fact that the average monthly sales value of the store is $508 per order. There are products that have a profit margin of about 60%.

Another case study that has been a success is by Sebastian Radu. He began a partnership with a new online clothing store for women. In just four months, it was able to sell $10,000/month using Facebook ads.

To get an idea of the potential earnings based on store traffic, conversion rates and other factors, there are also case studies.

Fashion eCommerce stores have an average order value of $97 and a margin of about 8%. This means that you can make $7.76 per sale.

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The eCommerce clothing industry’s average conversion rate is 1.01%. If you have 100,000 customers per month, your monthly profit is 100,000 * $7.76 * [1.01%] = [$7.837 and $10.941]. Thus, you could make $94,044-$131,292/year.

It’s possible to make six figures a year dropshipping fashion clothing, as you can see.

Dropshipping Fashion Clothing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Dropshipping clothing can help you better prepare for and adapt to different situations throughout your business’s life cycle.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • High Demanding: As we will see, apparel and clothing are the largest market segments of all eCommerce categories.
  • Promote Most social media networks have large, active audiences that cater to the niche. There are many fashion-related ad interests that you can target in your advertising campaigns.
  • Many High-Quality Product Sources: It is possible to find high-quality clothing for sale on almost any dropshipping platform.
  • Cross-selling and Upselling: It’s easy to cross-sell or upsell clothing products like shoes, accessories, and sneakers.

Here are the drawbacks to clothing dropshipping:

  • Super Competitive: Prepare yourself to compete against established brands such as Zara, Mango and Forever 21.
  • Low Profit Margin: The average profit margin for fashion clothes is about 8%. Hair extensions, on the other hand, can have a profit margin as high as 50%.
  • High Return Rates The clothing business is heavily sized-based. Imagine customers receiving shirts that are too small. Customers are more likely to return the product.
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Here are 16 top dropshipping and wholesale suppliers for high-quality, low-cost fashion clothing products.

AliExpress Best for Beginner Clothing Dropshippers

AliExpress, an online eCommerce website that was founded in 2010, is owned by Alibaba Group. It offers 100+ millions products from more than 200,000 sellers in almost any category at extremely low prices. It accepts more than 20 payment methods and ships products to over 200 countries.

Many dropshippers use AliExpress to locate winning dropshipping products. After achieving great success with a product, they will look for an agent or private supplier to source the products on a large scale.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

AliExpress offers 3 million+ high-quality, beautiful, and affordable dropshipping fashion clothing products starting at $2-$3. Prices range from $2-$3 up to $30-$40.

Oberlo and DSers are the best Shopify Apps to import AliExpress products into your store and get selling.

Banggood Leading Wholesale and Cheap Fashion Suppliers

Banggood, an alternative to AliExpress, focuses on high quality apparel goods. It offers fast shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide thanks to its network of trusted suppliers in 100+ Chinese areas and 37+ overseas warehouses.

Banggood currently accepts 40 secure payment options for over 1M+ products.

can become a Bangood’s Dropshipping Partner and receive a 5% to 20% discount on most items. There is no membership fee, and you can get 24-hour customer support.

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Clothing prices can range from $2.99 to $130.99.

You can import Banggood products into your Shopify store using the Banggood official application.

DHGate Best Dropshipping Protection Service

DHGate is the next major dropshipping platform for finding trustworthy clothing suppliers. DHGate serves 26 million buyers, including individuals and businesses from 222 countries. The platform ships more than 60% of its products from European and US warehouses.

Dropshipping with DHGate has the most notable feature: customers can get a 100% refund on all orders, even if the items are defective. DHGate also developed the MyyShop application that allows for automatic scaling to meet your business’s needs.

This platform offers fashion clothing starting at $1.

BrandsGateWay– The Best Place To Find High-End Fashion Dropshipping And Wholesale Suppliers

Next is BrandsGateWay. This platform allows you to connect with luxury fashion brands offering over 90,000+ products at up to 90% off. You can make up to 250% per order, which gives you more money for advertising and marketing.

BrandsGateWay also offers great social media image templates, and Facebook Ad Guides. These can be used to quickly create an advertising campaign for products testing.

To import products from this platform, you must register first with BrandsGateWay’s dropshipping program to gain access to its dropshipping application.

BrandsDistribution Best for Dropshipping Original Fashion Brands

BrandsDistribution allows you to dropship up to 500,000 fashion products from 120+ brands such as Adidas, Nike and Levi’s. These products can be purchased for between $3.45 to $280.

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Trendsi Trendy ClothingDropshipping Products

Trendsi, a dropshipping platform that is relatively new, offers great potential. It features trendy boutique-style clothing starting at $6.

Trendsi’s in-house photography is the best feature of other services. Trendsi has a professional model team that can provide you with product photos to use in your dropshipping shop and marketing materials.

You also get free returns and 2-10 business day fast shipping to the USA from its local warehouses.

You can also contact a dedicated agent for sourcing products at lower prices if you grow your business.

CJDropshipping Best for Sourcing AliExpress Clothing Products

CJDropshipping was established in 2014. They can help you source AliExpress products. CJDropshipping offers a global network of 1,114 professionals as well as 200+ warehouses across the globe from China to Australia to Britain to Australia. This makes it simple to scale your AliExpress dropshipping company without worrying about stock shortages or shipping delays.

You can also find products at a lower price than AliExpress on the platform, which will help you make more profit. It also allows you to trademark your dropshipping shop by shipping products in custom packaging

You can find clothes starting at $1.

Modalyst Largest Dropshipping Directory

Modalyst has 1000+ dropshipping suppliers, from private labels to independent brands to AliExpress suppliers for over 3,000 product categories. The platform currently serves 350,000+ online businesses, and has reached more than 50 million customers around the globe.

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Modalyst offers fashion clothing at various prices, starting at $1 and ending up to $3,300.

Synee Fashion Clothing at Wholesale Prices

Syncee, a technology partner to Alibaba, offers dropshipping products at wholesale prices for B2B in over 40 major categories. You can start dropshipping real Alibaba products with no investment upfront and there is no minimum order.

Syncee helps you connect with local suppliers for fast shipping, including Alibaba.

The platform currently has around 343,513 clothing products, with prices ranging from $10-$20 up to $200-$300.

Dropshipping by Automizely – Fast and Free Shipping to the USA

Next is Automizely. Automizely offers winning products and 3-10 day tracking free shipping to the US. It has been trusted by over 5,000 Shopify shops.

Automizely offers a wide range of clothing options starting at $6.99 to $299.88.

Wiio Best for Product Warehousing in China

Wiio is another great site to find quality apparel starting at $2-$3. The company was founded in 2015. It now has more than 150 members available to assist you 24/7.

Wiio’s strength lies in its ability to quickly find the right suppliers for you, regardless of your budget. It then sources and warehouses your products from China and another 25,000-m2 US repository.

Yakkyofy Best to Ship Products to Amazon FBA

Yakkyofy lets you browse a large supplier database with more than 12M products at 15% to 50% lower prices than Chinese marketplaces. The platform also offers a Special Line shipping service that allows you to dropship products to the US in as little as 3-8 days, and the EU in 12 days.

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Yakkyofy provides a complete solution for shipping products to Amazon FBA directly out of China. This includes paying duties and clearing customs in just a few clicks.

The platform also offers a unique feature: you can upload a photo or insert a link so that an advanced algorithm finds similar items in the database.

EPROLO Free All-In One Dropshipping Platform

EPROLO is the next dropshipping platform worth mentioning for clothing. EPROLO allows you to import all 300,000+ products from 10 major categories and 107 subcategories completely free of charge, unlike other platforms that may charge you for accessing product catalogues. The platform has supported more than 100K users and fulfilled over 30M+ orders since 2015.

EPROLO is a dropshipping service that can be used at all stages of your business, from product sourcing to inventory management and custom packaging to international shipping.

EPROLO offers fashion clothing starting at $2 and up to $200.

The Best Dropshipping Clothing Products

These are 8 of the most exciting clothing dropshipping products that we believe are unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Sustainable Clothing

We start with sustainable clothing. This is fashion apparel that is made in an environmentally-friendly manner.

There has been a steady decline in fast fashion over the past decade due to its huge negative environmental impact. Research shows that almost half of all fast fashion retailers experienced a drop in sales. A survey also revealed that 66% of respondents consider sustainability when buying clothing products.

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Experts predict that the market for sustainable clothing will grow from $6.35 Billion in 2019 to $8.25 Billion in 2023 , at a CAGR 6.8%.

Sun Protective Clothing

Sun protective clothing is made from special fabric that protects the wearer from ultraviolet rays.

ReportsAndData has shown that the global market for dropshipping clothing was $567.8m in 2019, and will reach $1.16billion in 2027. This is a 9.2% annual growth rate. This can be attributed to an increase in skin cancer and other skin-related illnesses.

Heated clothing

The heated clothing is meant to keep you warm during cold weather activities such as snowmobiling, ski riding, diving, winter biking and skiing.

The research shows that the global market for heated clothing will grow at a CAGR 17.3% from $62million in 2020 to $191.4million in 2026.

Decorated Apparel

Decorated apparel is the next dropshipping clothing product you should consider. This refers to clothing with bold and creative designs or brightly colored prints.

Statista reports that the global decorated clothing market was worth $26.75 billion in 2018. It is expected to grow at a CAGR 10.91% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

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