Finding a Dropshipping Supplier for Your eBay Business

There are many options available to locate reliable companies that will fulfill your orders. However, there are also many rogue dropshippers. It’s not just dropshipping businesses that dropship products to customers of other companies. Dropshipping is a business process and not a business model.

You will find wholesalers and catalog owners, craft workers, wholesalers and craft workers as well as offline auction companies and eBay sellers who are more than happy to fulfill your orders directly.

You only need to ask in many cases. Surprisingly, very few suppliers are aware of the process. Dropshipping is a process that many suppliers are familiar with. Those who know will probably already have many selling partners. Those who don’t need to know dropshipping should be approached first. You could have an exclusive arrangement for dropshipping with no competition via eBay or other sites if you find them.

These companies buy large quantities of stock from major wholesalers or manufacturers, and then offer dropshipping to resellers. There are many good and trustworthy companies out there, as well as fraudulent sellers. There are good and bad companies out there, but these tips can help you to find trustworthy operators.

* It is not necessary to pay a membership fee to gain access to the goods of the best companies. While there are a few good companies that charge a fee, most of them do so to keep away curiosity seekers or people who move between business opportunities and never actually start any.

* Find companies that offer a wide range of products. This will ensure you have one company to fulfill all your product requirements. I have worked with many companies that offer wide-ranging products in niche markets such as Masonic jewellery, pet products, and pewter pins. This ‘large variety of products rule’ does not apply to highly specialized and seasonal products like artificial Christmas Trees and cut diamonds. Alternatively, manufacturers of niche-specific, high-quality, expensive items such as hand painted pottery, designer teddy bears, and craftsman-made jewellery are examples of companies that offer a wide range of high quality products with limited demand. Dropshipping does not cover providers of unique and rare items such as antiques or collectibles. We are looking for suppliers who can supply repeat best-selling, high-profit margin product lines.

Dropshipping partners who are most likely to be approached personally offer their graphics and marketing materials to others for use in promoting the products of suppliers. You can bet that their photos and sales materials were created by professional writers and photographers. They are likely to outperform any product you might produce.

Unfortunately, many conmen also operate from this location. They claim to be dropshipping businesses and charge a fee for access to their websites and the use of their ‘copyright graphics and marketing materials. You’ll find many poor products, overpriced, with poor marketing materials and graphics, as well as goods that are out-of-date or discontinued. I’ve been disappointed in a lot of the sites that I’ve joined.

* Dropshipping specialists have their own online operating system that confirms both parties’ responsibilities.

* Some people are more formal than others, so I only have to phone them and tell them that I have an order. I also give my customer details. They send the product directly to my customers, and then invoice me.

* Keep track of usernames and passwords on dropshippers’ websites and keep up-to-date information about contact details and product details.

Keep in mind that the best deals are exclusive deals. You should keep careful records of these transactions.