5 Top Selling Fitness Products on Amazon

There’s no shortage of fitness gear out there to help you stay in shape at home, but some products stand out from the pack thanks to great reviews on Amazon from satisfied Amazon customers.

From weighted hula hoops and agility ladders, these best-selling fitness products will add variety to your workouts – or help get back in shape after taking time off.

Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit’s Charge 5 fitness tracker is one of the most advanced trackers available today, boasting a full suite of sensors to monitor sleep quality, stress levels, workout intensity and heart rate. Ideal for runners, it tracks runs, walks and bike rides without needing an app on a smartphone – plus automatically detects certain exercises like elliptical training or treadmill running to record them in its app!

Fitbit Charge 5 is 10% slimmer than its predecessor and features a color AMOLED touchscreen which is two times brighter, making it easier to read outdoors or during intense workouts. Choose from lightweight silicone infinity bands, breathable sport bands, plush nylon hook-and-loop bands or premium Horween leather bands; plus customize its display with 20 colorful clock faces.

The Charge 5 stands out from other fitness trackers by offering onboard GPS capability that lets you track your exercise without depending on a smartphone to do so. Furthermore, dynamic GPS enables the device to alternate between its own sensor and those on your phone in order to more accurately capture movement data.

The $180 Charge 5 fitness tracker is an excellent choice for those seeking an advanced fitness tracker that can rival more sophisticated smartwatches such as Garmin Vivosmart 4, which offers similar functionality but at $20 less cost. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without drawbacks either – though these could include battery issues and its slightly limited functionality (see here for more info on that topic). Notification text may appear awkwardly on a slim display, and its lack of customizable home screens means you must swipe across to access workouts, alarms or any other functions. Smartwatches such as the Garmin Forerunner 635 or Apple Watch Series 3 may provide more reliable notifications, while others such as Fitbit’s Charge 5 offer guided programs on diet, sleep and exercise as well as deeper analytics about your health stats.

Bowflex Select Series Treadmill

If you’re in search of an exceptional home treadmill with an impressive warranty, take a closer look at this Bowflex Select Series Treadmill 22 model. This powerful yet versatile machine is capable of everything from recovery walks and jogs to intense high-intensity interval training workouts, featuring an expansive running deck capable of 12mph speeds and 15% inclines; plus it can easily be stored away when not being used!

It offers some fantastic convenience features like a console fan, built-in USB ports and tilted 22-inch touchscreen for easier viewing angles. Furthermore, you can connect your device and stream workout apps and playlists via bluetooth connectivity; plus it has easy-to-use knobs to adjust speed and incline settings.

An annual membership to JRNY fitness platform comes with this treadmill, providing virtual coaching, trainer-led workouts and adaptive programs that gradually get harder as your skill level does. Plus you’ll enjoy app streaming from Netflix and Hulu as well as outdoor-filmed routes that let you run around scenic destinations.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 weights provide another great feature – replacing 15 dumbbells with just two pairs will save space and decrease the number of items required in your home gym.

One drawback of this unit is that some users have reported issues with its screen freezing or shutting off mid-workout. Should any issues arise, don’t hesitate to reach out as this unit comes with an impressive warranty: 15 years on frame and motor; 5 years for mechanical parts; one year for electronics and two for labor.

Bowflex Select Series Treadmill Folding

Bowflex offers an exceptional treadmill that is packed with features. Though currently out of production (though you may still find a few used versions online), this model should still be given serious consideration if you are searching for an elite home gym solution. With support up to 375 pounds it stands above most competitors while its frame and motor come with a 15-year warranty; its big footprint measures 86.6″x 36.4″x 55″, so make sure it will fit within your space before purchasing one!

Even with its compact footprint, this treadmill can meet the needs of runners of all levels from beginners to experts alike. Boasting 12 mph top speed and an incline adjustment range of 15% suitable for HIIT training, its 12 mph top speed offers great ease in using it for cardiovascular fitness testing as well as providing pre-programmed fitness tests built into pulse grips with telemetric heart rate monitoring; backlite Skylight LCD display; and Strike Zone cushioning on its deck – this machine will meet all your workout requirements!

Users love this treadmill’s comfort, thanks to its soft-drop folding system that simplifies storage after workouts. They also appreciate how simple and straightforward it is to adjust speed and incline settings – thanks to large buttons located on its handrails, extended handlebars, and console itself that make using this machine simple for even those without tech knowledge.

Customers tend to appreciate the wide selection of workout options on a treadmill, such as JRNY app streaming and outdoor-filmed routes. Other great features of these treadmills are their well-cushioned belt, durable construction, solid warranty coverage and large touchscreen display.