List of Fonts Similar To Friends Font On Canva

Though Canva does not currently feature the exact Friends font, there are several alternative fonts which could serve as suitable replacements and add an authentic handwritten feel to your designs – perfect for creating the desired look for any project!

Sweet Apricot is an irresistibly adorable text font that will capture your heart in seconds and leave an everlasting impression on all your designs. Perfect for casual brands and designs.

Linotype Feltpen

If you want a font that mimics handwriting, there are numerous choices. Many of these fonts use OpenType features to achieve various effects – some are more cursive while others more formal; they may also come equipped with ligatures or contextual alternates to give more realistic writing effects; these may work best as headline fonts rather than body text fonts.

Some fonts are designed to mimic the handwriting of notable people, like Franz Kafka or Andy Warhol; you might even find one based on Sigmund Freud! Such typefaces are often utilized in advertisements and marketing material to attract consumers.

Fonts that mimic regular people’s handwriting can provide more informal communications. Such fonts often feature natural features like wavy contours or irregularities that give a wavy appearance; making these fonts particularly suitable for casual headlines or letters between family and friends.

Professional type designers create many of these fonts for various uses; logos and graphics use some fonts while text in books and magazines use others. One such font designed by Nick Shinn in 1989 called Felt Tip Roman is notable due to its distinctive sans serif design with rounded corners – perfect for large point sizes!

Hyperwave One

HyperWAVE is an energetic brush font designed to bring life and motion into your designs. Boasting distinct fast brush strokes that stand out, HyperWAVE will make an impressionful statement in logo designs, brand imagery, handwritten quotes, product packaging merchandise music projects social media posts. Boasting three sets of uppercase characters as well as full punctuation you will easily find the ideal font for any task!

Sam McLaren created Hyperwave One with the intention of designing a font with movement, something which was missing in many other handwritten styles. To accomplish this goal, he spent one week rapidly scrawling letters using a marker pen while drinking cans of Monster Energy drinks before vectorizing them for this energetic set of brush fonts.

This font is an all-around utility, available both as OTF and TTF formats for optimal flexibility across software programs and operating systems. Furthermore, its TTF version provides support for multilingual characters so that you can seamlessly incorporate this font into projects in multiple languages.

Sweet Apricot

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Le Petit Cochon

Le Petit Cochon font is an adorable chubby font designed to bring a bit of whimsical character and multilingual support to Instagram cute quote posts or any other occasion where an extra dose of playfulness may be called for. Boasting Greek (of course! ), Latin characters, diacritics and diacritical marks – Le Petit Cochon will satisfy most people.

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