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Shopify is an eCommerce site in Canada for online retailers and point-of-sale shopping networks.

It’s also the world’s largest eCommerce site, with the largest gathering of online shop operators, because with little or no previous expertise required, it’s easy to use. As you get to sell items without having to stock a shop or hold inventory, most dropshipping stores on the platform offer a versatile online retailing experience.

You may also view items available at your price from your retailer, wholesaler, or producer. When a consumer makes an order, the wholesaler or manufacturer fulfills it directly to him or her.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Everything you do is pay the seller the selling amount, because you do not need to own a warehouse, box and send buyers, manage inventory, or handle shipments and returns. You’re like a middle-man in brief, except without the hassles. Before getting started, there’s a lot you need to learn to be good at Shopify dropshipping.

The good news is that you can take a dropshipping course from Shopify and get the tools and data you need to bust through different disadvantages and nuances of dropshipping. The challenge, though, is to find the right route for dropshipping. Keeping the same in mind, we have rounded up 10 of the best dropshipping Shopify courses that will help you optimize the benefits of owning a dropshipping store while beating an excellent dropshipping company’s significant disadvantages.

Why You Should Take A Shopify Dropshipping Course

Regardless of your experience, taking a course on Shopify dropshipping can be enriching, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran. For any learning stage, there’s a lesson. Taking a dropshipping course can arm and motivate you with the skills that you will need to be able to: if you are a complete beginner:

  • Increase your base of clients
  • Improve amounts of revenue and cash flow
  • Stress Relief
  • Save up more time
  • Be flexible
  • Selling a wide variety of items to multiple clients
  • Using numerous wholesalers and spreading to new markets around the world

Suppose you are a seasoned veteran or have some experience running online companies. In that case, it will still prove useful to take a Shopify dropshipping course, especially if you search for new techniques or tactics. When you try new items quickly without keeping any inventory, it will push your online shop to a higher level and obtain useful information about your customers.

Best Shopify Dropshipping Courses

Let’s help you find the right dropshipping course for Shopify, without further ado.

Building a Shopify Dropshipping Business by Adam Reed

This course teaches from scratch about starting and running a Shopify dropshipping company. Adam Reed, a six-figure Shopify dropshipping contractor with seven years of experience as an internet entrepreneur, teaches the course. Reed began with £0 on eBay and in 8 weeks made more than £ 8000 via dropshipping.

He made more than a million dollars on the Shopify app within the first three months of launching a new Shopify website.

Reed teaches how to: In this Shopify dropshipping lesson,

  • Build a Shopify expert store
  • Managed a good dropshipping company from the comfort of your home from Shopify
  • Save more time remotely working for a dropshipping company
  • Link your social media account to your website on Shopify
  • Enhance search engine rankings by using Shopify SEO
  • Link with wholesalers or producers
  • To improve customer flow and enhance revenue, combine your Shopify with applications
  • How to put target advertising on the sites of social media

The course contains 9.5 hours of content, seven posts, materials available for free, and a completion certificate. It is also compatible with handheld devices and televisions so that you can watch it on the go.

Many of the exciting subjects that this course covers include:

  • How to launch Shopify at a low start-up cost
  • Using modern internet software, selecting your niche, feature, and theme analysis
  • Accessing the 14-day free trial of Shopify dropshipping
  • Registering and connecting the Shopify domain name to
  • Comprehension of Shopify settings
  • Basic SEO tips from Shopify
  • Setting up stock pages and collections, and more

Pricing: $19.99 is the course fee, and a voucher is given.

Oberlo 101

Oberlo 101 is a course that takes you to make your first sales on Shopify through the basics of starting a dropshipping shop. Several six-figure drop shipping agents designed this course, so it’s tailored to make you also become a six-figure Shopify dropshipping agent. In this course, using great tips and tricks from experienced drop shipping agents, you will learn how to use Oberlo to get an edge over your competitors.

Harry Coleman, Scott Hilse, Yuliya & Mike, Chris Wane, and Paul Lee, the five-course instructors, are available to take you through eight hours of video, teaching you how to:

  • Find your target audience and reach them
  • Build your brands of best sellers
  • Use campaign ads on Facebook
  • Select products for dropshipping
  • Find highly-profitable products from dropshipping, etc.
  • Integrate with Shopify Oberlo
  • Create a website and associate it with Shopify
  • Customize your settings for shipping and payments

Free material such as drop shipping budget spreadsheets, monthly live dropshipping questions and answers, branding colour charts, generators of business names, store policy templates, and other content will also be accessible. Oberlo 101 is arguably the best course on the market for drop shipping shops.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Pricing: The course fee is $49.90 and provides a coupon for troubleshooting and other queries, plus 24/7 customer support.

You can pay via PayPal or primary credit card services and enjoy lifetime access and from any location to the course materials.

The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship Course

The AliExpress Dropship Complete Shopify Course is designed to equip you with all the skills you need to build a profitable dropshipping company. If you already own a dropshipping store, but you’re not happy with the revenue from it, one of the best dropshipping courses for you is this course. To earn a six-digit income, it will expose you to the tips and tricks employed by Tim Sharp and other notable eCommerce entrepreneurs. Since 2004, sharp has been a unique and successful internet entrepreneur, gathering a wealth of experience in eCommerce businesses.

Affiliates Marketing and web & database development

You will also learn how to transit to a Shopify profitable dropship owner from a regular 9-5 workday, plus the following:

  • Everything you need to establish a dropshipping Shopify course
  • How to add products to your AliExpress dropshipping store
  • How to use the plugin with Oberlo
  • How to channel your store traffic
  • Re-targeting comprehension
  • What to be careful about when choosing profitable products
  • How to use popular social media platforms to obtain and retain your clients
  • How to build your website, host it and link it to Shopify

A six-hour video with six articles, lifetime access to materials and content, plus downloadable resources are included in the course. It is compatible with mobile devices and televisions, too.

Pricing: You get access to the course materials and content for a course fee of $19.99, but a 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you feel it is not for you.

Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Can Make You a 6-Digit Income.

This is another dropshipping Shopify course that walks you through time-tested strategies to get thousands of clients and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as well. You need to have a Shopify account, Oberlo account, AliExpress account, and essential dropshipping expertise to participate.

Nik Swami, an online entrepreneur, earning more than $45,000 a month from Shopify using Oberlo and AliExpress, is the course author.

When you join the course, he shares some of his best strategies to equip you to become a six-figure drop shipping entrepreneur on Shopify, too.

Some of these approaches involve:

  • Selecting products from AliExpress with the most significant market potential
  • Getting the best AliExpress supplier
  • Use the correct images for the dropshipping shop
  • Maximizing psychology and pricing, plus more

The course is packed with two hours of video on ten effective dropshipping strategies to earn six-digit revenues, three downloadable resources, and access to materials and resources for life. It is compatible with mobile devices and televisions, too. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is issued. You will get direct access via email or Instagram to Swami by joining the time. He’ll also present and teach you Shopify dropshipping concepts such as:

  • Ten successful strategies for getting customers in droves around the world
  • How to get the best vendors
  • How to pay using AliPocket for orders
  • How to optimize orders and ship emails for notification
  • How to determine which countries are best to ship to
  • How to learn the best methods of shipping
  • How to make a cash back double

Pricing: Fee for the course: $19.99.

The Product Winner Blueprint

The Blueprint for the Product Winner is the next on our list of best dropshipping courses. For your Shopify dropshipping store, the Product Winner Blueprint course will take you through the steps of finding high-profit products. It models the formula used to earn a 7-figure income from Shopify dropshipping by Tristan Broughton. Tristan has several testimonies of the success of several students in dropshipping around the world currently earning massive incomes.

Broughton teaches you how to use Facebook Data Points to find highly profitable and market-attractive products, make more sales from your dropshipping store, convert your Facebook Pixel to a money-spinning machine, and scale a product.

You will also learn how to use the scaling methods to earn up to $10,000 from scaling products every day.

Seven training modules, over 50 videos on setting up and operating a dropshipping store, a module on doubling your average store revenue, and lifetime access to updates, courses, and video materials are some of the course materials available.

Also, the course gives you access to:

  • Materials that focus on establishing a dropshipping shop for Shopify
  • Materials on methods of product research that you may not find elsewhere
  • Facebook Pixel and how to overload a pixel
  • Strategies of AOV scaling
  • Materials on how to use email marketing to generate revenue
  • Materials on how to save your business more time by automating
  • Direct access to Tristan and other mentors for eCommerce

Pricing: The course fee is $297, and if you’re not satisfied, it offers a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.

The Dropship Blueprint

To start a successful Shopify dropshipping store today, the Dropship Blueprint Shopify course will equip you with the A-Z of all you need to know about dropshipping. The course is designed by SmartCoach, an online platform for the creation, purchase, and sale of online stores for eCommerce.

Among other accomplishments, including appearances on Fox Business News, The New York Times, Flippa, and others, the platform has a track record of over 15 years in eCommerce with over 150 online stores to boot.

They have also sold several online stores at a six-figure rate and boast testimonies of hundreds of students they have trained, who are now making fat paychecks running dropshipping stores worldwide.

With this tutorial, you’ll get 13 videos covering 13 lessons, links to a private Facebook community, and a first-time dropshipping blueprint for first-timers. Even you will learn:

  • Before choosing a niche, four significant variables to consider that you can earn more from
  • Selecting a retail model: the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of store model
  • Product sourcing: the establishment of a functional reseller account linked to suppliers
  • Pre-building duties-getting the correct domain name and other duties to perform
  • Setting up your Shopify-connected website
  • The best methods for marketing
  • Using online tools like PPC SEO, generating paid traffic
  • The ins and outs of operations in stores
  • To market your shop and a lot more.

Pricing: A one-time payment of $397 or a monthly cost of $33 is the course fee, with the first lesson offered for free.

Drop Ship Lifestyle 7.0

Our list of top dropshipping courses is made up of Drop Ship Lifestyle 7.0, mainly because it focuses on optimizing the dropshipping business for a more significant profit. Anton Kraly, founder and CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle, a coaching programme for eCommerce entrepreneurs that made millions of dollars from dropshipping Shopify and other eCommerce companies, put the course together.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

He shares with you the secrets of hitting a 6-digit figure from Shopify’s dropshipping store in this course.

With over 20 hours of content, eCommerce themes and applications, the course covers 81 courses, plus you get access to a Drop Ship Lifestyle membership.

Also, you’ll learn the following:

  • A new module to lay the foundation for the lifestyle of Drop Ship.
  • This module covers the foundation of eCommerce, online business fundamentals, and the code of ethics for Drop Ship Lifestyle, plus more
  • Selection of niches that cover profitable and non-profitable niches, passion vs profit, and features of products
  • Market research module on strategies to deal with rivals and get the best from suppliers
  • Supplier module for Shopify dropshipping research suppliers, profitable vs non-profitable stores, supplier relationships, among other topics
  • Outsourcing and automation, including automation toolkits, automation of Google sheets, automation of custom orders, and more.

Pricing: The course fees are as follows: $997 for the standard package, $1,494 for the Premium package, and $2,997 for the Done-for-You package.


So here we conclude the top ten courses in dropshipping. These are the best Shopify 2021 courses to consider, in our opinion. As you are a beginner in the dropshipping business or a seasoned dropshipping agent interested in scaling up your profit, taking a Shopify dropshipping course is vital for you.

As a beginner, the dropshipping courses will empower you with the abilities you need to set up a dropshipping shop in Shopify, decide the best products to sell, and use the social media platform as efficient marketing tools. Also, you learn new and practical strategies to take your drop shipping to greater heights with Shopify’s dropshipping courses.

If you are still wondering whether or not to take a dropshipping Shopify course, our list of the ten best practices and training sessions will give you all the information you need to decide. When choosing your first course or training, keep in mind the amount of content, price, extra resources available, plus support.

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