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What is an eBook?

You’d find these words if you looked eBook up in the dictionary:


  1. A book that has been converted to digital format or compiled for display on a handheld device or computer screen.

It’s very simple. An electronic book, an eBook.

But here’s the thing: If an eBook is simply a book in a digital form that, technically, qualifies many things that aren’t actually eBooks. This doesn’t define what makes an ebook an eBook. What does it mean?

Let’s look at some characteristics of eBooks to get a better idea of what they are.

Characteristics of an eBook

eBooks can be read on any digital device, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Consider other files that can also be read on digital devices (e.g. Word documents, eBooks are distinguished by specific characteristics.

eBooks should not be editable

An eBook should have one distinct characteristic: it must not be editable. An eBook should be made in a format that prevents editing. Because thousands of people have access to the eBook on digital devices, they could change any content without author permission. Text cannot be altered in any way to make it an eBook.

eBooks can be reflowable, with an exception

Another important feature is that true eBooks must be reflowable. This means that the eBook will fit on any screen regardless of how large it is. Text will still be formatted with line breaks, and chapters and images will adjust to the dimensions of the device.

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However, PDFs are an exception. Because PDFs cannot be edited but are not reflowable they don’t technically qualify as eBooks. However, PDFs are widely used eBook formats and have been “unofficially” made available to businesses by PDF downloads.

We are pleased to offer you a free e-book entitled Starting Your Online Retail Niche with Drop Shipping.

Our Drop Ship List Directory team wrote this book. This e-book was created by our Drop Ship List Directory team to help you set up your online business with drop shipping. You can download the e-book for free and read it. If you would like to share the e-book and help others start an online store or learn more about drop shipping, feel free to do so.

Most free e-books today contain little useful information. This is because the author’s hidden agenda aims to convince you to purchase their products. The free e-book they offer is nothing but a collection of sales pitches and very little useful information. Many of these “free” e-books on online retailing were read by our team. Our team quickly realized that we knew very little about the topics they covered after reading many of these ebooks. This was true even for e-books that we had purchased. Many customers have experienced the same problem. Our team wrote this book out of sheer frustration. This book covers many topics you’ll need to know as you start your online store.

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Your time is precious, folks. Don’t waste your time reading a bogus sales pitch disguised by an e-book. This e-book is for those who are just starting to learn about e-tailing. Drop shipping, ecommerce and niche marketing. Remember that the leaders are the readers.

Start Your Internet Business Right Now

This eBook is our most popular for beginners in online retail. Written by Chris Malta, an internet guru, it provides a comprehensive overview of how to get your online business started on the right track.
How to avoid scams online, how to get your online business legal, work with dropshippers, and much more. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the steps required to sell products online as a new online retailer.

The information here has been compiled from years of experience using the Internet. It is intended to help you avoid making the same mistakes I made and many others. Chris Malta, Author

How to find real products you can sell online

Many people who start an online business fail to understand the basics and then give up. There are some things you need to know if you want to own a successful online business.

This eBook provides a free overview of product sourcing, including dropshipping, bulk wholesale, and sourcing liquidations. It also explains how these methods can impact your online retail business.

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Remember that the Internet is a highly price-driven marketplace. You’ll be surprised at how many online sellers offer products similar to yours, but at a lower price, if you don’t do your product sourcing properly. They will outsell you. Sellers who charge lower prices are making a profit. They are likely to pay less for the products because they know how to source the right products. Chris Malta, Author

Wholesale Tips Videos

These powerful video tips will help you avoid wholesale scams. Also, these are common questions that new online sellers may have when dealing with Dropshippers and Wholesalers who are certified.

Find out how to get legal and set up wholesale accounts. You can also find videos explaining common wholesale terms.

Best wishes

Drop Ship List Directory Team

Here are some examples of topics:

Table of Contents

About the AuthorForeword
Your promise
This Book’s Goal
The Times are changing
What have we learned?
The Chapters
Chapter 1. Chapter 1.
A Marketing Plan is Essential
How to Start an Online Retail Business
Quick Marketing Plan
Do you want to incorporate?
Avoiding personal liability
Tax savings
What type of corporation do I need?
S Corporations
Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 2. Understanding Your Online Niche
Understanding Your Online Niche
What is a niche?
The Power of Niche!
Getting Your Retail Niche Online
Check Out Some Market Trends
You can only find it here …)
The dreaded Shop-and-Savers
Chapter 3. Getting Your Retail Business Online
Set up your online shop
Web Hosting
Domain names
Shopping carts
Merchant Accounts
Looking for a Merchant Account?
Setup fee
Get Discounts
Transaction fee
Statement Fee
Monthly Minimum Fee
Additional fees
The Virtual Terminal
Get your own toll-free number
Press releases
Advertisement via Pay Per Click
Chapter 4. 
Product Planning and Product Sourcing
What is wholesale drop shipping?
How do I find a wholesale drop-shipper
Search Methodologies
Internet Searches
Trade Show Searches
Government Embassies
Your Search
Quick Lessons For Success
1. Minimum Orders
2. Middlemen
3. Membership Fees
How to spot a genuine drop shipper
How to get in touch with a drop shipper
How to get a Federal Tax ID (or EIN)
Photos of the product
Descriptions of the products
High Quality Product
Stock Issues Out
Reduce Shipping Fees
Chapter 5. 
About this Chapter
Your Search
Order a Show Brochure
Examine the products
What are the questions you should ask?
What are their questions?
Chapter 6.  Profit Tips
Profit Margin (The Good and The Bad, The Broke)
Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts (80.0/20).
Chapter 7. 
What myths surround brand names?
Paralysis of Press Releases
How can I avoid the brand name myth?

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