Fulfillbot Review – Best Dropshipping Agent Platform

When searching for the best dropshipping agent platform to dropship your products or customer orders, factors like dropshipping agent price, delivery period and availability of customer support staff.  Fulfillbot is a reliable AliExpress dropshipping agent that’s renowned for product sourcing and fulfillment in China.

While most agents’ primary function is customer order fulfillment, their features and organizational structure determine your customers’ satisfaction rate.

Now that you’ve chosen to skyrocket your online store with a dropshipping agent over dropshipping suppliers, you’ll benefit more.

Besides having one-on-one communication with your agent, their pricing is much lower compared to dropshipping suppliers.

What is Fulfillbot

Fulfillbot is the best dropshipping agent platform in China, Yiwu, but with fulfillment centres across the globe. With a mission to help online businesses to grow, Fulfillbot.com sources products for its clients, fulfills their orders and ships the products directly to the customer.

This platform integrates with almost every online store making it the ideal choice for Shopify sellers, Amazon FBA sellers, WooCommerce sellers, eBay sellers and self-hosted online stores.

As an AliExpress alternative, Fulfillbot takes care of their client’s dropshipping needs which include free warehousing services, order tracking, package branding(on request), providing a product catalogue of the best-selling dropshipping products and offering third party logistics. 

Keep in mind dropshipping agents source products directly from the manufacturer or producer and deliver them to customers. This eliminates other middle players thus enabling online store owners to make more profits.

Fulfillbot’s Feature

  1. “Import List” – Import to store feature

If you are looking for more products to import to your store, the “Import List” feature is easily found under the “Products” feature. With this feature, you can import as many products to your store as you want.

After signing up for free, verify your email and you’ll be automatically directed to the Fulfillbot’s user interface. Just tap on the “Products” and you’ll find the “Import List” feature.

Contrary to many other dropshipping agents, this feature highlights the product’s pricing, description (you won’t have to hire a product description writer), images and the vendor. And with a little research on the vendor, you can determine the quality of the products to be supplied to your customer.

  • User-friendly interface

Dropshipping can be a tiresome business especially if your dropshipping agent’s website is clumsy. With Fulfillbot’s website user interface, every detail is clear, accessible and easy to understand.  

Looking at the dashboard, all the features are displayed in a friendly user interface (UI) design. The features are displayed in a style and format that calls for no expert to interpret.

Whether it’s monitoring your customer orders, setting your account details or checking your store products, tap the related icon and you’ll find it easy and simple to take the next action.

Overall, Fulfillbot’s dashboard has a great user experience and makes dropshipping a lot easier.

  • Easy-to-access product catalogue

As opposed to many dropshipping suppliers and product lister tools that force you to a costly mandatory monthly or annual subscription, signing up and accessing products on Fulfillbot is free, fast and easy. Under the “Products” button, click “All Products” and a product catalogue will be displayed on your screen.

Do you specialize in a specific niche? Under the product is a search and filtration feature that makes it easier to access your niche products. All the products are displayed with high-quality images and a description below the product making it easy to make a faster-informed decision.

To automatically receive a list of all new products into your email, Fulfillbot grants its users an opportunity to enable “New Product Newsletter Email Setting” under the “Settings” feature.

  • Integration with your store feature

The “Store Integration” feature is clearly featured on the dashboard and is simple to use. This feature makes Fulfillbot one of the best dropshipping agent platforms to work with.

To integrate your online store with Fulfillbot, click on the “Store Integration” feature and the “Add Store” button will appear on your screen. Tap on it and a pop-up window requesting you to “Connect” your Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce or a third-party store will show up.

You’ll, therefore, not require the expensive services of an expert to connect your online store with Fulfillbot. By integrating your store with Fulfillbot, customer order automation and store growth report are generated automatically.

  • Advanced product searching feature

Most online stores are renowned for their specialization. If you dropship a single category of products, Fulfillbot has a product search and filtration feature that’s easy to use.

Click on the “Products” feature and on the drop-down menu, choose “All Products”. A window displaying different product categories and a search bar will appear on your screen. To search a specific product, write the product title or any other keyword related to the product then tap “Search”.

Searching for products to dropship is a tedious and time-consuming process. But with this feature, it will take you less than 5 minutes to import hundreds of products to your online store.

  • Order reports and online store growth data

Imagine linking your store to a dropshipping agent platform that gives you a report on your business growth? If you click on the “Dashboard” feature and scroll to the bottom, a graphical representation of your order count will be displayed.

Below the graph, your top-selling products will also be shown. It’s therefore, possible to grow your online store by capitalizing on the indicated top-selling products using these two features.

Pricing of Fulfillbot

It is free before you have order.

Despite all the services offered by Fulfillbot, you’ll be required to deposit an account balance before your customer orders are shipped.

To sign up for an account, integrate your store and import products using the Fulfillbot dropshipping agent platform will cost you zero. With most of the services being DIY on this platform, the pricing is nil until orders are entered into the Order Management System.

When dealing with Fulfillbot, the only few costs you’ll incur are private label packaging, video and product photography and brand packaging. However, these costs are charged upon your request.

How to Get Started With Fulfillbot

To get started with Fulfillbot is fast, easy and free. As mentioned above, its user-friendly interface calls for no expert to set up an account and begin your operations.

Here are 5 simple steps you need to follow to start dropshipping with Fulfillbot:

Step 1: Create an account

Open Fulfillbot’s website and click on either the “Sign Up” button to the right-hand side or, the “SING UP NOW” button below their introduction statement.

A new page will open up with open blank boxes to fill in your details. Only your name, email address and password are needed to create a new account. After filling in all the details, click on the “Create New Account” button to create.

Step 2: Verify your email

After clicking on the “Create New Account” button, a verification email will automatically be sent to your email inbox. Open your new email from Fulfillbot and click on the “Verify Email Address” button.

After verifying your email, you’ll be directed to a new page where you’ll fill in your log in details to sign up. Fill and tap the “Sign In” button to open your newly created account.

Step 3: Integrate your online store with Fulfillbot

Is your online store ready to start selling? Since Fulfillbot integrates with almost all popular ecommerce platforms and third party online stores, just click on the “Store Integration” feature then tap the “Add Store” button.

After tapping on the “Add Store” button, a small window requesting you to enter your online store domain will pop up. Enter your store domain and click the “Connect” button. This connects your store with the Fulfillbot dropshipping agent platform.

Step 4: Import products to your store

Now that your store is connected with Fulfillbot, go to the “Products” feature and select the products you wish to publish on your store. Click on “All Products” and using the product search and filtration feature select your preferred products.

Then tap on the “Add to Import List” button and the product will appear in your store.

Step 5: Start making profits

After you’ve published products on your store and customers are placing orders, Fulfillbot will source the items from manufacturers; warehouse them and dropship to your customers.

Pros and Cons of Fulfillbot

Every dropshipping agent platform has its advantages and disadvantages. How far the agent aids your growth should influence your choice.

If you want to start dropshipping with Fulfillbot, below are its pros and cons.


  • Availability of an account manager

For Fulfillbot to show their commitment to your business success, an account manager is assigned to your account immediately after you integrate your store with them.

  • Easy to grow your dropshipping business

Immediately you start selling, you can use the generated orders/sales report to know the best-selling products and leverage them. You can also request other services like brand packaging and private label packaging to promote your brand and aid in customer retention.

  • Higher profit margins

Fulfillbot is a Chinese product sourcing agent. They, therefore, source products directly from the producers and manufacturers which gives them high bargaining power.

The sourced products have a higher profit margin compared to their competitors- dropshipping suppliers.

  • Products quality controls

Before your customer orders are shipped, a team of quality controllers accesses the quality of the products. You can also request a photo of the items to ascertain their quality status.


  • Perishable and flammable goods not shipped

If you intend to dropship perishable and flammable products with Fulfillbot, you better look for another dropshipping agent.


If you’re looking for the best dropshipping agent platform for your dropshipping services, we highly recommend you integrate your store with Fulfillbot. Every agent has its ups and downs. But after deep research on the extra services offered by Fulfillbot, it’s worth noting they have the potential to grow your dropshipping business’ profitability by a huge margin.