Geekbuying Dropshipping Program Introduction and Advantages

How to dropship on Geekbuying. What are the pros and cons of dropship? These will be discussed in detail in this article.

Introduction of Geekbuying

Geekbuying, as its name implies, is an online shop that sells geeky gadgets as well as a few home and garden supplies.

Their site has a huge selection of gadgets. Geekbuying is primarily B2C, i.e. Geekbuying is primarily a business to customer (B2C) site. They sell products at retail price and it seems impossible for dropshippers to get a few products for their online stores.

But, a deeper exploration of the site shows that there is an option for B2B transactions. Business to business transactions are possible at wholesale prices, as the products can also be bought in bulk quantities.

They claim they offer “special prices and huge discounts for items purchased in bulk or wholesale”. They also allow users to connect with their website and begin dropshipping on Geekbuying.

Dropshipping with Geekbuying

Dropshippers can link their online shops with Geekbuying. After a customer has ordered and paid for the product, you pay for it.

Geekbuying guarantees that your products will only be shipped to your customers if you have specified special requirements to Geekbuying. This exciting option is only available under certain conditions.


Dropshippers can link their online shops with Geekbuying through Geekbuying. After a customer has ordered and paid for the product, you pay for it.

Geekbuying guarantees that your products will only be shipped to your customers if you have specified special requirements to Geekbuying. This exciting option is only available under certain conditions.


Dropshipping with Geekbuying can be done in a few steps. Log in to your Geekbuying account, and then fill out the dropshipping application. These are the details you will need to register:

Your name

Telephone number

Email address

Visit URL

Contact information

It sounds simple, right? You can speed up the approval process by chatting live with your team.


Dropshipping with Geekbuying has many benefits

Dropshipping with Geekbuying doesn’t cost a lot. Dropshipping with Geekbuying is simple to set up and requires minimal funding to run your business. Geekbuying charges no one-time or monthly fees for its services.

Geekbuying guarantees that your customers receive their products only on your behalf and that your customer cannot discover that Geekbuying was the original supplier.

All images can be downloaded for free, along with the watermarked logo from your online shop. You can then use them on your online shop.

A representative from executive services is assigned to you for support and assistance at all times.

Geekbuying offers exclusive discounts on every product you sell through your dropshipping shop so that you can make huge profits.


Dropshipping on Geekbuying has many benefits, but there are also some disadvantages that must be considered.

Grey market issue

Geekbuying sells a majority of grey market products. Although grey market products are legal, it is illegal to purchase them. In some countries they could be considered criminals.

Geekbuying clearly states in its terms and condition that the buyer is the importer when purchasing a product through Geekbuying. He is responsible for any customs fees that might creep in.

Dropshippers might find it difficult to comply with these requirements. You might be required to pay custom duties for your customer or face legal action from them.

Find the right suppliers

Geekbuying allows you to drop ship, but it is essential that you find the right supplier. Suppliers may have bases in different countries or even multiple countries.

It is also important to avoid grey market products. This is because you may not be able to understand customs. Geekbuying understands that finding the right supplier can be a difficult and frustrating process.


Geekbuying offers discounts to business associates, but it is not a good deal. The reality check shows that the discounts are not enough and the profit margin for products is still very low.

Geekbuying will help you turn your business into a profitable one. Geekbuying is not a good option for generating profits.

Geekbuying and Chinabrands

Geekbuying and Chinabrands have been compared on several points. Geekbuying seems to be slightly better than Chinabrands in terms of customizability and meeting the special needs of dropshippers. Geekbuying seems to have no advantages over Chinabrands.

Chinabrands offer many advantages over Geekbuying dropshipping. Chinabrands have a number of advantages, including the low prices of their products.

Despite the discounts, the wholesale prices of the products on Chinabrands are significantly lower than those at Geekbuying. Geekbuying’s low prices can sometimes create a false impression. It is important to realize that these are grey market products.

Chinabrands has unique features like smart product selection and API. Smart product selection allows for you to find products that are already popular and generate huge demand.

This makes it easy to identify the winner product and saves time for dropshippers.

Chinabrands also offers faster shipping and delivery than Geekbuying. Chinabrands provides 24 hour delivery around the world, which is quite a remarkable feature. Customers will be more satisfied if you deliver faster.

Chinabrands has many advantages, including a wide variety of products and better suppliers.

Geekbuying offers limited product choices, such as gadgets and home products. Chinabrands however, has a large clothing selection, cars, beauty, and health products. Chinabrands offer more options and better service in Geekbuying.