Get Total Price Using Ajax Cart in Shopify

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When you’re setting up an online shop, one of the first things you need to do is decide on a payment method. And, of course, the obvious choice is to use PayPal. However, there are other options available, such as Ajax Cart. In this article, we will explore how to get total price using Ajax Cart in Shopify. We’ll also cover some of the benefits and disadvantages of this payment method, so that you can make an informed decision about which one to use.

How to use Ajax Cart in Shopify

Ajax Cart is a cart plugin for Shopify that allows users to manage their shopping carts without leaving the site. Ajax Cart supports multiple payment gateways and shipping services, making it an ideal choice for online stores that sell a variety of products.

To use Ajax Cart in your Shopify store, first add the plugin to your site by clicking the “Add plugins” button in the plugin manager and searching for “Ajax Cart.” Once installed, click the “Settings” button in the plugin manager and enter your store’s url. Next, activate the Ajax Cart plugin by clicking on the “Active” button next to it.

Now you’ll need to create a shopping cart in which to place your products. To do this, click on the “Shopping carts” tab and select “New Shopping Cart.” In the “Cart Details” section, enter a name for your cart (e.g., “My Products”) and select a default theme from within the options list. In addition, you can configure your cart with various settings such as product pricing and shipping methods.

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How to use Ajax Cart for price comparisons

There are many ways to use Ajax Cart for price comparisons. One way is to use the “Get Total Price” function. This function calculates the total cost of a product using the current prices in your store and any discounts that have been applied. This can be useful if you want to compare prices between different stores or if you need to calculate the total cost of an order before submitting it.

To use the “Get Total Price” function, first select the product that you want to calculate the price for. Then enter the current price and any applicable discounts into the fields below. The “Get Total Price” button will then calculate and display the total cost of the product.

Tips for using Ajax Cart

There are a few techniques you can use with Ajax Cart to get the total price of an order quickly.

One way is to use the order summary view. Click on the Order Summary tab on the product page, and then select the items you want to calculate the total price for. The total price will automatically be calculated and displayed in a table below the list of items.

Another way is to use the checkout process. When a customer clicks on the Add To Cart button on a product page, Ajax Cart will automatically add all of the items in your cart to a new shopping cart. You can then use either of the methods described above to get the total price for your order.

If you need to calculate different totals for different types of orders, you can create custom functions in your Ajax Cart account. This will allow you to easily generate specific totals for various types of orders without having to manually enter them into each product page’s checkout process or order summary view.

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In this article, we show you how to get total price using Ajax Cart in Shopify. By using this simple code snippet, you can easily obtain the total cost of an order without having to leave your Shopify shop. This is a great tool for customers who want to see all prices before they place an order or for merchants who want to keep track of their sales and costs on a daily basis.