Guide on Setting up Customer Group Pricing on Shopify

It’s no secret that Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market. With over two million active customers, it’s no surprise that this platform has become a go-to for many businesses. One of the benefits of using Shopify is the fact that you can easily create custom customer groups. This allows you to price your products and services differently for different groups of customers, which can be a great way to improve your bottom line. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps needed to create and manage custom customer groups on Shopify. We will also provide a few examples of how customer group pricing can benefit your business.

What is Group Pricing?

Group pricing is a way for Shopify merchants to offer discounts to customers who are grouped together. Merchants can create groups by specifying a minimum purchase amount, customer location, or any other criteria.

Once a group has been created, all customers who meet the specified conditions will receive the applicable discount. Group pricing is perfect for sales events and promotional offers. By grouping customers together, merchants can save money while also driving more traffic to their stores.

How to Set Up Customer Group Pricing on Shopify

If you have a large shop with lots of products, setting up customer group pricing can help organize your inventory and make it easier to price items. Here’s how to set up customer group pricing on Shopify:

1. On the Shopify admin panel, select Catalog > Pricing.

2. In the Customer Groups section, click New Group.

3. Enter a name for your customer group (like “Diamonds”) and click Create Group.

4. In the Products section, select all the products you want to include in this customer group.

5. In the Price column, enter a price for each product in this group (for example, $50 per item).

6. Click Save Changes to save your changes and create your customer group pricing structure!

What are the Benefits of Group Pricing?

One of the most popular features on Shopify is customer group pricing. This allows you to set prices for different groups of customers, based on specific criteria such as product category or order value.

There are a number of benefits to using customer group pricing. First and foremost, it can save you a lot of money. By grouping your customers into different price tiers, you can charge different amounts for the same products or services, regardless of how many units they purchase. This can help you reduce your overall costs while still providing high-quality service to your customers.

Additionally, customer group pricing can help you attract new customers. By offering discount rates to specific groups of people, you may be able to lure in new shoppers who would otherwise never have considered your store. This can boost your sales figures significantly over time, making it worth your while to take advantage of this feature.

Finally, customer group pricing can also improve your brand image. By creating separate prices for different demographics or customer types, you are showing that you recognize and appreciate difference in opinion and approach to shopping. This can go a long way in building trust and credibility with potential buyers, which will ultimately benefit your business overall.

How to Manage Customer Groups and Preferences Using Group Pricing

If you’re like most Shopify merchants, you have a few customer groups that you want to treat differently. Maybe you have a group of customers who are always happy with free shipping, and another group who wants expedited shipping. You may also have a group of customers who are loyal to your brand, and another group who is new to your store.

There are a lot of ways to set up customer group pricing on Shopify. Here we’ll outline the three most popular methods:

1) Group Pricing Based On Custom Fields In The CSV File
2) Group Pricing Using The Store’s Settings Page
3) Managing Customer Preferences Using Preference Sets


It’s no secret that Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market. And with good reason – it offers an amazing range of features, including customer group pricing. If you’re looking to start or grow your business, using Shopify is a must. And thanks to customer group pricing, starting out can be quite affordable!