Guide to Dropship Computer Parts and Accessories Worldwide

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Computers and accessories are among the most sought-after products. The global PC (Personal Computer) market has been slowly declining in recent years but remains massive – with nearly 62 million computers being shipped to customers in the first quarter of 2018. The computer accessories market is projected to grow from $12 billion to almost $16 billion by 2021. Here are ten tips to help you get started if you want to take a piece of this huge market or grow the one that you have.

Do Your Research

Research is a must if you want to sell online. It’s the same with computers and accessories. It’s important to know which brands and products are most popular so that you can offer the best value to your customers.

Pro Tip: Follow a few different ecommerce trend publications and blogs to learn about interesting and trending products.

Make the right presentation

You don’t have to list all the products in your store. However, it could be a waste of time if your website doesn’t provide a great user experience. Websites with a clean design and a user-friendly layout have a better chance of getting visitors to stay on the site longer and increase their chances of making a purchase. Customers should find payment processing easy and straightforward. Provide multiple payment options, as well as the option to store data for future purchases. Professionally shot photos that show your products in detail can also increase customer confidence.

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Pro Tip: Keep your website current and offer mobile payment options.

A flexible return policy

We deal mainly with electronic products so fabrication defects and malfunctions will be a concern for your customers, especially if they are buying online. It might be necessary to negotiate with suppliers in order to ensure that your customers don’t get stuck with a lemon. Your customers will be reassured that they can make a purchase without regrets if you offer a hassle-free return procedure.

Pro Tip: Simplifying your return policy can help boost future sales, so make sure it is clear and easy for your shoppers to find.

You might consider selling substitute products

Dropshipping many brand products can be difficult. Many big brands prefer to sell their products directly. Generic versions are often better quality and cheaper than the original, especially for accessories such as batteries or charging cables.

Pro Tip: When choosing the best products to dropship, keep the max weight below 1 lb and the price no more than $50.

Include detailed product descriptions

Listings should be easy to read and include detailed information about the products and their potential benefits for buyers. You should also suggest or suggest other accessories. You must keep up with the latest technology in order to be an online seller.

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It is important to regularly scan and update your product listings, regardless of whether you are selling computers or accessories. Make sure accessories are compatible with the computers you sell!

Pro Tip: To write effective product descriptions that sell, identify your buyer and tell a story.

Get in touch with suppliers

It’s a highly competitive market, so it’s important to monitor your margins. Consider negotiating bulk discounts to ensure future fulfillment or financial contributions to increase sales.

Pro Tip: Improve your supplier relationships with better communication: treat them well, check in regularly, and try using automation software.

Combination Purchases: Offer Perks

Don’t be afraid to reward customers who purchase multiple products on your website. Customers will buy more products if they are offered discounts and shipping is free or cheaper.

Pro Tip: Small businesses can get free shipping. All they have to do is calculate their minimum cart value.

Target Niche Markets

Even though computer sales as a whole have been low recently, gaming PC sales have been booming thanks to constant improvements in graphics and virtual reality. Focusing on various niches such as the gaming PC makes it easier to build marketing campaigns for trending markets. You can use targeted ads on social media to make sure your products are shown to the people most likely to buy them.

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Pro Tip: Using a a tool such as Google Trends to find your ecommerce niche can help you pinpoint the types of products that could take your business to the next level.

Automate your manual tasks

Once you have sourced the products and listed them on your website, you will need to handle the routing of those sales to your suppliers. That’s where dropship automation software can save you time and headache, by handling all those manual processes. This software scans for new sales orders, routes those sales orders to the right supplier and does not require you to log in. This software allows you to spend your time focusing on growing your business.

In the last year, the price of computer parts has been a topic of constant conversation among PC users. For those who wanted to upgrade or build a PC in 2017, the rising price of memory chips was a pain.

Despite the steeply rising price of memory chips over the past year, prices have started to fall in early 2018. This should be a good sign for dropshipping computer parts businesses as the 2018 costs should be lower. Dropshipping computer parts and dropshipping computer hardware are still viable options. They can still be profitable.

There are many reasons to do computer parts and hardware drop shipping

This part will discuss the reasons dropship computer parts are more popular than dropship hardware.

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There are huge demands for computer parts and hardware.

Statista’s research shows that computer hardware revenue is on the rise. In 2016, the global total revenues reached 408 billion euros, which is approximately 49 billion U.S. Dollars.

It is clear that both dropship hardware and parts for computer hardware must develop well in the future, just as the rapid growth of PC markets.

You don’t have to worry about product selection

Graphic cards are not manufactured by many brands like Gigabyte, Asus and Colorful. You don’t have to spend too much time or labor selecting the right product.

Compared to other drop shipping products, you can easily decide the brands to dropship computer parts. Due to the high cost of dropshipping computer parts and dropshipping computer hardware production, including hardware design and raw material selection, there are very few counterfeits on the computer hardware market.

You don’t have to worry about computer parts drop shipping. Instead, sell it as quickly as possible to your end-customers.

Higher profits and pricing

After a long period, the dropship hardware and part market for computer parts has stabilized. You don’t have to worry about pricing, especially with the fierce competition in this market.

Dropshipping computer parts and hardware should also be more profitable than traditional dropshipping products.

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You can work with reliable dropshipping suppliers such as Chinabrands to purchase products at lower prices and then sell them to your end-customers to make higher profits.

Drop shipping suppliers: Why we should cooperate

It is beneficial for us to work with reliable dropshipping suppliers in order to solve most problems that arise during the selling of computer parts and other hardware. Let me tell you why Chinabrands is a good dropshipping platform, especially for dropshipping computer parts and hardware.

Logistic services

A few drop shipping companies are cooperating with established logistic companies. Chinabrands is one dropshipping platform that cooperates with DHL and EMS. These are two of the most reputable global logistic companies in the globe.

High security logistics companies are required to ship computer parts and hardware. These hardware are delicate. After a long wait, no one wants to be disappointed by damaged products.

Chinabrands also offers global warehousing, which allows customers to receive their products quicker and safer.

Customer services

Chinabrands employs a professional customer service team that speaks more than 10 languages, including Chinese, English and French.

Because many customers don’t know how to use and install the appropriate hardware and parts, the customer service team helps to resolve most after-sales issues.

Lower costs

Dropshipping computer parts and hardware is becoming more expensive so it is crucial to work with reliable dropshipping platforms that can help you buy these items at a lower cost.

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A reliable dropshipping supplier will help you avoid lower profits due to high costs. Below is a graph showing the rising prices of GeForce GTX1050Ti, one of the most popular video cards over the past 6 months.


It’s a great way for you to make money online by selling computer accessories and other related products. These products are constantly evolving, so there will be a demand. However, selling them requires being able to keep up with an industry that is changing daily. This market is great for online sellers who do their research and do their due diligence.

Because of the high demand and market, dropshipping computer parts and hardware is an attractive option.

You also need to consider safety when starting your business in the unpredictable international dropship market for computer parts and hardware.

It is essential to note that drop shipping computer parts and accessories requires better logistics services. Most of these products are fragile. Therefore, it is crucial to work with reliable drop shipping suppliers like Chinabrands to increase your profits.

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