Headphones, Earphones, and Earbuds Dropshipping Ideas

Why Dropship headphones online?

In the past few years, the headphone market has grown steadily and is expected to continue growing well into the next decade. Annual sales in the US alone are projected at $5 billion in 2022. The industry is projected to grow globally to an estimated $18.2billion by 2023, and $5 billion in 2022.

How to find headphones for Dropshipping

There are many styles of headphones available, so you can target a niche market with your products. In-ear headphones (often called earbuds) hold a market share of 64%, while on-ear earphones (20%) and over-ear headphones (16%) cover the remainder of the market. Earphone retailers can also expand into other vertical business ventures – such as smartphone accessories or bluetooth speakers – allowing for further growth of your business.

Making your own headphones can be a costly and complicated venture. Drop-shipping headphones can be done with the Oberlo app from your Shopify store. After installing the app, make sure you add the Oberlo Chrome extension. This extension allows you to import new products from AliExpress in one click and shows you which products have ePacket shipping. This will allow your customers to get their orders faster than traditional shipping methods.

Price ranges for headphones can vary depending on features such as noise-cancelling technology and waterproof design. Headphones purchased directly from the manufacturer will typically range in price between $1 and $50. You will also notice differences in quality between $50 studio headphones and $2 earbuds. When choosing products, be aware of customer reviews and order volume. Drop-shipping makes it easy to return products that aren’t converted or cause complaints from customers.

How to market headphones

Because marketing strategies can differ between audiences, it is important to consider who you are targeting with your marketing. One option is to market to a wider audience by offering earphones with different features such as Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, or waterproof technology. You might also choose to market headphones to a more niche audience and target gamers and musicians. You might use “influencer marketing” if you dropship gaming headphones. This strategy involves reaching out to YouTube and Twitch gamers to ask for brand mentions. However, it is possible to offer financial compensation to get your headphones mentioned during livestreams.

A long-term SEO strategy can be a great marketing tool if you dropshipping a variety of headphones to different customers. You will need to keep a blog updated with relevant articles for your target audience. Here are some ideas for articles that you could feature on your blog:

  • The Best Gaming Headphones
  • Stereo Headphones Top Ten for Music Production
  • Get the best out of your workout with affordable accessories for the gym junkie

Although you may not be able make immediate sales by driving traffic to your blog, you can increase your organic traffic over time. You can use a Facebook pixel to retarget your blog traffic by showing them earphones from your store if you have it paired with it. You can also create ‘best headphones content’ to ensure that people who find your blog content are looking for headphones. This makes the retargeting strategy more worthwhile.

Business Model

Depending on the features and quality of the headphones, the retail price of earphones can vary. The average headphones retail for between $20-$200, so dropshipping products that cost $25-50 would be possible. Drop-shipping in-ear headphones at $2 would mean that they could be sold for anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99. You should not underprice your headphones. This is because you must make enough profit to pay marketing costs and other business expenses. You can also make products that are targeted at niches such as gamers or music producers look low quality, which can negatively impact your conversion rate. It is important to find a price that is affordable for your target audience and that allows you to keep your business running.

Advice from the pros

Alex Massaad – Chief Listening Officer for CheapEarBuds.ca – gives this advice to merchants looking to break into the online headphone market:

The lead time for the initial samples can take a while. Although I was able set up the shop within an hour, the main delay was in waiting for samples. I bought a few earbuds to test them. Even though they were not of the highest quality, I decided to blog about them in order to increase my long-tail keyword relevancy.

I bought the lowest quality and cost-effective product. They cost $2, which was to be expected. This caused me a 3 week delay. This stage was when I ordered many brands and used the results to purchase more models from a high quality brand that sounds great. These samples cost between $5-10 and gave me confidence to order higher-quality products. After a year of experimentation, I have found a reliable dropshipper.

Many of my customers call me in the middle of the night. Ecommerce has a global reach! Although I expected to respond “in five minutes”, in reality, I’m often asleep when a Facebook message or reply from “Kit Thank You Emails” arrives. It’s important to have a virtual assistant who can check in on my messages at night to ensure I am providing top customer service.

I am averse to out-of-stock products. I have spent a lot of time creating blog posts and testing earphones for quality. While many stores carry the same model, there are differences in shipping time, price, processing time and other factors that can make you stand out from your competition. When the dropshipper runs low on stock, my store ceases to dropship certain items, this is where it becomes a real problem. To avoid this, I have stopped working with smaller dropshippers and started taking careful note of the stock available.

Alex Massaad Chief Listening Officer https://www.cheapearbuds.ca/

Dropshipping tips

Here are some tips for dropshipping through AliExpress.

Ship with ePackets

AliExpress can make free shipping extremely slow and express shipping is often too expensive. Look for dropshippers who offer epacket shipping. It’s an economical alternative that allows tracking and fast shipping from China to most countries, including the USA and Canada.

Look for the Best Products

AliExpress can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of products available. You might not know where to begin when choosing products. Sort your search results by “Most Purchased”. This will place the most popular dropshippers at the top and give you an idea of what’s in demand. Oberlo can also be used to drop-ship directly from suppliers.

Take a look at the competition

You can see the actual cases in person by visiting the Reviews tab on product listings. Also, view “Reviews With Photos” to get an idea of the case. You should also check the AliExpress “Transactions” tab in the product listing. It’s possible that the seller is dropshipping the item if you see multiple purchases from one individual. This indicates that it is likely to be a good item for sale.

Get the right price

AliExpress may be cheap, but don’t over-price your products. It is important to allow enough margin for marketing so that you can dropship your products at three to four times the cost.

Expand your offerings

You might consider offering complementary products or bundling items. To get an idea of which product categories are most relevant to your audience, look at what is being sold by the competition.

Hyper-Targeted Ads

Facebook allows you to target specific behaviours or attributes through platforms like it. If you use Facebook ads for traffic to a mobile phone store, you could target iPhone 6 users to purchase iPhone 6 cases or LG V10 users to buy LG V10 cases. These options are available in the “Behaviour Targeting” section of your Facebook advertising manager. Hyper-targeting is possible for a variety of demographics and behaviors.