Himalayan Salt Lamp Dropshipping Online

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps from Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping create negative ions in the atmosphere. This is good news because modern pollution and electrical equipment can create positive ions in our air that could be harmful and cause air quality to deteriorate in affected areas.

You can replace negatively charged ions in your air with a Himalayan crystal salt lamp. This helps you to avoid the potential physical and mental harm caused by ‘electrical smog.
Every Salt Lamp comes with a light fitting, bulb and plug.

Instead of listing them according to their size, we list them according to their approximate weight. To give an approximate idea of the size, items are marked with sizes.

Each lamp is unique!

Have you ever seen a Himalayan salt lamps? These lamps are beautiful and can transform your home.

But that’s not the only reason people are purchasing these lamps. Let’s take a look at the incredible benefits of these lamps for your home.

They Clean and Deodorize the Air

This is why salt lamps are so popular. Salt lamps can clean the air by eliminating dirt, dust, and pollens.

They use hygroscopy to remove all types of contaminants from the atmosphere. Salt lamps attract water molecules and trap contaminants in them. The lamp heats up and the water molecules disappear, but the particles remain trapped.

Reducing Allergy

Salt lamps reduce allergy because they trap allergens such as pollen grains. These lamps also trap mold and mildew. You just need to place a lamp in each room. Asthma sufferers would also benefit from the lamp.

This will reduce the spread of infection and coughing.

Enhances Positivity

A real Himalayan salt lamp placed in your living room will increase your energy and positivity. Negative ions are what boost our energy, so activities like long drives or relaxing trips to the beach can expose us. The same principle applies to a real salt lamp.

Enjoy Better Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you have trouble sleeping for long periods of time? Place one of these lamps in your bedroom to see the difference. These lamps generate negative ions, which improve blood flow and your overall health. This lamp also has the added benefit of improving air quality.

These lamps offer many benefits. These benefits are only available if you purchase the genuine lamp. Fake varieties of the same product are also available, so be aware.

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