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Common misconception is that hockey is synonymous with ice hockey. There are many types of hockey. Ice hockey is only one type. Field hockey is another form of hockey, where players use their hockey sticks to hit a ball or “puck” into the opponent’s net on grassy terrain. Inline hockey, or roller hockey, is another form of hockey. Inline hockey is a combination of ice hockey and inline skating. This game is played on concrete or asphalt streets. It also uses a ball rather than a flat disk.

These types of hockey aren’t as well-known as ice hockey, so it can be hard to find the right equipment and gear. This article will show you where to look.

Inline hockey gear

It is easy to find the right gear for inline skating. Inline hockey is very similar to ice hockey in many aspects. The sticks used here are the same as ice hockey. Safety gear is the same as ice hockey. Every player must wear helmets, shin protectors, hockey shoulder pads, elbow and elbow pads among other things. There are two main differences: the type of skates you use. Inline skates are required. They can be purchased in most sports shops.

Field hockey gear

Field hockey is a game played mostly in Europe so it may be difficult to find field hockey gear in the US. This game requires a different hockey stick. It is quite short so you might think it is a hockey stick meant for children. The regulation field hockey stick measures just a little more than three feet. Except for the goaltender, players don’t need any protective gear.