How a Print-on-Demand Video Greeting Card Changes Your Birthday Card Game

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Most adults will face this scenario at one point in their lives. How will you go the extra mile to show your love and appreciation?

Picture this: your friend who’s living abroad will be celebrating their birthday in a week. But you don’t want to just send them a Happy Birthday message on Instagram or send an e-card. Now, you’re looking for an actual greeting card online. 

Well, who doesn’t want to give a unique greeting card that’s especially made for that friend? But you’re running out of time to make a DIY birthday card. And since shipping takes about 5 to 7 days, you have to find and send your cards ASAP!

Wait, don’t panic. A print-on-demand video greeting card is just what you need. 

What is a video greeting card?

A video greeting card is a greeting card that allows you to add videos made by you and/or your friends. But note that a greeting card with video is not necessarily an e-card. Meaning, your recipients will receive an actual greeting card. How?

With the help of a dynamic QR code, you can give your recipients a printed greeting card with videos that they can access through their phones. Scanning the QR code on their phones will enable them to view your video messages.

How does a print-on-demand video greeting card work?

When you want to send a greeting card with videos to your loved ones, you can look for online POD greeting card shops that offer to print and ship your cards to your recipients straightaway. 

Through the customization feature, here’s what you need to do to generate a video greeting card:

First, you need to choose a greeting card template. Then, record or add videos from your phone. If you want to collaborate with your friends, you can invite them through an invitation link that will redirect them to your card.

After customizing your card, you can proceed to print and ship. Within a few days, your card will go straight to its destination. Say hello to a convenient and hassle-free greeting card for everyone!

How adding videos upgrade your greeting card

Only a few people have discovered the advantages of adding videos to their greeting cards. Now you, too, will learn why it’s important to upgrade your card with videos.

Your cards are more valuable

Adding videos to your greeting card shows more effort and sincerity. Most people value personalized cards more than the usual commercial greeting cards.

You can say what you want, and how you want it

Videos can capture and convey emotions, memories, and experiences that cannot be expressed through written messages alone. 

Your cards are way more fun and entertaining

You can make your videos funny, playful, or visually engaging, creating a more enjoyable and engaging experience for the recipient.

Your can make it a surprise

Videos can add an element of surprise and creativity, making the card more unique and special. Your recipients won’t know that you’re hiding a video surprise unless they scan the QR code.

Your cards are sincere and heartfelt 

Adding videos to your cards lets you communicate with your emotions. Videos can show your actual feelings and intentions through facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.

Benefits of POD greeting cards with video

Print-on-demand (POD) video greeting cards are increasing in popularity because of the following reasons: 

  • It helps you create personalized greeting cards in minutes. Through an online generator, all you need to do is add your videos, and presto! Your card is ready.
  • It provides a convenient platform for sending greeting cards. You won’t need to stress yourself out by sending each cards through the post because the POD card shops will do it for you.
  • It enables you to generate cards for all occasions. There are over a hundred unique template designs for all occasions that you can find in POD greeting card shops that you can use.

GiftLips: A game changer POD personalized video greeting card shop

GiftLips is a video greeting card generator that helps you add videos made by you or friends to your greeting card. With over a hundred unique template designs, you can easily shop cards for all occasions. 

Video greeting cards created with GiftLips have a dynamic QR code that stores all your videos. When scanned, it reveals a feed of short-form interactive videos that your recipients can like and post a comment on, making GiftLips a one-of-a-kind interactive greeting card provider.

There are many different ways to show someone how much they mean to you. One of the biggest game changers is to give them a unique and heartfelt video greeting card. It’s a fun and memorable greeting card that captures your emotions and adds value to your greetings. Now you can truly express everything you want to in one card.