How and Where to Generate Shopify API Key?

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How can I create a Shopify private API key?

Shopify stores can use private credentials to access the Shopify Application Programming Interface. These Private Shopify API credentials can sometimes be required to a third-party developer. These keys can be extremely useful for business activities such as syncing data with your CRM or ERP systems and shipping orders to your warehouse. The Private API Key is different from the Shopify app. Make sure you have the right access. Let’s look at how to create a Shopify Private API Key, and why it is important.

Create the private API key in Shopify

The Private API Key can be generated in just a few steps. Access the Apps section of your Shopify Admin page. Scroll down until you reach the bottom of this page. Under the Recommended Apps section, you will find the link to “Manage private applications”.

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This link will take you to Shopify’s “Private Apps”. Shopify will ask you to accept and enable the terms if this is your first visit to this section. After you have enabled access, click the “Create a new private app” button. The “Private App Details” form will open. Here you can configure the basic settings for the app. It is best to limit access to the required scopes for integration. If the API Keys are ever lost or misused, it could lead to data theft.

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Is it safe to give an API key to a third-party?

When you create an API Key or API Secret, security is key. The API key and password should be treated as any other piece security information. These credentials give full API access to the private data of your store. Hackers could steal the keys and other information of your store. To ensure that the API keys are encrypted, all calls should use SSL security.

The process of generating API credentials is different depending on whether you are building an app for a specific store or a public app in the Shopify App Store.

Generating Private API Credentials :

Your Shopify admin panel or Partner dashboard can be used to generate API credentials for private apps. It can also be used to modify your store via the API console, without having to create an app. You can find out more

  • Generating credentials using your Partner dashboard :
    Log in to your Partners dashboard
    b. Click on Development Stores
    c. Click on the name of the store that you wish to build
    d. Click on Apps from the Shopify admin
    e. Click Manage private apps
    f. Click here to Generate API credentials
    g. Type a Title
    h. Click Save. Now you can see your API credentials.
  • You can generate credentials by using your Shopify admin panel
    Log in to your Shopify admin panel
    b. Click Apps
    c. Click Manage private apps
    d. Click here to Generate API credentials
    e. Enter your Title
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Generate Public API Credentials
You will need to create public API credentials when you create an app using your Partners dashboard. Shopify uses Oauth authentication for all public apps.

These are the steps required to create public API credentials

  • Log in to your Partners dashboard
  • Click on Apps to Create an app
  • Enter your app name and URL. Click the box that says “I have read the Partner Program Agreement”
  • Click on Create an app
  • Click on the App’s Overview Page to click on Get API credentials.
  • Scroll down to the App credentials section for API key and API secret keys.