How Long Does it Take to Dropship From China?

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Let’s suppose you want to sell consumer electronics online through dropshippers. Your supplier (the company that produces the product) will be in China, which is a higher than average chance. This is true for equipment like fitness equipment, kitchenware, garden furnishings, and so on.

Dropshipping: What does it mean?

Dropshipping allows the vendor to send the products to each customer individually (typically directly to their office or home). Dropshippers may have an online shop and ship the product directly to the customer from the place it was made.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The customer may pay shipping costs to China from their home. Delivery times can take up to 2 weeks if the item comes from China.

Dropshippers may store their goods in a Chinese warehouse, and then fulfill them from there. It is also possible for their suppliers to take care of everything.

Dropshipping: How it works

We often encounter 2 types of models:

Dropshipper for small businesses

It’s possible for small-scale vendors to place individual orders with wholesalers that specialize in dropshippers (they act as a middleman).

If you are selling consumer electronics, you will work with a wholesaler to select the products you wish to sell on your website. You order the items you want to ship from your supplier as soon as they arrive.

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You’ll be charged an extra price for dealing with middlemen who have a relationship with manufacturers. This covers their margins, storage costs, and other expenses. It’s usually more expensive than if you were going directly to the factory.

The low cost of many Chinese goods makes this model still viable. There are also some advantages if you can find the right wholesaler. They may have more contacts in China, offer more products, and may even take care of fulfillment and warehousing.

Dropshippers, however, are often not able to sustain it long-term due to high costs. They want to be able to build a profitable business that is as profitable as building a relationship with manufacturers.

This is an example of how dropshipping works.

Dropshipper on a larger scale

This is a hands-on approach that is more like how to dropship from China than using a wholesaler.

This could be the case if you develop a product and work directly with a Chinese manufacturer to produce it. Before the first batch of products is completed, you will be marketing the product and pre-selling it to your customers. You may need to invest or presale money to reach this stage. Most manufacturers will provide an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to you.

This type of dropshipper can be seen in the person who invents a product and sells it on kickstarter or indiegogo.

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Once your manufacturer has finished production of your first batch, once you have inspected the quality and approved everything, the products can be shipped from China to consumers who pre-ordered.

Note : We often work with this type of dropshipper

How do you get your product from China to your customers?

Dropshippers from China have different fulfilment options

Your Chinese manufacturer might be able, if they’re lucky enough, to fulfil your order in-house.

Another option is to hire a local Chinese fulfillment center. They will be able receive your products from suppliers, store them, assemble them (if necessary), and then ship them to you worldwide.

It’s a smart idea to visit them and tell them your needs, such as:

  • Shipping method and cost
  • Type of packaging to be used
  • Special details about your order, such as a gift that you may be eligible for before shipping.
  • They can connect to your ecommerce software Shopify so orders can be fulfilled as soon as they arrive. You can also seamlessly order additional stock if inventory levels reach a certain level.
  • How to handle returns

They ship each package from China one at a time as orders arrive. Orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive at customers, but small packages weighing around 1-2 kgs may be shipped for a reasonable cost.

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What about shipping to fulfillment centers in the West,

Although these fulfilment centers are available in the West (e.g. the USA), it is not worth paying extra for them when your products were made in China. Dropshippers have the ability to sell worldwide. For example, an American dropshipper might have customers in Canada, Australia, Germany, Australia and the UK. This means that shipping to an American fulfillment center from China only to have them ship to other countries increases the cost and time of your deliveries, rather than handling it at source in China.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Blind dropshipping from China has been a growing business. Many potential customers from America use this service to receive their shipments. This is an important part of the supply chain and a strategic way to ship. Blind dating is another name for it. It occurs when you receive supplies or products from overseas anonymously. Although it is beneficial to the supply chain, How long does it take to dropship from China

This aspect of the Supply chain will be examined.

How long does dropshipping from China take Businesses are often discouraged by the delivery time. It is actually beneficial. Although there are some myths about it, it all depends on which shipping company you choose as well as the destination of your shipment.

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Shipping can take anywhere from 12 to 60 days, depending on where the product is being shipped. Sometimes it can take less than 60 days and sometimes longer. The shipment is done with air express carriers. One of our shipping depots is located in Shenzhen, and the other one is located in Kowloon. Our teamwork begins as soon as you place your order. These steps include calling the vendor and coordinating with factory to get the package to the depot. The rest of the process, such as preparing the bills, begins from here.

What is Our Process?

All details regarding your order will be sent to us.

The agent will need to receive all details about your order, including details such as the product details (size, weight, estimated shipping time, etc.). The agent will give you an estimate of the cost of your goods.

We will pick up your products from Your Location.

  • We take care of all the hard work from your pick-up location, deposit the products at our shipping depot, and complete customs clearance.
  • All orders are delivered right to your door
  • You can pay the duty upfront and it is direct freight delivery for each blind drop shipment
  • We eliminate the need to have localized handling and product receiving.
  • Any shipment product can be shipped without any manual touch.
  • We will verify that all documents are current.
  • All custom clearance formalities are completed.
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Importing supplies from China requires many considerations that many importers don’t understand. Each of their questions are answered promptly by us.

You can contact us via our website to schedule a call if you have any questions about dropshipping from China,or other queries. All your questions about the delivery process, custom clearance, shipping formalities, distance covered, and logistics will be answered by our executive. We ensure that all delivery processes are completed on time. The freight agent will need to be available seven days prior to the ship’s scheduled landing. We are quick in our services. You will also receive tracking notifications starting from the day we pick up and ending on the last delivery day.