How to add Afterpay to Shopify and Integration Method?

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You can offer discounts or bundle products to encourage customers to shop at your store. Afterpay, a well-known Australian company that offers flexible payment options at checkout, was founded in Australia in 2015. It was launched in America in 2018.

With the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), shoppers can purchase an item and then pay in installments with a fixed interest rate and other conditions. This financing method is more affordable than credit cards and has been proven to be more economical.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

These payment options have increased in popularity to appeal to younger consumers. However, they also help merchants answer consumers’ needs, especially in times of pandemic. This is not just a trend of words. Even payment analysts have noticed that BNPL has become very popular with Generation Z and Millennials who are cautious about taking on credit card debt.

What is Afterpay? How does it work?

Shopify Afterpay allows its customers (I mean “your clients”) to get the products and services they want and need by breaking down their repayments into three or four bite-sized amounts. There are no surprises and no fees for paying on time. This increases AOV by an average 25%. You can buy everything from Business Equipment and Supplies to Electronics and Pet Supplies, Clothing and Accessories, Electronics and Hardware, Home and Garden, Hardware and Automotive, Health and Beauty to Sports and Recreation and everything in between. Shopify Afterpay allows you to sell it.

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More than 43200 top retailers offer Afterpay payment options as part of their checkout process. Shopify Afterpay is currently only available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States (called “Clearpay”) but it has more customers than 7.3million worldwide.

Afterpay: A flexible shopping experience for your customers and merchants

  • Flexible options, no one-timer Afterpay merchants have flexible installment plans that can be paid up to six weeks before checkout. This allows them to enhance the online shopping experience and increase conversions, order value, and repeat sales.
  • Empowering, not entrapping Afterpay Site Messaging will help customers convert as they are looking for simple, low-commitment solutions.
  • All payments must be made upfront Payed upfront. Afterpay will not be affected by the BNPL choice of your customer. Afterpay gets your payments settled upfront, regardless of which installment plan your customers choose.

Afterpay Express Checkout is now available. This streamlines the checkout process and eliminates the need to collect customer information. Afterpay Express Checkout creates a better customer-store experience which leads to higher conversions and more customers for merchants.

Afterpay also provides a business hub to all merchants during merchant account setup. You can view information about your store’s Afterpay performance and receive daily settlement reports.

Afterpay Cross Border Trade makes it easy to sell internationally. Afterpay is available to Shopify merchants who have a shop address in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. This will allow you to get your business in front millions of customers. Customers pay in their local currency, but you receive the full amount (less a merchant fee) in your own currency.

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Key Takeaways

  • Shopify Afterpay setup, Afterpay express checkout and other features will help customers adapt to changing shopping habits.
  • Afterpay is not only available to customers of your online store; it can also be offered to customers in your stores.
  • Afterpay will set you up for your business. However, you’ll need to pay a small amount. Credit/fraud is not an issue as Afterpay settles all payments upfront.
  • You can also avail additional marketing opportunities by setting up Afterpay merchant accounts and stores. This will allow you to drive more customers and sales.
  • Finally, Afterpay express checkout and messaging can be customized to enhance the customer experience in your store without compromising your store design.

What does Afterpay do to strengthen merchant offerings?

After signing up to Afterpay merchant, Afterpay must be integrated into your Shopify shop checkout or business terminal in order to offer the Buy Now Pay Later option. Customers who make purchases with Afterpay will have the option to split their payments according to their preference. Afterpay will pay your credit card within days.

Shopify Afterpay allows you to offer more flexibility in shopping for products while still keeping your bills low. Here are some of these benefits that Shopify Afterpay setup may have:

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Sales increase:

Customers are more likely to purchase when they have flexible payment options that can last up to six weeks.

High AOV

Customers will be more likely to shop with you if they have flexible payment options.

More customers:

Afterpay’s payment options will help you to build a stronger customer base than one that offers multiple discounts and offers.

Reduced cart abandonment rates:

Yes! With better financial management options, you can reduce the purchase decisions of your customers.

Customers who recur

Afterpay is the most popular Buy Now Pay Later payment provider. The rate of repeat purchase is high because they are familiar with your store/checkout.

Credit risk and fraud reduced

Afterpay makes an upfront payment to reduce credit card fraud and allows small Shopify businesses the possibility of offering flexible payment options.


What makes Shopify Afterpay easy for customers to make purchase decisions?

  • Flexible payment options such as paying in 6 weekly installments are a great way to allow your customers to enjoy your product. Afterpay allows your customers to have greater control over their spending habits and manage their finances.
  • Afterpay express checkout allows you to deliver a better customer experience. Customers can also enjoy your product without worrying about the price.
  • Afterpay can be selected by your customer when they checkout from Shopify. Afterpay will be repaid in four installments over six week.
  • The same applies to customers who check out in your store. However, they must use the Afterpay app to tap to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay. The customer can spread the remaining payments over their preferred installment period.
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Does Shopify have an afterpay integration?

Each business is different. Whether you’re selling a product, creating custom services, or any other business activity, your goal is to simplify things. No matter how big your store is, you must make a connection with customers (B2B and B2C), regardless of their size. Shopify Afterpay for business can help you grow your business, no matter what your industry, quarter goals or strategies.

Afterpay helped more than 26,000 US companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, to increase revenue and lower operating costs in 2021.

  • Customer service costs can be reduced
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Return rates lower
  • Marketing costs can be reduced.

How to give afterpay team access to Shopify?

  1. Open your account settings located at:
  2. Scroll down to “Accounts and Permissions”, then click Add staff account.
  3. Add an account with the following details:
  4. When you are finished, click Send Invite

For information about creating Shopify Staff Accounts see:

Technical configuration for adding Afterpay to Shopify

Afterpay is growing in popularity, particularly with more e-commerce stores offering the payment service. Afterpay is easy to use, even if the customer is not familiar with this payment option.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify Afterpay setup increases conversions and increases the value of every transaction. However, it is not a guarantee that you will see the results until you give it a go. Here are some ways to get started with ShopifyX Afterpay.

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Add Afterpay to Shopify

Follow the steps below to add Afterpay to Shopify.

  1. Afterpay Merchants accounts must be set up before you can set up Afterpay for business. Follow this link to
  2. Follow the screen instructions to input the values required.
  3. After you have completed the setup, copy your Afterpay Merchants credentials and paste them into your Afterpay Shopify App.
  4. You are now ready to offer Afterpay flexible payments to your customers.
  5. Get in touch with Shopify experts to get Shopify integration support.

Shopify Afterpay setup:

Afterpay Shopify can be used to get you started. However, it is not difficult if your skills are in integrating Shopify Apps or other third-party apps. We have listed below the Afterpay setup for business steps that will help you get started quickly. To set up Afterpay in Shopify, you must first address three points.

Locating your store address and currency

  1. Navigate to Shopify Admin > Settings > General
  2. Under “Store Address”, the “Country” must match the Afterpay account area.
  3. You must also set up the currency according to the same terms as the “Standards & Formats” section.

Configuring payment settings

  • Shopify Afterpay Payment Options defaults to the Automatic option. This allows the customer to authorize their payment method and charges accordingly.
  • You will need to manually capture the payment during the authorization period if you wish to enable “Manually capture payments for orders”.
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Afterpay merchant account setup Manual capture:

  • This is a Shopify store-wide setting. If you have changed the Afterpay payment capture option from manual to manual, it will enable manual capture for new payment gateways.
  • Afterpay Shopify manual capture has a second feature. Authorization is held on the Consumer’s account as with other payment methods. Afterpay authorization holds can last up to 13 days
  • Afterpay Shopify manual capture requires you to capture orders through the Shopify order tab or via integrations or Shopify’s API.
  • You can also cancel an order that has been authorized by Shopify via integrations or Shopify’s API.
  • Finally, if you choose Afterpay Shopify manual collection, your funds will be settled.
  • Afterpay released a new integration for Shopify to process transactions with Shopify’s Shopify Online Store 2.0. You need assistance in the Afterpay Shopify migration process or want to upgrade your shop to Shopify Online Store 2.0.

Shopify Afterpay payment option:

The Shopify Afterpay merchant account setup will show you how to add Afterpay payment options on the Shopify Checkout pages.

  1. Go to the Shopify App Store and install the Shopify Afterpay App in your store. You can get started by clicking on the following link:
  2. Follow the screen instructions to connect your Afterpay account.
  3. Next, grant Afterpay permission for orders and refunds to be processed. To continue, click “Install app”.
  4. After installing the app, choose the country for your Afterpay account. Next, verify your identity using your Shopify Afterpay merchant registration credentials.
  5. After verification, you’ll be redirected into Shopify payment settings. Here, click “Activate afterpay (New). And you’re done. Tip: Don’t enable the test mode option. The integration won’t work.
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Configuration of custom Shopify Afterpay site messaging

Afterpay site messaging: Fonts & size configuration

Font – Shopify Afterpay setup

Afterpay site messaging uses Sans-Serif font by default. You can change the font to suit your brand by specifying the CSS rule.Size – Shopify Afterpay setup

You can change only the Afterpay badge’s size by assigning a value to the CSS variable -logo-badge width. If you wish to alter both the font and badge size, then assign the value to data_size attribute. xs (default), lg are the acceptable values for data-size attribute.

Afterpay site messaging for unavailable items

Afterpay allows you to set the Afterpay site message for items that are not available on the cart page as well as the product page. Set up the following: Add the attribute data-is eligible to the product page. Tag and set its value to false. Similarly, on the cart page, add the attribute data-cart-is-eligible to the Tag and assign it to false.

Configuring Google Analytics: Shopify Afterpay set

You will usually see in your google analytics. This is because Afterpay customers who pay with Afterpay are redirected to Afterpay portal pages during checkout before returning to their review page or confirmation page.

You must add into your referral exclusions list to avoid Google Analytics incorrectly attributing the referrer as Afterpay. This allows google to correctly identify the source of your referrals. Our experts can help you set up the Referral Exclusion list or provide support for Afterpay configurations in your store.

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Bringing more customers to merchants with Afterpay Ads

Afterpay has announced Afterpay Ads to unleash the popularity of Afterpay among the growing number of Gen Z and millennial shoppers. Afterpay Ads can help you increase customer engagement, reach new customers, and improve your sales across the Afterpay ecosystem.

Afterpay Ads is easy to use. You can place featured ads across Afterpay App to increase your promotions products. You can promote specific products or collections, and only pay when the shopper clicks on the ad.

It’s a great opportunity to explore. Advertisers see a 20% increase in sales if they promote their products through the Afterpay app, especially early results.


You, the merchant, have the ability to set minimum purchase amounts and increase the AOV.

Afterpay merchants have many benefits, including increased sales and higher average order values. They can also attract new customers to Afterpay express check out. Afterpay merchants have access to Afterpay’s technical support and marketing support.

The Shopify Afterpay setup will make your store more accessible to all customers. The best part? Afterpays offers a lifetime of interest-free financing that will allow you to capture customers.

Afterpay created several services and flows to enhance customer purchasing experience. These include Afterpay express checkout,site messaging, and that assist merchants in growing their businesses. You can also drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand visibility by listing your store on the Afterpay online marketplace.