How To Adjust the Slider Size in Brooklyn Theme Shopify?

For the savvy Shopify store owner, a successfully designed website can mean the difference between profit and loss. One of the most important design elements to consider is the slider size, which sets the tone for your entire site. If you’re using a theme from Shopify’s Brooklyn Theme family and are looking to adjust the slider size, this article is for you. We’ll discuss what to consider before adjusting the slider size, how to adjust it in your chosen theme, and why it matters. Read on to learn more!

What is the Brooklyn Theme?

The Brooklyn theme is a popular choice for Shopify store owners because of its clean design and easy to use customization options. One thing that you may want to adjust on your store is the size of the slider. The slider is the large image that is displayed at the top of the home page.

To change the size of the slider, you will need to access the code for your theme. This can be done by going to “Online Store” and then “Themes” in your Shopify admin. Find the theme that you are currently using and click on “Edit code”.

In the code editor, look for the “sections” folder and then open the “slideshow.liquid” file. In this file, you will see the code that controls how the slider looks on your store.

To change the width of the slider, you will need to find the line that says “max-width: 2000px” and change it to a different number. For example, if you want the slider to be 800 pixels wide, you would change this line to “max-width: 800px”. Once you have made your changes, click “Save” and then refresh your store to see your new slider size in action!

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How to Adjust the Slider Size

There are two ways to adjust the slider size in Brooklyn. The first is to go to “Customize Theme” and then click on “Theme Settings.” From there, you can adjust the “Slider Size” under the “Design” tab. The second way is to adjust the slider size directly in the code. To do this, go to “Edit HTML/CSS” and then find the “SliderSize” class. You can then adjust the width and height of the slider by changing the values for “width” and “height.”


With a few simple steps, you can adjust the slider size in your Brooklyn Theme Shopify store. This will help you customize your website to better fit the products and services that you offer. Learning how to adjust the slider size is an essential skill for any ecommerce store owner, and once mastered it will open up new possibilities for customization of your site. With this newfound knowledge at hand, go forth and create stunning websites!