How to Cancel Squarespace Without Losing the Domain Name?

Squarespace provides users with everything they need to build and grow an e-commerce business, including registering their domain name as part of a custom solution.

But, what happens if I cancel my Squarespace subscription? Will my domain name disappear with it? Luckily, Squarespace allows for cancellation without losing your custom domain.

Disable Auto-Renew

Squarespace is an innovative website building platform, providing users with all they need to develop a professional site – hosting and domain name included! Squarespace also features email marketing, SEO optimization and social media management features – among others. While many users love the service, some may decide they no longer wish to continue; the good news is Squarespace makes canceling easy without losing domain ownership!

To cancel a Squarespace subscription, log into your account and navigate to the Billing & Account page. On that page, click “Cancel Subscription,” which will prompt a confirmation window for cancellation.

Once you confirm the cancellation of your Squarespace subscription, all sites will immediately be placed on hold; however, all website content and member profiles will remain online for 30 days post cancellation before being deleted from your site permanently unless other measures are taken to backup any essential data.

If you’re uncertain of your decision to cancel Squarespace account, it is advisable to disable its auto-renew feature so as to prevent charges for renewal if your mind changes or you decide to depart the platform altogether. This way you won’t get charged again!

Doing away with auto-renew can be as easy as visiting your Domains panel and setting it to “Paid.” Alternatively, transferring it to a different website before canceling will do the trick, although keep in mind it will stay connected to its original host site until it is moved or pointed at another one.

If you own a free legacy domain, it will remain linked to your canceled site until you decide whether to renew it for $20 or transfer it elsewhere. Connect it to another site or forward it back to its original domain – these options can also be done when canceling subscription plans on Squarespace. Please be aware that any additional services connected with your Squarespace subscription – like scheduling tools or payment gateways – should also be removed prior to cancelling; otherwise they’ll continue running even after cancelling subscription plans on Squarespace.

Disconnect the Domain

If you registered your domain through Squarespace, that domain will remain yours even after canceling your subscription to your site. However, if your custom domain was registered through another provider and is connected to your site through DNS settings that point elsewhere before cancelling Squarespace site subscription. Otherwise it will become disconnected automatically upon cancellation and your website may go offline.

Assuming your custom domain isn’t already connected to your Squarespace site is easiest done by disconnecting it from the Domain Panel in the Home Menu and visiting Domains panel in 7.1 site. If your custom domain is connected successfully you should see either “Connected label”, or an error such as Can’t Verify Domain Ownership message depending on if its connection was successful; furthermore, a message stating it has been linked successfully will also display.

Disconnect a domain by going to the Domains section in your Home Menu, clicking on your domain in its panel, and selecting its Disconnect link. Please be aware that this process could take up to 72 hours to complete; during which time, any websites associated with that domain will become inaccessible and associated emails won’t function correctly.

Once your domain is disconnected, it is reusable with any hosting provider – making the transition seamless for both parties involved. This way you won’t lose all your hard work or needlessly complicate matters during its transfer to a different platform.

If you use a custom domain that’s connected to your Squarespace site, be sure to delete its default nameservers from DNS Settings before disconnecting it. This will prevent its automatic redirection towards your new website and help avoid any delays or downtime during transfer. Taking a backup of your website before disconnecting domains is also recommended to ensure all content remains preserved during transition or any issues arise with hosting providers or transfers.

Get a Refund

Squarespace is a website-building platform offering templates, an intuitive interface, and numerous features that help users create websites. Squarespace also offers a two week free trial period so users can test out its capabilities before committing to subscription services; should it turn out that Squarespace doesn’t fit your needs there are various methods for cancelling without losing domain names.

Step one is to disconnect all credit card information from your Squarespace account. You can do this by logging in, navigating to “Settings”, “Domains,” or pressing the? key whenever any panel is open – to disconnect a domain simply select “Use a Domain I Own.” If using your custom domain for another website you have created, keep it connected or connect it directly.

First, disable auto-renew for all of your Squarespace subscriptions to stop Squarespace from charging your card when your account is cancelled. If you intend on leaving Squarespace entirely, be sure to unlock your domain and point DNS settings toward another provider as part of this transition process.

Squarespace provides a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you cancel within this window you should receive a refund for services you are unhappy with. This way you don’t get charged more for anything!

Squarespace also provides a free trial and student discount, providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to save money when building websites. The discount applies to students with verified identities who purchase annual plans.

Transfer the Domain

Domain names represent valuable real estate on the web, and can direct visitors directly to your website or services. Before cancelling a service such as Squarespace, make sure any custom domains connected with it will still fall within your ownership and control; transfer these domains to another registrar so they continue being used with your website and email services.

To add a domain to your Squarespace site, navigate to your home menu and click Settings (or press?key in any panel). From Domains section, click Use a Domain I Own and enter full domain name into field that appears – this will connect your domain and update DNS settings correctly; if not planning on keeping this domain with Squarespace anymore you can move it from Domains panel prior to cancelling subscription.

Your domain will remain active and connected to your Squarespace site until either you cancel the subscription or transfer it away. Transferring will depend on which registrar you work with; generally though it should be relatively straightforward. First you should unlock and update DNS settings correctly (if the domain was purchased outside Squarespace). Afterward, an authorization code from that registrar will need to be entered to complete its transfer – different from any AUTH code or EPP key used previously to connect it.

Once a domain is connected to a Squarespace site, you’ll be able to manage both from within one account – making it much simpler and quicker for you to update DNS records or make adjustments on either one without needing to visit multiple registrars for each one separately. This feature is especially convenient for businesses that run multiple websites under different brands or names.