How to Edit or Customize Shopify Order Confirmation Page?

Shopify’s order confirmation page is the final step in the buyer’s journey before payment. Imagine yourself spending time in a physical shop and then deciding to place an order for a product. Finally, you decide that it is time to go. At the end of it all, the seller smiles warmly at you and thanks you for taking your time. It’s a great feeling to be thanked and will stay with you forever.

This can be used to create an online store. Our last smile can be very helpful and satisfy our customers.

This is how I’ll show you how to make that last smile. We all know that a smile alone is not enough. You should have at least some marketing metrics.

What time do customers see the Order Confirmation page?

The order confirmation page will be displayed in two places for your customers:

  1. They buy the first time they buy
  2. They can track their purchase by returning to the order page.

Shopify’s default Order Confirmation email and Shipping Confirmation email include a “Track My Shipment” button, which takes them back to their Order Confirmation page.

Why is it important to modify the Order Confirmation Page

The order confirmation page is, as I have said before, the last step for customers on your website. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the conversion was a success. Customer retention is what matters. What percentage of your customers will return to you, and why?

Here are some reasons repeat purchasing is important for businesses:

  • Exponential returns rates – According the guys, customers are 24% more likely after making a purchase to return to your store. It’s 45% after two purchases and 54% after three. A customer with a conversion rate of 54% or more is extremely valuable, considering that the average conversion rate for new customers is 1-3%.
  • Referrals are more effective – Are you more likely to visit a site if a friend has had a positive experience? Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO says that word-of mouth and customer loyalty have been the key drivers of his online shoe store’s growth.

You should therefore understand the importance of an order confirmation page. This section contains information about Shopify plug-ins to help you with your configuration.

Scripts to Make Your Order Confirmation Page Effective

Two scripts are very useful and can greatly improve your situation.

1. Fire Custom Conversion/Ad Pixels at the First Page Load

The following custom code must be added to your conversion scripts/pixels. Customers will visit your site to verify the order status. This can lead to confusion among fellow marketers. Once duplicate transaction data has been sent out to other ad platforms, there is no way to reverse the situation.

Wrap your conversion scripts/pixels within this Shopify snippet to fix this problem.

% if the first_time_accessed %

<- Scripts you only want to run on first checkout confirmation ->

<- Your tracking pixel />

% other %

<- Scripts you want to run on every visit to confirmation page ->

<- (like when a customer clicks the “View Order Status” button in their confirmation email) ->

% Endif %


Add this content to the “Confirmation Scripts” section of Checkout Settings –

2. Add a custom message

It is important to personalize the message on different pages of your eCommerce website. It doesn’t matter if it’s the order confirmation page, checkout page or thank-you page.

To add your custom message, simply include the following script to the Additional scripts section. This script must be visible every time. This is important to remember.


Shop Now

We are open every day from 9am-5pm

This field supports liquid so you can use snippets such as Thanks again,

The Key Elements to Customize A Shopify Order Confirmation page

It’s now time to customize more parts of the confirmation page. This will make customers feel that we care about them. This will result in loyal customers and repeat purchases.

1. You can personalize the message/placeholder text during checkout

Let’s start with the basics. These placeholders are how you communicate with your customers. It’s a smart move to make them more friendly and warm. This is the psychological aspect of contacting customers. This section contains more information.

2. Get Discounts of up to 50%

Your customers will return to you for more purchases if they have a good discount code. You can also offer additional discounts to customers who bring their friends along. You will be able to repeat the purchase and promote your brand. This discount is well worth it, I believe.

3. To the Order Confirmation Page, add an optional question

This is a great way to get information about your customers. You can also instill that -being valued’ feeling in them. You can ask them about their birthdays or about how they came to know your brand. This shouldn’t feel like an exam. Make sure your questions count.

4. Participate in Social Media

Followers of your social media channels can be updated on new products and promotions which could encourage repeat purchases. It is also a cost-effective way of gaining new customers via word of mouth.

Keep in mind the power of word-of-mouth. It is one of your most powerful tools for spreading your brand’s message and gaining new customers.

5. Referrals are eligible for incentives

Your customer already loves your product so much that they are willing to buy it. Your customers are great advocates for your shop.

Referral programs allow shoppers to invite their friends to shop on your site for a discounted price. You make more sales. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to Test Your Shopify Order Confirmation Pages Customizations

Shopify’s built-in feature will allow you to see a preview of your order confirmation page. You can check if your changes are correct.

Select an order to use this feature. Next, select an order and click on “More Actions” to view its status. Here you can review the customer’s experience with the order confirmation page by clicking “Track my Order”.

It is also a good idea to use analysis software in order to monitor the operation of your confirmation pages. WatchThemLive analysis, which is completely free, allows you to access all the services you need to monitor your website. These services include Session Replays and Heat Maps. These services allow you to track how customers respond to your website. This gives you valuable data that can be used to make future decisions.

Shopify Order Confirmation Page URL

You are looking for the Order Status page after a customer places an order?

This page can be found in the particular order if that’s what your looking for. You can access the page by going to Orders. Next, click on the order you want to see the status of. Click on More actions and click on “View order Status page”.

The order status page for this order will open once you click the link. If the customer requests it, you can easily copy the link from the address bar of your browser. You can customize the order status page with our help doc.

In conclusion

Although it may seem like the end of the line on your order confirmation page, it can be a starting point for your customer as well as their potential connections. You can access their email address, contact them via social media, and most importantly, build a relationship with them. This is a great opportunity to make the most of it.