How to Fix AliExpress Verification Code Not Received?

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Aliexpress is one of the premier e-commerce platforms available, making it possible for dropshipping businesses to thrive successfully. However, due to fraudulent or unlawful activity on Aliexpress’ platform, some orders may get closed out by them due to orders being fraudulently submitted by resellers.

This could be caused by any number of reasons; the good news is that this issue can easily be remedied if you follow these tips.

Check your email address

AliExpress is one of the world’s premier e-commerce platforms, offering an abundance of affordable products at unbeatably low prices. Additionally, it is an excellent platform for dropshipping. However, some users may encounter issues with their account – for instance having trouble with emailing or being unable to access order history.

Check your email address by using a tool like MXToolbox DNS Check, which provides a list of hostnames with their corresponding DNS record details. Alternatively, MXLookup command line allows you to determine which mail server accepts emails for a domain name; although this process takes longer and is more technical. It still yields accurate results.

An IP lookup service is another effective way of verifying whether or not an email address is valid, providing information on where its server resides and who sent you its message. Unfortunately, this method may not always provide accurate results due to some servers not accepting emails from certain domains and some being configured specifically to filter emails – therefore this method should only be used as a last resort.

Along with checking your email address and spam folder regularly, it is also advisable to regularly review your spam folder. Certain mail providers automatically route some messages there – it is therefore wise to do this regularly! If a verification code doesn’t show up there either, try reaching out to the seller and ask them to resend it to you if possible.

Your AliExpress account could be temporarily suspended for various reasons. Canceling orders frequently can make AliExpress suspicious of you; or your products might not meet quality standards set by AliExpress and reduce credibility on their marketplace, leading to account closure. In both instances, understanding how the appeal process works to resolve issues with AliExpress is crucial in rectifying such disputes.

Check your spam folder

Before purchasing something on AliExpress, it may be necessary to verify your identity in order to ensure you are the person making the transaction and not someone trying to commit fraud. This process is completely safe and essential in protecting your identity online.

Verifying your identity requires providing information and uploading documents, such as IDs and proof of addresses. A photo showing you holding up the ID will further verify who made the purchase on AliExpress.

After you submit your documents, an email will be sent requesting more details from you. Additional documents may need to be uploaded if needed and it may also be necessary for you to confirm certain aspects of your personal data such as date of birth and other personal details.

If you’re having difficulty receiving your verification code, it may have been sent directly to a spam folder. In such instances, please check both junk mail folders for its presence before trying again.

Maintaining an up-to-date AliExpress account by regularly verifying your mobile phone number can also help protect against getting blocked for security reasons by AliExpress. Furthermore, avoid using proxies and VPNs when accessing AliExpress as these services could potentially obscure your IP address and location, leading to either orders being closed or even accounts being banned by AliExpress.

One last thing to keep in mind is not opening too many disputes on the site. An ample amount of claims could cause your account to be blocked, so only initiate disputes for genuine reasons.

Check your internet connection

Internet connections play a pivotal role in whether or not you receive your verification code. Make sure that you’re connected to a secure Wi-Fi network that no one else has access to, check your browser settings for any restrictions, and reset your router or modem if necessary in order to receive verification codes successfully.

Alternate browsers or incognito mode may help clear away cookies and cache that could be contributing to the issue, while using a VPN service if you are on a public network will give you a new IP address and stop Ali Express from banning your card if it detects you are attempting to purchase something from a banned country.

If you are still having difficulty with getting your verification code, reach out to the company for help. They should be able to identify the cause and the solution quickly – usually this won’t take more than a few minutes! If it persists beyond that point, however, contacting a fraud detection agency may provide more effective assistance.

Check your browser settings

If you are having difficulty accessing your AliExpress account, it could be due to browser settings. It is essential that these remain up-to-date as this may help avoid your account becoming blocked or disabled. To rectify this issue, clear your cookies/cache before trying again or switch browsers; either of these might solve the issue.

Aliexpress provides customers with an online shopping service to enable them to buy products from sellers worldwide, offering electronics and clothing items alike. Furthermore, the website features a secure payment system so customers can shop safely.

Customers wishing to use Aliexpress must undergo a verification process that involves providing valid email and phone information, followed by entering in their Aliexpress password to receive an authentication code that must be entered on the Aliexpress website in order to access their accounts.

Your AliExpress account could also be blocked if it appears that you are engaging in fraudulent purchases, whether that involves purchasing items on behalf of another or using stolen credit cards. In these instances, AliExpress administration will investigate and may take measures such as temporarily blocking it to prevent future misuse.

Avoid getting your account blocked by opening too many disputes. Doing so may prompt an investigation that may lead to its suspension without explanation, so only open disputes for genuine reasons and do not use other people’s credit cards or fake addresses when filing claims.