How to Get Products in Shopify Via Ajax?

One of the best things about Shopify is its accessibility. No matter what your business, you can get started and grow it quickly and easily. This accessibility extends to products as well, which is why we wanted to share one way that you can get products into Shopify via Ajax. This method is simple and easy to use, so you can get your products in front of your customers as quickly and easily as possible. Check it out and see for yourself how easy Ajax product imports are!

What is Ajax?

Ajax is a web development technique that allows you to create web pages without reloading the page. This technique is used most commonly in ecommerce websites to get products into shopify. There are three main ways to do this:

1) Use Shopify’s Ajax Add To Cart function. This will allow you to input products into your shopping cart without needing to reload the page.

2) Use Shopify’s Ajax Checkout function. This will allow you to complete your purchase without needing to reload the page.

3) Use Shopify’s Ajax Shipping function. This will allow you to add shipping information without needing to reload the page.

How Does Ajax Work?

Shopify users can easily add products to their stores using AJAX. This tutorial will show you how to do this using the Shopify Add Product Ajax Extension. Once you have added the extension, you will need to configure it. To do this, open the extension’s settings page and click on the “Ajax Settings” button.

The first setting you need to set is the “Url” field. This is the URL that will be used when adding products via AJAX. The second setting is the ” Method” field. This field specifies how the product data will be retrieved from Shopify. The options are “POST” and “GET”. The ” GET Method” option uses a GET request to retrieve product data from Shopify. The ” POST Method” option uses a POST request to send product data to Shopify. 

The last setting you need to set is the “Credentials” field. This field contains your credentials for accessing Shopify’s API. You will also need to provide your Store’s secret key in this field. After you have configured the extension, click on the “Enable Ajax Mode” button to enable Ajax mode on your store. 

How to Use Ajax with Shopify?

Shopify makes it easy to get products into your store. You can use Ajax to pull products from a remote server and display them in your shop’s admin area.

1. Sign up for a Shopify account if you don’t have one already. This will give you access to the tools necessary to do this tutorial.

 2. Set up an Ajax powered web server in your home or office. In this example, we’ll be using Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it provides free tier instances that are powerful enough for our needs.

 3. Install the Shopify app on your mobile device or computer, if you don’t already have it installed. This application gives us access to all of the features of the Shopify platform on our mobile devices and computers without having to visit the website directly.

 4. In your Shopify admin area, go to Products > Ajax Products. This page allows you to add products from a remote source (in this case, AWS) and displays them in your shop’s admin area automatically when they are updated on AWS..

How to Get Products in Shopify Via Ajax

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily get products into your Shopify store, Ajax may be the solution for you. Ajax is a powerful tool that can help you load data from a server in seconds, making it an ideal solution for getting large amounts of data in quickly.

There are several ways to use Ajax with Shopify. One option is to use a plugin like Shopify’s Ajax Loader. This plugin enables you to easily load products from a server in seconds, without having to write any code. Another option is to use Shopify’s Stock functionality. This feature allows you to automatically fetch new product data from Shopify’s own internal database, making it an ideal solution if you need quick and reliable product updates.

Whatever method you choose, make sure that you understand the limitations of each option before using them. Always test your solutions before deploying them live on your store!


If you’re looking to increase the amount of products that are available in your Shopify store, a technique known as Ajax might be the answer. This technique allows you to make requests for products from a server-side script, which can then fetch the product information and add it directly to your Shopify shop’s inventory. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up an Ajax request in Shopify and use it to get products from Amazon.