How to Implement the Trustpilot Trustbox in Shopify?

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The Trustpilot Trustbox is a powerful tool that can help you to improve the security of your online shop. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps necessary to get it up and running in your Shopify store. 

What is the Trustpilot Trustbox?

The Trustpilot Trustbox is a new feature in Shopify that makes it easier for you to manage trust and safety on your site.

The Trustpilot Trustbox helps you to:

1. Manage your trust ratings and reviews
2. Detect and prevent fake reviews and spam comments
3. Respond to reviews quickly and effectively
4. Keep track of changes to trust ratings and reviews over time
5. Monitor your site’s compliance with the trust guidelines

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How to Install and Use the Trustpilot Trustbox

There are a few ways to implement the Trustpilot Trustbox in Shopify. The first way is to use the app. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store and installed onto your mobile device. Once installed, you can access the Trustpilot Trustbox by going to the Apps menu and selecting Trustpilot Trustbox.

The second way is to use the code. You can find instructions on how to install and use the code here. After you have installed and set up the code, you will need to create a trust account with Trustpilot. To do this, go to your Trustpilot account and click on Create a new trust account. Enter your credentials and click on Create trust account.

Once you have created your trust account, you will need to add the domains that you want to monitor into your trust box. To do this, go back to your Trustpilot account and click on Domains tab in the left-hand navigation bar. Under Add domains, enter the domain name or URL for each domain that you want to include in your trust box. After adding all of your domains, click on Add domains and then click on Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Now that you have added your domains, it is time to configure monitoring rules for those domains. To do this, go back to your Trustpilot account and under Domains tab in left-hand navigation bar, select

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How to Manage Your Website with the Trustpilot Trustbox

With the Trustpilot Trustbox, you can easily manage your website’s trustworthiness. The Trustbox helps you track your website’s reputation, detect and prevent fraud, and respond to customer complaints quickly and effectively.

The Trustpilot Trustbox is a web security tool that you can add to your Shopify store. It helps you monitor and protect your website from online fraud, dodgy practices, and unethical behavior.

The Trustpilot Trustbox is easy to install and use. After you set up the Trustbox, it will start monitoring your website for signs of fraud or unethical behavior. If it detects any problems, it will alert you so that you can take action.

The Trustpilot Trustbox also helps you keep track of your website’s reputation. TheTrustbox uses a community of expert reviewers to rate websites on a variety of criteria, including trustworthiness. As your website improves in terms of trustworthiness, its rating will rise in the community ratings system. This makes it easier for potential customers to find and choose products from businesses with high reputations.


If you’re looking to improve your online shop’s trustworthiness and security, then the Trustpilot Trustbox is a great way to start. In this article, we’ll outline how to get set up with the Trustpilot Trustbox and take advantage of its many benefits. We hope that after reading this article, you will be inspired to implement the Trustpilot Trustbox in your own shop!