How to Import XML File for WordPress Dropshipping?

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A dropshipping shop is created. Dropshipping XML WooCommerce plugin makes it easy to import products. All is well and you see an increase in sales. You get a message from the wholesaler saying that he has given you two files. One with product details, the other with stock availability. Is it possible for products to be imported from two files?

Two XML files can have positive effects

Yes, this plugin can handle it! There is an additional benefit to using two XML file, which is the possibility of improving import speed. A file with stock availability can be lightened and reduce WordPress memory usage.

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How do I import products from two files to WooCommerce?

First, I will create a file that contains details such as product name, description and price. Now, I prepare my files to import. This is a crucial step. I must find exactly the same tag in both files. These tags are crucial for identifying products. It may be the product ID or a name.

Because my stock availability file doesn’t include a product name tag, I will use ID to identify the product tag. For mapping the SKU field of the WooCommerce product, I will use ID. It is essential to use the same field for product identification in order to properly import them. It is impossible to update existing stock. These Field SKUs allow you to identify product in a shop, and then update it.

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Next, I selected a mapping field in the first file. Drag and drop tags to the fields that correspond to the product’s name and description. A tag to represent SKU is ID.

I set up the mapping fields and then go to the configuration options. I select the field that identifies the product in the store. It will be used for the second import to ensure that both files contain the same field so that they can be identified.

This step allows you to choose fields that are based on the plugin. These fields will allow you to synchronize products from the file with existing WooCommerce products. Ask your wholesaler to determine the frequency of updates of price, description, and other information. This will allow you to set up a schedule for imports.

The import process can then be started. After the import is complete, all the products in the file should be visible in your shop.

XML file with stock availability

Okay, now for the second step. Now it’s time to create a second file that includes stock availability. The process is the same as for the first file.

In the second step, I select the same parameter to map the SKU field that was in the first file. I choose the option Import into Products based on an ad tag that relates to stock availability.

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Take a look at the XML file that has stock. This file contains fewer tags that the original one. It is important to choose the same product tag!

Configuring import options is the final step in import. I select that the product be identified with SKU. I also select the checkbox Do not create, update existing products. In my case, I do not want to create new products, but I just want to update them.

For this step, the last thing you need to do is to choose the frequency of synchronization, which means that your store will update products periodically. Wholesale is the best option. All products are delivered in XML files. Please contact and to discuss the start and end dates of the import process.

How can you verify that the process is running smoothly?

You can view the information during the import. The product has been located and will be updated. This is a sign that all goes well. Products are located in the file and can be found in the shop.

In the import log, if you use incorrect product identification fields in your files, the message Product Not Found will display. Check that the product ID field has the correct tag and that the parameter in the Import to Products on Basis of is correctly selected.

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The number of products in the store will be updated after the import has been completed.

Two XML files are required to sync products in WooCommerce.

I hope you find my article helpful in explaining how to use two XML files simultaneously. Dropshipping XML WooCommerce can be tried with our demo. Our plugin can be tested with your product file. We are happy to help you if you have any problems with the import process or if your files are unusual. We are happy to assist you!

Dropshipping can benefit your business.

Dropshipping, in all its simplicity, is a way for companies that outsource logistics to receive regular fees. Dropshipping is just like any other addition to your business. Before you integrate dropshipping into your business, it’s important to evaluate the cost-benefit ratio. Dropshipping is the best option for beginners looking to make passive income online. There’s no risk and you can expand or stop at any time.

Dropshipping can be influenced by your supplier. To manage quality and minimize customer criticism, it is important to find a reliable supplier. Dropshipping suppliers are responsible for the timely delivery, proper packaging and handling of the package. These factors have a significant impact on customer experience. It is your responsibility as a business owner to improve customer experience and ensure growth.

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Dropshipping can be used by independent merchants or B2B companies to test out new markets. Dropshipping is a cheaper way to fulfill customers and keep investments low. Dropshipping is a great way to grow your business, provided your fulfilment partner has the skills and provides your company with the value it needs.