How to Limit Purchase Quantity on Shopify?

When you run a business, one of the first things you need to do is set limits on purchase quantities. This will help you keep your stock levels manageable and avoid running out of products. But where do you start? In this article, we will show you how to limit purchase quantity on Shopify and help you stay stocked up on all the products your business needs. Read on to learn more!

What is a Purchase Limit

A Purchase Limit is the maximum amount of items that a customer can purchase in one visit to a store. This limit may be set by the store, by law, or by the manufacturer of the product.

How Does It Work on Shopify?

When you create a purchase order in Shopify, you can specify a purchase limit. This limits the maximum amount of money that your customer can spend on a single purchase.

If your customer exceeds the purchase limit, they will be prompted to enter additional information or pay with another method. If they don’t enter additional information or pay within 30 minutes, their order will be cancelled and the money that was paid will be refunded to them.

This feature is great for preventing customers from spending too much money on one purchase and helps prevent fraud.

How to Set a Purchase Limit on an Order in Shopify

In order to limit the purchase quantity on orders placed through Shopify, you will first need to create a purchase limit policy in your store’s settings. Once you have created the policy, all new and recurring orders will be subject to the limit.

To set a purchase limit on order in Shopify:

1. Open your store’s Settings page.

2. Select Sales > Purchase Limits.

3. Click the “New Purchase Limit Policy” button to create a new policy.

4. Enter a name for the policy (e.g., “Limit Order Quantity”), and select “TypeScript” as your policy language. (If you are using Shopify Plus, you can also choose from among other languages.)

5. In the “Limit Order Quantity” section, enter a value for the maximum quantity of items that can be purchased per order (in units). This value must be greater than zero; otherwise, Shopify will not allow orders with a quantity greater than or equal to this limit to process through our checkout process. You can also specify an upper bound on how many consecutive units of this item type can be purchased within a 24-hour period (inclusive). Note that if you do not specify a value for this field, Shopify will use its default setting of 20 items per order (or 500 items per week).

6. If you want Shopify to notify customers when their order quantity reaches or exceeds the specified

How to Remove a Purchase Limit from an Order in Shopify

If you have a shop with a purchase limit on orders, you can remove the purchase limit in Shopify by setting up a custom order type. First, open your Shopify admin area and go to: Settings > Sales > Orders. On the Orders page, click the Add Order Type button. In the Order Type Details dialog box, select Limit Purchase Quantity from the Type drop-down menu and enter a value in the Maximum Quantity field. Click Save to save your changes.

Next, go to your shop’s Orders tab and click on the newly created Limit Purchase Quantity order type. On the Order Details dialog box, under Shipping & Payment Options, uncheck the Enable Shipments Above This Quantity checkbox and enter a value in the Maximum Quantity field. Click Save to apply your changes. From now on, any customer who places an order that exceeds this quantity will be rejected.


One of the most common things that Shopify merchants face is the issue of over-purchasing. Whether you’re trying to stock up on a particular item or just want to make sure that you don’t end up with too much inventory, limiting purchase quantity can be a useful strategy. In this article, we’ll outline some simple steps that you can take to limit your purchase quantity and keep your business running smoothly.