How To List A Product As Sold Out Shopify?

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Are you ever in a position where you have to tell your customers that your product is sold out? Maybe you had an extremely high demand for a product and it just didn’t pan out. Or, maybe you ran out of inventory and now you can’t fulfill any more orders. Whatever the reason may be, there are likely some steps you need to take in order to list a product as sold out on Shopify. In this article, we’ll outline those steps and help you get started. 

How to List a Product As Sold Out in Shopify

If you have a product that is currently sold out in your Shopify store, it’s important to list it as sold out so customers know not to try and purchase it. Here are four easy steps to accomplish this:

1. Navigate to your Shopify admin area and select Products.

2. Under “Product Information”, click on the Sold Out link next to the product you want to list as sold out.

3. In the popup window that appears, enter a message explaining why the product is sold out and how long customers will have to wait for another shipment. Click on the Save button when finished.

4. To ensure that your product is listed as sold out in all of your Shopify stores, make sure you set up Shopify’s stock management system correctly. This can be done by following these instructions:

Once you’ve listed a product as sold out in your Shopify store, it’ll be much harder for customers to purchase it online – unless you decide to restock it!

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How to Use Shopify’s Inventory Settings to Control Your Supply

If you’re running out of products to sell, and you want to keep your inventory updated automatically, you can use Shopify’s inventory settings. In the “Settings” tab of your Shopify account, under “Inventory,” enter the quantity of products that you would like to have listed as sold out. You can also set a date range for when this quantity will be considered as sold out.

Once your inventory is set up this way, every time a product is added or removed from your stock, Shopify will automatically update the quantity listed as sold out. This prevents customers from being able to purchase products that are already Sold Out.


If you are running a shop on Shopify, it’s important to be able to list products as sold out. This will help you keep your customers happy and make sure they know that you don’t have any more of the product in stock. There are a few different ways to list products as sold out on Shopify, so it all comes down to what works best for your business. If you need help figuring out how to list products as sold out, our team is here to assist.