How to Make Slideshow Clickable in Shopify Boundless?

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Slideshow design is one of the most popular design elements on the internet, and for good reason. They’re eye-catching, they can be used for a variety of purposes, and they can be customized to match your brand. But what if you want to make your slideshow clickable? That’s possible with Shopify’s Boundless theme, which comes with built-in support for clickable slideshows. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set it up and make your slideshow more interactive for your visitors.

How to Create a Clickable Slideshow in Shopify

Adding a clickable slideshow to your Shopify store is easy with the help of Boundless. You can create custom slideshows in minutes, and then embed them anywhere you want on your site.

1. Choose a theme that supports sliders. Our Boundless Theme does, so start there.

2. Add a new slider element to your page by clicking on the “Slider” tab in the “Design” section of your admin panel and selecting “Slide from Gallery.”

3. Browse to the photo or video gallery you want to use and drag-and-drop it into the slider area.

4. To add text or other content to each slide, select it and click on the “Text” or “HTML” button next to it. This will open up a small editor where you can type in whatever you want for each slide.

5. To change how long each slide lasts, click on the droplet next to “Duration” and select an option from the menu that pops up. (Default is “Auto.”)

6. Click on the green play button at the top of each slide to start playing your photos or videos!

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Steps to Creating a Clickable Slideshow in Shopify

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a clickable slideshow in Shopify using the Boundless Theme. First, we will need to create a new page in our shop. Next, we will need to add some basic CSS and JavaScript to our page. Finally, we will add the necessary jQuery plugins to our page and initialize them.

We will start by adding some basic CSS to our page. We will set the width of our gallery to be 900px and the height to be 600px. We will also set the margin between each gallery item to 20px. Lastly, we will add a background color of #fff and a border radius of 50%.

Next, we will add some basic JavaScript to our page. We will first require the jQuery plugin for slideshows. Next, we will create an instance of the Slideshow plugin and configure it with our settings. We will also specify that our slideshow should run ondemand (meaning it should not play automatically when someone clicks on one of the items in the slideshow).

We are now ready to add the necessary jQuery plugins to our page. We first require the jquery-ui-slider plugin. Next, we require the jquery-plugin-galleryplugin . Finally, we require the jquery-plugin-clickable . Together, these three plugins allow us to create clickable galleries in our Shopify site.

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If you’re like many Shopify merchants, you may find yourself needing to create a slideshow to promote your products or services. However, creating a slideshow can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s where our easy-to-use Slideshow Builder comes in! With our builder, you can easily create professional slideshows that are both beautiful and easy to use. If you’re ready to make your slideshow clickable in Shopify Boundless Theme, give us a try today!