How to Offer Discount and Free Shipping on Shopify?

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You can offer free shipping to your customers by setting up a shipping rate in your Shopify store’s Shipping section. This applies to all orders that meet your free shipping criteria. If you need to, set a date and a start/end date for your discount codes. After some research, we have the solution. Your discount code should be set up as normal and given to your customers. Next, create Bespoke Shipping (App within the store), which will allow to modify shipping rates.

Bespoke will search for your discount code, and if it does find it, it will insert a shipping rate. Users receive a discount and free shipping They collect the total amount of all coupons entered and then offer free shipping. The app will generate a unique discount code that is automatically sent to the checkout. This code can only be used once and cannot be used again. Shopify’s biggest drawback is the inability to combine multiple discount codes.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Your customers can only use one discount code per order using the default Shopify discount system. You will need to create a shipping rate that is free for your customers in the Shipping section of Shopify. It seems simple to be able offer free shipping and a discount. Shopify customers have requested this feature for years. This is not possible because Shopify caches rates so the discount will only work for the first code you enter. You must also enter it before going to the shipping rates section of checkout. This only applies to Shopify Basic accounts. Shopify, please move this item up on your priority list. It seems like a very basic function to be missing.

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I’m not proud of this. Shopify had 2 customers leave and they switched to Magento. This was due to simple problems Shopify depends on their partners for. It’s disappointing that Shopify has made it so difficult to offer discounts and promo codes, as they are an integral part of retail. I searched the internet and found an old post in which a Shopify Guru mentioned that stacking discounts was a feature that is being developed. This works only BEFORE checkout, since it is impossible to modify checkout pages with shopify plus or cleverJS.

Discount code and free shipping with Shopify

Many Shopify storeowners have wanted to offer discount on their products as well as free shipping. This is a great promotion for customers as it increases their likelihood to return to your store for future purchases.

Currently, online shops cannot achieve this. However, Shopify announced that they will soon be able to do so natively.

For Shopify Point-of-Sales (POS), please refer to this article.

You can also try the following:

Although you can change the shipping cost in your store, it is not possible to do so per product. This is not the best option if you want to restrict shipping to specific products or collections.

Additionally, while not an option for all merchants consider offering free shipping if you reach a certain threshold.

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This is great because of 2 reasons.

  • Customers who meet the minimum $50 basket requirement for free shipping can still get discounts
  • This will increase your Average Order Value and encourage customers to place more orders.

This message can be communicated by using either a static header bar with a message like “Free Shipping on All Orders Above $50” or a motivator bar which will dynamically change based on the contents of the cart. The message will read “You are only $37.01 away” and include the following: You can achieve this with an app, or some themes.

Creating a free shipping discount code

Customers can get a free shipping code by creating a coupon code they can use at checkout. They will need to apply this code manually so that the discount is applied to their order.

You can offer free shipping to your customers by setting up a shipping rate in your Shopify store’s Shipping section. This applies to all orders that meet your free shipping criteria. For example, it could be $50 minimum purchase.

If you need to assign a start or end date to your discount codes, don’t forget.

I need to combine discounts

While this does not solve the problem of combination, it is a start to looking at solutions.

Use an app to stack and combine discounts

Apps offer solutions to many merchant problems.

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Our favorite is Stackable Discounts. It combines all discount percentages into one app. The app will automatically set up the codes for you.

Shopify Plus Checkout scripts

Checkout scripts will be available to you if you’re on Shopify PLUS You can create these to achieve the behavior you desire. You could offer free shipping if an order has been reduced. This requires knowledge of Shopify scripts, which are programed using Ruby.

Customers always appreciate discounts and free shipping. For customers to be satisfied, store owners must offer discounts and free shipping. Shopify is currently unable to offer this, but they promise that they will soon be able to do so natively. We have an app called iCart Car Drawer Cart Upsell that will meet this need.

This app also has a Progress Bar widget that will allow you to accomplish this goal. This widget allows you to give discounts and free shipping in your cart drawer.

iCart is a one-stop solution for cart customization and optimization. iCart allows you to show upsells and cross-sells as well as product upsells within the cart drawer. This will increase your store’s sale. This app will allow you to display a sticky cart/cart box on your Shopify store.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

iCart makes it easy to create your Shopify side cart. iCart was designed so that even non-technical users can use it.

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Step 1: Click on Discounts.

Look at the list to the left of the Shopify admin interface. Discounts will be displayed with a percentage badge icon. Simply click on it to access the discount option.

Step 2: Click on Create Free Shipping Discount

To create a new offer, click the Create discount link in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Setup the new attributes of your discount.

Before you can offer this discount to your customers, please make sure that you have the Create discount section filled in.

Discount code – Here you can create new codes for your customers to use to get the discount. To generate new codes, click Generate. This is a faster and easier way.

Options – In Discount Type you can select the type of discount. Select No shipping

Countries: This detail allows you to choose whether to offer free shipping to All countries or to select Special countries . You can offer a very special deal to customers who are willing to pay a specific amount. To do this, you will need to tick Exclude shipping charges above a certain value and enter a monetary amount in the dropdown blank field. This discount is only applicable to shipping rates and does not apply to order amounts.

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Minimum requirements: This field allows you to set a minimum amount that your customers will need to pay in order for the discount code to be activated. This minimum requirement can be based on the amount of products purchased or the quantity.

Customer eligibility This field allows you to select customers or individuals who are eligible for this discount. You will see a dropdown that lists your customers. If your ideal customer group is not yet available, you can create it. Select Specific customers to see all customers and email addresses. If some customers’ email addresses do not appear in your data, you can display other contact information, such as telephone numbers.

Limits on Use: To limit the time that your customer can avail this discount, tick one or both of these options.

You can Limit the number of times that this discount can be used among all eligible customers. After entering the number in the blank, you can It doesn’t matter how many customers get the discount or how many eligible customers can use it. You can also limit one customer to use the discount.

Current dates: This section allows you to decide how long your discount will last. You can Make your offer only for a certain period.

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Step 4: Click on Save Free Shipping

Once you have entered the details and attributes for the new discount, it will appear on the discount list. Click on the discount to make changes or check the details. The discount section will then appear. Shopify gives you the option to share or promote the discount by clicking on Promo.


Creating free shipping discounts on Shopify for e-commerce stores is a great idea. The development of eCommerce over the past few years has made it possible for customers and stores to be connected no matter where they are located. shipping service will be a necessity for your online store. A free shipping discount can remove the barriers to online shopping for customers and help you attract more customers.