How To Organize Products On Shopify?

You finally took the plunge and set up your Shopify store. Congratulations! But now that you have all these products, how do you organize them in a way that makes sense? This article will give you some tips on how to get started.

Why is organization important?

Organization is key when it comes to operating a successful online store. By categorizing and tagging products properly, you make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for—which can lead to more sales. Organized data also makes it simpler to track inventory levels, reorder popular items, and keep tabs on shipping costs. In short, a little organization can go a long way towards streamlining your Shopify operation.

How to alphabetize your products

If you want to organize your products on Shopify so they’re easy to find and alphabetized, there are a few different ways you can do this. One way is to use the “Sort by” feature in your Shopify admin. To do this, go to your Products page and click on the “Sort by” button. From there, you can choose to sort your products alphabetically by title, price, or date.

Another way to alphabetize your products is to use the Collections feature. To do this, go to your Collections page and click on the “Add collection” button. From there, you can add a new collection and name it whatever you want. Then, go to your Products page and drag and drop your products into the collection you created.

If you want to take things a step further, you can install the Alphabetize app from the Shopify App Store. This app will automatically alphabetize your products for you so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

No matter which method you choose, organizing your products on Shopify is easy and will help you keep track of everything in your store.

How to group products by type

If you want to group products by type on Shopify, there are a few different ways you can do it.

One way is to use the built-in product tags. You can add tags to products from the product page itself, or bulk edit them from the “Products” page in your Shopify admin. Once you’ve added tags, you can then create a collection using those tags as filters. This is a great way to group similar products together, and it’s especially handy if you have a lot of products or if your products fall into different categories.

Another way to group products by type is to use Shopify’s product options feature. This lets you add custom options to products, which can be used to group products together. For example, you could create an option called “Size” and then assign different size values to different products. This would let you create collections for each size, or even create size-specific pages on your store.

Finally, you could also use Shopify’s built-in product types feature to group products together. This is probably the most flexible solution, as it lets you create completely custom product types with their own unique set of options and fields. 

How to use collections in Shopify?

If you are looking to organize your products on Shopify, one way you can do so is by using collections. Collections allow you to group together similar products for easy navigation on your store. You can create a collection for each type of product you sell, or group products together based on certain criteria such as price, theme, or season.

To create a collection in Shopify, go to the “Collections” section of your admin and click “Create Collection”. Give your collection a name and description, then choose whether you want it to be visible on your storefront. Next, add the products you want to include in the collection. You can either manually add products one by one, or bulk add them using a CSV file. Finally, set up the collection’s settings including sorting options, image display, and URL.

Once you have created your collections, they will be displayed on your storefront under the “Shop” tab. Customers can browse through your collections to find the products they are looking for. If you have created multiple collections, you can also promote certain collections on your homepage or other pages of your store.

Organizing your products into collections is a great way to keep your store organized and easy to navigate.

How to use tags in Shopify?

Shopify uses tags to help you keep track of your products and inventory. When a customer purchases a product from your shop, they are automatically assigned a tag. This tag is used to identify the product and helps Shopify keep track of your inventory.

You can also use tags to keep track of products that are similar. For example, if you sell both t-shirts and sweatshirts, you can use tags to keep track of which products are which. This way, when a customer is looking for a specific product, they can easily find it in your shop.

Tags are also helpful when it comes to marketing your products. You can use tags to target specific customers with specific products. For example, if you have a sale on t-shirts, you can target customers who have purchased t-shirts in the past with a tag that says “t-shirt sale”. This way, you know that these customers are interested in t-shirts and are more likely to purchase one from your shop.

Using tags is a great way to keep your shop organized and make it easy for customers to find the products they are looking for.


Organizing your products on Shopify is a great way to keep your shop organized and tidy. By following the tips in this article, you can easily organize your products and keep your shop looking great. Thanks for reading and happy organizing!