How to Set Shipping only to the USA in Shopify?

Are you running an online store on Shopify and want to limit your shipping options only to the United States? Perhaps you’re tired of dealing with international shipping fees, customs regulations, and delivery issues.

Whatever your reason may be, setting up a USA-only shipping policy in Shopify is a great way to simplify your business operations while still reaching a massive customer base. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of how to set up shipping ONLY to the USA in Shopify. So sit back, grab some coffee, and let’s get started!

Why Would You Want to Limit Shipping to the United States?

Limiting your shipping to the United States may seem like a counterintuitive approach. After all, by not offering international shipping, you are potentially missing out on customers and revenue from other countries. However, there are several reasons why a business might want to limit their shipping only to the US.

Firstly, international shipping can be complicated and costly. Shipping rates vary greatly depending on the country of destination and can lead to unexpected expenses for both the customer and seller. Additionally, customs regulations differ from country to country which can cause confusion or delays in delivery.

Secondly, limiting your shipping area allows you to focus your efforts domestically. By catering specifically to US customers, you can tailor your marketing strategies accordingly and build up brand recognition within this market.

It is important for businesses to consider practicalities such as time zone differences when providing customer service support. Limiting your sales area ensures that you have more control over managing these aspects of running an online store.

While limiting one’s sales geography may initially appear counterproductive; it offers many advantages that should be considered before expanding globally.

How to Set Shipping ONLY to the USA in Shopify (Step-by-Step)

To set shipping only to the USA in Shopify, follow these simple steps:

1. Login into your Shopify account and go to “Settings”.

2. Click on the “Shipping and delivery” option.

3. Select the shipping zone you want to change or click on ‘Create Shipping Zone’ if you haven’t created one yet.

4. Edit that particular shipping zone by clicking on it.

5. Under “Rest of world” select “Add countries”.

6. Add all countries except the United States and save changes.

Once you have completed these steps, your store will now only offer shipping options for orders within the United States.

It’s important to note that limiting your shipping options can affect customer experience, so make sure this is a necessary measure for your business before implementing it.

Setting up location based rates can be an effective way of managing international sales while ensuring that customers are not overcharged for their purchase due to high cross-border fees or customs charges incurred during transit which makes shopping more convenient for US-based customers as well as easier for merchants who don’t want to worry about international logistics issues!


Setting up shipping options for your Shopify store is a crucial step to make sure that you can manage and control the shipping process for your products. By limiting the shipping destination to only the United States, you can avoid unnecessary complications in logistics and ensure timely delivery of orders.

With this guide, we hope that we have provided you with the necessary steps on how to limit shipping only to USA in Shopify. Always remember that having an organized and optimized system for managing your online store’s shipping options will help improve customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to more sales.

Take time to review your store’s settings regularly so that it remains updated with any changes or improvements needed along the way. With these tips, you’re on track towards providing exceptional service for customers within the US while maintaining a seamless shopping experience worth returning again.