How to Set up a Facebook Product Feed in Shopify?

Facebook is a powerful tool for building relationships and connecting with customers. But what if you want to use Facebook Product Feed in Shopify? In this article, we will show you how to set up Facebook Product Feed in Shopify and make your marketing efforts more effective. You’ll learn how to create product feeds that are customized for your Shopify store, as well as how to measure the success of your Facebook Product Feed campaigns.

What is a Facebook Product Feed?

Facebook product feed is a great way for shopify merchants to keep up with their Facebook followers and see what products are being bought in their niche. It’s easy to set up and you can customize it to fit your store.

To get started, go to your Shopify admin page and click on Settings. Then, under the Sales Channel heading, click on Facebook Product Feed. You’ll be taken to the Feed Settings page. On this page, you’ll need to provide your Facebook login information as well as the name of your store. Next, you’ll need to choose which products you want displayed in your feed. You can include all products that are sold in your store or just specific categories or brands. Once you’ve selected the products that you want displayed, click on Save Changes. Your feed will now be set up and ready to use!

How to Setup a Facebook Product Feed in Shopify

If you sell products on Shopify, then you’re likely using Facebook to promote and manage your sales. And if you’re not using a product feed yet, now is the time to start! A product feed is a powerful way to keep customers up-to-date on what’s new, popular, and in-stock for your products.

To set up a product feed in Shopify, first make sure that you have an account with Facebook. Next, create a new store in Shopify and select the “Products” tab. Under “Your Products,” click on the “Manage” link next to each product. This will open the product’s page in Facebook’s Manager app.

On the product page in Facebook’s Manager app, click on the “Edit Product Feed” link at the top of the page. This will open a new window that contains all of the information about your product feed.

To add a new item to your product feed, first click on the “Add New Item” button at the top of the window. This will open a new window that contains all of the information about your product. Next, enter the information about your new item into this window and click on the “Save Changes” button.

To edit any of this information, first click on any of the blue links near each field. This will open a pop-up menu that allows you to change these values directly in Facebook’s Manager app. Then click on the “Save Changes” button to save your changes.

To remove an item from your product feed, first click on the “Remove Item” button at the top of the window. This will open a pop-up menu that allows you to select which item you want to remove. Then click on the “Remove” button to remove that item from your product feed.

You’re now ready to start using your product feed! To promote your new product feed to your Facebook followers, first click on the “Share This Feed” link at the bottom of the page. This will open a new window that contains all of the options for sharing your product feed on Facebook. Next, select the “Promote This Feed” option and click on the “Share” button.

What are the benefits of using a Facebook Product Feed?

Setting up a Facebook product feed in Shopify is an easy way to keep track of the products your customers are interested in and the products you can recommend to them. By using a Facebook product feed, you can automatically send customers relevant products when they make specific profiles or pages public, or when they add products to their shopping carts. Additionally, by tracking what your customers are buying, you can develop targeted marketing campaigns that will help you attract more customers.

Tips for using a Facebook Product Feed

When you set up a Facebook product feed in Shopify, you’ll be able to easily connect your Shopify store with Facebook’s massive customer base. This will allow you to send updates and notifications about your products to Facebook users who have liked or followed your store. Here are some tips for using a Facebook product feed in your Shopify store:

1. Create a new tab in your Shopify admin panel and create a new Facebook product feed.

2. Add the necessary products and pages to your Facebook product feed.

3. Add any specific criteria that you want to use for notifications (e.g., age, location).

4. Configure the settings for your Facebook product feed so that you’re notified when people add products to their shopping carts or make other purchases related to those products.

5. Monitor your Facebook product feed regularly and adjust the settings as needed – this will help you keep your customers up-to-date on what’s happening in your shop!


Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. And with good reason; it allows you to connect with friends and family all over the globe, share your thoughts on current events, and learn about new products that might be of interest. If you’re selling products through Shopify, setting up a Facebook product feed is essential. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it step by step. So put on your marketing hat and get ready to start driving traffic to your store through Facebook!