How to Split Your Products and Orders on Shopify?

Are you struggling to manage your products and orders on Shopify? It can be overwhelming for online store owners, especially when dealing with a large volume of sales. That’s where product and order splits come into play!

By splitting your products and orders, you can streamline your operations, save time, avoid mistakes, and improve customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of splitting your products and orders on Shopify so that you can take control of your e-commerce business like a pro!

What are product and order splits?

Product and order splits refer to dividing your products or orders into multiple packages or shipments. This technique can be beneficial for various reasons, such as reducing shipping costs, optimizing inventory management, and providing better customer service.

Product splits are useful when you have a product that comes in different variants or configurations. For example, if you sell a T-shirt with different sizes and colors, splitting the product by variant allows you to manage inventory levels more effectively.

Order splits occur when a customer places an order containing multiple items that need to be shipped from separate locations. By splitting the order into multiple shipments, you can ensure faster delivery times and reduce the risk of errors during fulfillment.

Another reason why online stores split their products and orders is to offer customers an efficient way of receiving only what they want at any given time while waiting for other parts of their purchase.

How to split products and orders on Shopify

Splitting products and orders on Shopify can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. To split a product or an order, simply go to the Orders or Products tab in your Shopify admin panel. From there, you can select which item(s) you want to split by clicking on them.

To split an order, click on the “More actions” button and then select “Split Order”. You’ll see a pop-up box where you can choose how many items you want to move into the new order. Once that’s done, click “Create New Order”, and voila! Your orders are now separated.

To split products, navigate to the Products tab in your admin panel and find the product you want to edit. Click on its title to open up its details page. Scroll down until you see the Variants section. Here, you can either add a new variant or edit an existing one by selecting “Edit”.

Splitting products and orders is essential for managing inventory levels accurately while avoiding overselling and stock shortages. By keeping track of your sales this way, it will also help with accounting tasks such as tracking revenue streams from different sources.

Keep in mind that splitting orders or variants too often may create more work than necessary. So only do it when absolutely needed!

Why should you split products and orders on Shopify?

Splitting products and orders on Shopify may seem like an extra step that you don’t necessarily need, but there are several reasons why it can be beneficial for your business.

Firstly, splitting orders allows you to fulfill each item with the most appropriate shipping method. For example, if a customer has ordered one large and heavy item along with a few small items, splitting the order will allow you to use different shipping methods for each product. This ensures that each product arrives in good condition without any damage during transit.

Secondly, splitting products into different collections makes it easier for customers to navigate through your store and find what they’re looking for quickly. By organizing your store into logical categories based on specific characteristics or attributes of products, customers can easily locate the items they need without wasting time browsing irrelevant products.

By splitting products and orders on Shopify according to their unique characteristics or needs, you’ll be able to manage inventory more efficiently. You can keep track of stock levels much easier which means no more overstocking or running out of popular items unexpectedly.

By taking advantage of the ability to split your products and orders in Shopify you’ll improve the overall efficiency of your online store while creating a better experience for customers shopping with you.

How to avoid product and order split mistakes on Shopify

When it comes to managing your products and orders on Shopify, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid when splitting them. Here are some tips to help you avoid those mistakes:

1. Make sure the product is in stock: Before splitting an order, make sure the item is actually available. If it’s out of stock, then fulfilling the order will become much more complicated.

2. Double-check shipping addresses: Incorrect shipping addresses can cause delays and even result in lost shipments or returns. Be sure to verify all information before sending out any orders.

3. Check for duplicate orders: Sometimes customers accidentally place duplicate orders, which can lead to confusion and extra work on your end. Always double-check for duplicates before processing any split orders.

4. Keep track of inventory levels: It’s important to keep track of your inventory levels so that you don’t oversell products or run out unexpectedly.

5. Use clear labeling: When splitting products or orders, use clear labels or notes to avoid confusion later on down the line.

By avoiding these common mistakes when splitting your products and orders on Shopify, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and ensure smooth operations moving forward.


Splitting your products and orders on Shopify can greatly benefit your e-commerce business. It allows you to manage your inventory more effectively, fulfill orders accurately and efficiently, and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily split products and orders on Shopify without any hassle. Just make sure to avoid common mistakes such as not checking inventory levels or shipping locations before splitting an order.

Remember that effective product and order management is crucial for any successful e-commerce business. By implementing these strategies into your daily operations, you’ll be able to streamline processes, reduce errors and ultimately increase sales.

So why wait? Start optimizing your online store with product and order splits today!