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Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of America, but did you know that there are many dropshipping businesses in LA? There are many top dropshippers in the city, including those that specialize in organic food and body care as well as those that offer toys and health. Los Angeles also offers dropshipping electronics and household products. We’ve listed the top Los Angeles dropshippers for a variety of products in this article.

These companies offer dropshipping programs for all their products. Dropshipping is an online retail option where a wholesaler manages all inventory and ships to customers. Dropshipping is an online retail method in which the wholesaler does not actually see the product. Instead, the wholesaler gets contacted immediately to ship the order after a customer places an online order. It’s very simple. It allows online retailers to spend more time marketing to increase their customer base. Dropshipping is a great option if you live on or near the West Coast and are looking to open an online store.

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This is a list listing the top Los Angeles dropshippers to help you start selling online.

Dropshippers for Health & Wellness

Greendropship has over 20,00o products and is the leader in organic and natural food products for dropshippers throughout Los Angeles and across the country. Our products include vitamins, groceries, skin care, body care, health and well-being, as well as skincare and body products. Many of our food products can be organic or free-trade certified. Our dropshipping program is outstanding and uses the GreenDropShip dropshipping platform.

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GreenDropShip offers dropshipping at a $149.00 annual fee. Online retailers can access detailed information about marketing and selling products from the company, as well as articles on major marketplace platforms. It provides online retailers with multiple product feeds as well as up-to-date inventory data.

CBD for the People

CBD For The People has a wide range of CBD products that can be used for your health and wellbeing. You will also find CBD-based skincare products, as well as CBD edibles and tinctures. Tinctures contain raw CBD extract and organic coconut oils. Organic fruit and plant flavor are available. Tinctures contain no artificial flavors.

The company claims that while some CBD cartridges can contain harmful chemicals, their cartridges are all 100% organic to maximize potency. CBD For The People also offers dropshipping for online retailers. This information is not available on their website. To learn more about dropshipping, please use the contact information they provide on their website.

Dropshippers Electronics, Gadgets and Toys

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Dropshipper

Sunrise Wholesale is a major player in dropshipping. They offer thousands of wholesale products, including home and garden decor, electronics, tools, candles, kitchen and office supplies, as well as name-brand electronics. All of the company’s products are eligible for dropshipping. Sunrise offers a wide range of goods that can be ordered by retailers.

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Sunrise Dropshipping offers a free 7-day trial. There are over 20 product categories available for online retailers. The company offers same-day shipping and next-day delivery, access to product feeds and daily email alerts about new products. They also offer automation in major markets. In their dropshipping program, the company offers custom software integrations and workflow solutions to online retailers.

Dropshipping membership fees can be found on the website. Contact the company directly using the contact information.


Megagoods is another major player offering thousands of products that include electronics, toys and accessories, as well as household items. Dropshipping services are delivered to customers under the retailer’s or retailer website name. Dropshipping fees are $1.50 per order. The company sells mostly electronic products and has detailed shipping guidelines. Before you sell their products, it is important that you carefully read the information. The shipping guidelines can be found in the FAQ section.

Four Seasons General merchandise

Four Seasons claims to be the largest wholesaler in general merchandise on the West Coast. Dropshippers offer discounted items such as party supplies and dollar store goods. You will also find a large selection of kitchenware and bath products. It also offers beauty and health products. Name brands like Disney products for children are offered by the company.

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Dropshipping is available by the company. For more information, interested parties should contact the company directly. Their contact information is available on the website.

Dropshippers of Clothing


Dropshipping is an excellent option for online retailers looking to sell their products. There are many options for skincare and body care products. You can also find clothing accessories, household items and clothing. Nordstrom offers an extensive dropshipping program for online retailers that includes the following:

  • This is a great place to clear out end-of-season items.
  • Nordstrom covers all shipping costs
  • No late order or cancellation chargebacks.
  • There are no setup, data, or transaction fees

Dropshipping is also made easier by the company’s integrated platform that allows all online retailers to manage their dropshipping orders. Dropshipping offers many color options and sizes that are not available at brick-and-mortar locations. Online retailers have early access to the latest styles, as they change with seasons.

CC Wholesale Clothes

This wholesaler specializes exclusively in women’s clothing. Through their dropshipping program, it offers thousands of clothing items to online retailers who are interested in women’s fashion. The company even offers to build a website for new online retailers for minimal cost. They offer clothing, jewelry and shoes as well as accessories for children.

My Online Store

My Online Fashion Stare, another wholesaler of women’s clothing, also has a wide selection of shoes and fashion for women. For dropshippers who are interested in selling women’s fashion, this company offers a fully-functional website at a minimal cost.

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Los Angeles has many dropshipping opportunities that you can take advantage of to grow your online business. It all comes down to choosing the niche that you believe will be most profitable. This Los Angeles dropshipper list can help you start in the niche that interests you. Los Angeles offers great dropshipping opportunities for online retailers, including organic food and high-end fashion.

West Coast retailers living in the LA area can still benefit from having a Los Angeles dropshipper. These benefits are especially beneficial if your customers are located in Los Angeles. GreenDropShip, a wholesaler, offers same-day delivery after an order is placed. Same-day delivery is a great way to compete with Amazon and other online retailers like Amazon. Customers will receive the same delivery benefits that they get from all major online retailers and grocery stores that offer same-day delivery.

It’s a smart idea to ensure that your wholesaler is located in your local area. It’s a good idea to ensure that your wholesaler is located in the same area as most of your customers. This will speed up delivery and provide customers with the convenience they desire.