How to Start Dropshipping on Tophatter? Fast Delivery

What is tophatter?

Tophatter, an online auction site similar to ebay, is used by more than 10 million buyers worldwide.

Tophatter is highly valued by dropshippers on Amazon, eBay and Sears as well as Walmart and other market platforms. It’s a trendy and disruptive e-commerce platform that allows for new sales channels.

Tophatter’s top sellers are those that dropship between 500 and 1000 items per week. The platform will also make more recommendations based upon different data.

Here are some ways to increase sales and dropship tophatter.

Positive reviews are a positive way to sell impulse products

Tophatter uses an entirely different type of auction. It is intended to give the shoppers the experience of treasure hunting, and not just looking for a product in a store.

The average product price on the platform is between $15 and $35 (private and unbranded) and $50 to $100 (Michael Coles and Apple, as well as other large brands)

Tophatter will notify the customer by text to ask them to rate the products after they receive the auction items. This function only works for products that have more than four stars. This function will not be available for products with less than 4 stars. You must still work hard to maintain and improve the star rating.

To find out which products have the highest number of reviews and the average dropship selling price, you will need to look at the back-end statistics.

Tophatter products can come in a variety of prices. Sometimes it is extremely expensive and other times it is making money. For top-rated Tophatter reviews to be maintained, you need to adjust.

For sales, focus on one or two categories

Tophatter allows you to dropship the product, but your weekly sales will be restricted. You can apply to be a category partner to increase sales.

After becoming a partner in a specific category, you can start filling out the weekly amount you wish to dropship. Tophatter will increase your weekly sales if you have enough inventory or the account is performing well.

To succeed in any endeavor, including Tophatter, you must be focused. It is best to sell 500+ units per week in one category, then expand to other categories.

Notice: Once you are accepted as a partner in jewelry, home, or video, you can dropshipping more products. To achieve weekly sales between 500 and 5000 pieces, you must apply to be a partner. You can only sell 50 items per semaine if you are not a partner.

Acceptance starting at $1

A large number of bidders is key to the auction’s success.

One dollar = More bids = Higher sale price

Every time a buyer bids on an item in the auction, its price goes up.

$1-10: 1 per bid

$10-30: $2 each

$30-100: $5 for each bid

Spend more than $100 and get $10 per bidding

Although it may seem contradictory, starting at a lower price will draw more attention to your product, which is crucial for Tophatter’s top sellers.

Develop advertising budget

The ads will give your products more exposure before the auction. This means that you will receive more reminders and sales.

What is a reminder?

Tophatter will send the message to the customer when the product is being auctioned. Tophatter will click on the red heart at the bottom left corner of the product listing. to increase exposure.

Shipping Fast

Customers want to receive their products quickly, regardless of the e-commerce platform they use. Tophatter will keep track of the average delivery time for the products you sell. Dropshippers who ship within 24 hours of receiving the order will be more likely to receive positive product reviews than sellers who cannot.

These indicators will help you avoid negative reviews and low returns. You may experience falling orders or bad reviews if you don’t follow these indicators.

Tophatter is a data-driven platform for business. To make a recommendation that will increase sales, you must pay attention to each data point.